U.S. to send missile defenses to Guam over North Korea threat

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AZWarrior wrote:

In a perverse sort of way, the current internal jockeying for power and position may be a fleeting moment that the United States and China could cause a positive regime change. With China’s contacts with the North Korean military, we and China could effectively dangle the money and recognition carrots to a strong core of Generals for a quick and targeted coup. The terms would have to be favorable to pull this off, but with the right cover story, the Generals could maintain control long enough to begin changes that allow economic development aid to rush in and ease the life of the people to prevent a total melt down of their society. Risky, but these moments don’t happen often in international affairs and to miss it would make the coming crisis even more tragic than it already will be.

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GRRR wrote:

North Korea should realize, a strike against the US, or any killing of Americans, has just one result, and it doesn’t end well for the NK military and leadership at the top.

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MassResident wrote:

The South Koreans had better plan on getting their workers out of there. These joint ventures have proved dangerous before and all of the money is going to North Korea’s military.

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Publius99 wrote:

AZ, you really think North Korea would be this bold without support from China? Didn’t you see the news earlier today that China was putting forces on the north Korean border (in support of North Korea). Also, China is flexing its muscle in the South China Sea. China is getting ready to make an excuse to blitzkrieg the entire region, and they are using North Korea as the excuse.

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Publius99 wrote:

GRRR, you are forgetting the strategic location of North Korea. We cannot respond with nuclear weapons no matter how much we threaten them by flying nuclear bombers. Both China and Russia would retaliate with a nuclear strike due to the proximity to their soil. Furthermore, North Korea’s mountainous terrain is difficult for a ground war, or for a successful aerial bombardment. Don’t think that just because America has all the money and all the power means that we are invincible and able to conquer anyone.

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Yamayoko wrote:

Why would N.Korea ever want to shut off its food path ? Is Kim prepared to feed his people with bullets not bread ? This is not a move to correspond with nuclear and economic development sanctioned by their party meeting days ago.

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MarkB3223 wrote:

Dear North Korea, and China, and Iran, and Syria, and Egypt and Libya and……I absolutely believe I am an average United States citizen. I do not want you to feel pain. I do not want you to feel hunger. I want all of OUR lives to be better. I will work harder so YOU don’t have to as long as the solution isn’t that we all kill ourselves. For those of us who don’t believe that threats are the solution. I am sorry that you have to be worried that I will kill you with the payment of my taxes. I…as what I feel like is an average American….do not want to cause you any pain or to feel like I want less for you than the living persons next to me. We may not always agree on the right path but if you feel like the right direction is putting a bullet in my head even though I hope what I strive for is best for both of us…than maybe we never can get along. I don’t believe it though…politics have gone too far. I see the best in all of us. I will never give up…Mark

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MarkB3223 wrote:

I should never forget Russia. I am absolutely sorry. The future that you hold is not measurable. I am very sorry. M

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Adam_Smith wrote:

This is bad news. Western observers have been justified in taking Kim’s threat to restart the Korean War as a bluff but now the situation is beginning to look more serious. I, for one, consider the probability of war to be significant at this stage.

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sunnasutta wrote:

There goes all the foreign exchange needed to buy the Great Leader’s next set of new toys. Talk about cutting your nose to spite your own face!

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kenradke11 wrote:

What a mess…I expected this to happen. Now watch South Korea do the same tit for tat move. Then after that God only knows the real end game result. I expected that after this they will be ractheting up rhetoric of a worse kind.

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MrVicchio wrote:

This is officially scary now. As long as that park stayed opened, I didn’t worry too much… now it’s real. This is bad juju.

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MikMorg7 wrote:

Don’t you people know that China is backing NK on this. They are acting like they want to help end the crisis but they want to see the US get into another military action away from home. Why do you think they have moved troops and started flying war planes over the NK border. Wake up. It’s China’s move to push us into another conflict that we can’t support.

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CMEBARK wrote:

Nuc ‘em till they glow and shoot ‘em the dark.

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i won’t hang out tonight because of that ….give me a break.who cares?

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reuterssucks1 wrote:

Brillaint. F*ing BRILLIANT. CLose down the one and only working part of your entire farcical economy. Yeah. That’s the ticket!!! Let them eat their shoes.

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reuterssucks1 wrote:

Brillaint. F*ing BRILLIANT!! Close down the only working part of your farcical economy. Way To Go. Now go eat your shoes.
PS: MarkB2332, you seem to be a bit unfocused and fuzzy today. All the Kumahya got to you?

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Shootist wrote:

As if the border were ever open.

Come on people this is nothing more that sabre rattling by the US. If Russia or China felt threatened they would take steps.

Let Japan and South Korea (and China and Russia) pay for their own defense.

Bring our troops home from South Korea. We won WWII, the Cold War is over. Disband NATO. A large standing Army is anathema to a Republic. Eviscerate the military industrial complex.

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DeanMJackson wrote:

As KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn said concerning these periodic outbursts by North Korea, “U.S. policy for dealing with the North Korean situation is inadequate because it focuses on North Korea in isolation as a rogue state, and naively seeks help from the Russians and Chinese to solve the problem. The North Korea situation and any future nuclear incident, wherever it occurs, must be seen against the background of Sino-Soviet ‘convergence’ strategy: the interaction of Russian and Chinese policy and the moves they make to derive strategic gains from critical situations should be closely studied.” – KGB Defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, “The Perestroika Deception”, March 1989, p. 46.

For those not clued-in, in 1960 all Communist nations signed onto the “Long-Range Policy” (LRP) as their “new” and more subtle strategy to defeat the West with. The “collapse” of the USSR/East Bloc was the last major disinformation operation under the LRP. The next major disinformation operation under the LRP will be the upcoming fraudulent collapse of the Chinese Communist government, which will stymie Taiwan from not [peacefully] joining the mainland.

For more on the LRP, read KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s 1984 book, “New Lies for Old”, available at Internet Archive.

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joe10082 wrote:

By their own actions the North Korean leaders are bringing more punishment on their own people. This group of ruling elite, deranged as they obviously are, could care less about the probable consequences of their actions on their own people. To say they are uncivilized is not descriptive enough. Evil however fills the bill quite well!

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jaham wrote:

@neilmcgowan…LOL, good to see someone bring an unbiased, educated opinion to this debate.

I hope they get so angry they do something stupid so we can wipe this regime off the map and welcome the NKoreans to the world community.

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RichMc wrote:

I always said the Commercal Zone was a bad idea. If you want to have business contacts you MUST have a peace treaty. As long as you only have an Armastice (a cease fire agreement) you are still technically at war. Business contact with someone you are still at war with is called “Treason”.

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Yashmak wrote:

Did any of you see the slide show (here on Reuters) a week or so back, showing off their military?

Good lord. They’re using antiques. The equipment shown ranged in modernity from the Korean conflict to the Vietnam conflict, with nothing more modern in evidence. Two pictures taken on a military vessel showed a 40mm manually aimed/fired Bofors twin-mount, of the sort used by western militaries in WWII, and the other showed (in the background) what appeared to be the turret of an early WWII era Russian KV-1 tank, mounted on the ship. Even the small arms carried by their soldiers appeared as if they’d been in continuous use since the 50′s, with no replacements.

They may have numbers, but given the massive advances in weapons technology since the original Korean conflict, I think that North Korea would find it’s old human wave tactics a mite bit less effective (as in, totally inneffective) nowadays. I shudder to think of what would become of a human wave attack, when faced with even a few miniguns, let alone air-dropped cluster munitions.

That said, they do have the capability of inflicting massive civilian loss of life on the south, through their stockpile of chemical weaponry, Seoul’s close proximity to the DMZ, and the fact that the massive amount of artillery possessed by NK is still effective, even if antiquated.

Let’s hope it really is just saber rattling by NK, and doesn’t get to that point.

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h_b wrote:

I hope the right people are seriously preparing for the worst. There seems to be a good chance that Kim Jong-un realizes that NK carrying on the way it always has not a good option so he’d rather go out with a really big bang rather than slowly implode.

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randburg100 wrote:

Errrrrrrr I thought that the industrial zone was a source of $2bn to the nut job dictators in the NKR gulag???

Sooooooo by shutting it, they stop the revenue flow – is that the definition of insanity?

Fatboy must have thrown all the toys out of his pram!

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UScitizentoo wrote:

China controls North Korea utterly. China is concerned is a farce. While the world watches North Korea, Chinese Military Communists continue to fleece the world. It’s one group of thugs using another group of thugs as thug life goes, with the tacit acceptance from the US congress and US corporations who push a sham free trade arrangement. No, you can’t handle the truth.

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bobber1956 wrote:


“North Korea should realize, a strike against the US, or any killing of Americans, has just one result, and it doesn’t end well for the NK military and leadership at the top.”

That is a joke right? Did you forget the same guy is in charge that handled and covered up the Benghazi scandal?

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South Korea better get them all out and keep them out before there is a huge hostage crisis. North Korea needs to be taken out.

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Mate I dunno bout China’s blitzkrieg strategy. Any country now aligning itself with NK is doomed economically. China’s very survival rests on its economic ambitions so unless it plans taking over the world I’d say they’ll play ball with the West. As for Russia it has its own internal problems to deal with as does China with its constant social unrest. Pretty sure NK is on its own with this one. Australia, America, British Empire, Japan, Germany, India, France, South Asia et al combined with crush NK hands-down.

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Harry079 wrote:

“It was unclear how such a warning was given since North Korea does not have diplomatic ties with Washington.”


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Asaki wrote:

I think,at first,there was a talk of rhetoric from many experts,but I think the US is preparing for any eventual nuclear attacks from the North KOREANS.When will the first attack is really going to happen and what will be the impacts?

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ChasL wrote:

Why isn’t our media questioning the efficacy of putting stuff in Guam?

Our media is making the same GW Bush war drum mistake as before. Fact is they have no intermediate or ICBM to hit US sovereign territory, only scud based short range missile that can reach South Korea and maybe Japan.

Google the status of Taepodong-1 and Taepodong-2 and see for yourself. Their last intermediate missile test blew up on take off.

So Guam makes sense how?

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Kinnison wrote:

Guam is a small U.S. Territory like Puerto Rico, came to us at the same time at the end of the Spanish-American War, and is an island with major U.S. bases for both the Navy (U.S. Naval Base Guam) and the Air Force (Anderson AFB), both of which are nuclear-capable. There are ongoing negotiations with Japan to remove the 3rd Marine Division from Okinawa and re-base it on Guam permanently. It sits alone in the middle of the Pacific. If we don’t already have substantial anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses on the island someone in DOD has done something terribly wrong.

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Marine1024 wrote:

Out Standing reply earlier. China is backing this 100%, they have already gotten all the tech from Russia and are done with them. Now its time for them to show the world who they are. Scary times indeed! Semper Fi!

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Denniz wrote:

What if North-Korea already has nuclear-bombs planted in the U.s?

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alaba7x7 wrote:

I strongly doubt North Korea will use nuclear devices , the actual leader knows the prosperity of America , also South Korea while they struggle just to survive in that poor country , I think He is just using his Nuclear program as a bargaining chip to get some conceptions’ , in the worse case scenario he may fabricate a war with the south so US have to intervene with conventional weapons’ , pretty much destroy their crumbling infrastructure and them as US has done in all their wars reconstruct the North Korean entirely with Americans’ tax dollars after he surrender with the condition to remain as their leader , then the Nation become as prosperous as the south with American money , they acquire the ability to come to America to live , receive free money and all kinds of loans to start their own business in USA as every other nation in the world has that have been involve in a military actions with the USA , I think is North Korean plays well his card this is what we may see, North Korea under America Welfare and reconstruction programs and at the end Kim will be seen as an Hero , the one that brought prosperity to North Korea.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

I don’t see how China and Russia would get involved in a resumption of hostilities in Korea. First Russia is no longer communist. Even when Stalin was alive and the Korean war was going, they did not committ ground troops at all, only air support. Certainly they would guard their own border, but I don’t see them sticking their nose out for North Korea. What would they to have gain?

China is a direct supporter of North Korea, however the North Korean government is proud of not being anyone’s lackey. For China to go to war agains the US and our allies would kill all of their economic relations with the far east and the west. The European Union is their largest customer for exports, followed closely by the United States. Japan is number 5, and South Korea is number 6.

Region Exports
European Union 356.0
United States 324.5
Hong Kong 268.0
ASEAN 170.1
Japan 148.3
South Korea 82.9
India 50.5
Russia 38.9
Taiwan 35.1

China would not kill off their economy to save a meglomaniac. I do not believe that they are the ones behind this turmoil. They need peace in the region and can’t risk global isolation. They are better off becoming part of the solution in this case. I think they know it, and that is why they are quiet on this issue. They don’t want to say they are not supporters of the DRPK, but they do not support the DRPK’s actions. Nuclear war on the Korean peninsula is a threat to China, and the country making that threat is North Korea. I think if push comes to shove China may finally step up to the plate and become the responsible super power that many people hope they become.

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Vuenbelvue wrote:

I wonder why the South Korean’s aren’t more prepared to handle this threat themselves after 60 years instead of the US military “Beefing up defenses” on our coin, again. They should be embarrassed. Freeloaders. Americans should boycott South Korean products. Asians. That is all that needs to be said.

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peaceisgreat wrote:

Vuenbelvue, South Koreans/Asians are freeloaders? Wow. Ignorance is bliss.

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ralphos wrote:

When they threatened to nuke us Obama should have went on TV and told them to defend themselves.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

ChasL – If NK can put a satellite in orbit, they can drop an object anywhere on the surface of the planet. The technologies necessary for each are identical. News flash for those not paying attention: NK recently put a satellite into orbit.

What NK probably does not have (today) is a nuclear device small enough to be carried by their nascent ICBM.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“I wonder why the South Korean’s aren’t more prepared to handle this threat themselves after 60 years instead of the US military “Beefing up defenses” on our coin, again. They should be embarrassed. Freeloaders. Americans should boycott South Korean products. Asians. That is all that needs to be said.”

That is an ignorant statement. South Korea has one of the largest militarys in the world. The US and China created South Korea and North Korea after WW2. So in 65 years they have become a vibrant first world economy, a strong military, and a major US ally in that region of the world. If it was North Korea versus South Korea, South Korea would stomp the North. However there are countries called China and Russia that borders North Korea, and in the past have supported the regime, hence the need for the US presence. And that is ignoring the fact that we are the standing military for Japan who has also been threatened by the DRPK.

Created in 1948, following the division of Korea, the Republic of Korea Armed Forces is one of the largest standing armed forces in the world with a reported personnel strength of 3,539,000 in 2012 (639,000 active force and 2,900,000 regular reserve), and additional 300,000 paramilitary. The ROK military forces are undergoing rapid modernization in preparation for assuming wartime operational control of the ROK’s defenses by December 2015. Several cutting-edge military systems are currently being inducted.

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mils54 wrote:

I would hope IF!, By some act of comlpete lunacy!, The N Koreans would actually attempt or succeed in using a nuke, The U.S would not hesitate in full swift retaliation!(Hey that sounded North Korean), It would call for a massive strike on N.Korea to send a firm message to other country’s to leave the Genie in the bottle!…. Discusted that we are even blogging about this!!!. Read in a paper today that China has been supplying NK with a new mobile missle launching system (dosen’t name the sources), If verifiable That would be a game changer IMHO. (“North Korea is a pimp!, They could never have out manuvered the U.S military…. Until this day, it has been China all along”!)

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Free_Pacific wrote:

TheNewWorld Wrote: “…China may finally step up to the plate and become the responsible super power that many people hope they become.”

While I agree with your reasoning in quoted post. Along with being a supporter of that kind of stance from China, the country will not become a ‘responsible power’ in it’s actions in only one place.

While it may preach peace in NEA (Despite starting military confrontations with Japan as we speak), it’s actions continue to be that of a belligerent in the West Philippine Sea and beyond into the pacific. Supporting small states with the aim of dismantling or damaging regional forums. Like Cambodia vs Asean, manipulating states in the Pacific Islands Forum, while supporting dictators and blunting regional efforts in regards to these dictators, like those in Fiji (Where the Chinese fishing fleet now operates, coming in at night off my own coast and sucking all the fish from the harbour mouth), to limit those forums effectiveness and attempt to erode their legitimacy within their own regions.

China is engaging in a ‘smash the jar, so we can play with the pieces’ kind of doctrine. Divide and conquer. This is in direct confrontation with over 600 million people, who despite their governments protesting, are ignored or even chastised for daring to speak up!

It may let the N. Korean chip fall, it may not. But one thing is certain, and that’s it’s continuing expansion into the territory of and disdain for, the family of the Asia-pacific.

The U.S suffered and still suffers from a lot of opposition, China is currently building itself an opposition also. One it thinks, like the once US did, that it can contain. But there is a glaring difference, we are not tin pot dictators, or backwards economies. We don’t have shrill speech writers and lunatics fist thumping foreign policy. We are mainly democratic and have many friends. China will need to do a lot more that just pull it’s head in with N. Korea… a lot lot more. /vanish optimism.

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