U.S. rejects North Korean demand for nuclear status

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matthewslyman wrote:

For how many years did North Korea insist that its nuclear program was purely for peaceful purposes, e.g. energy generation for the impoverished North Korean people; and that they must be granted their rights to such peaceful use of technology!

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waqaa wrote:

North Korea is a real joke and the best treatment for these types of fools is to turn our back on them and not to enter anytype of discussion with them. A wise man never talks or reacts to fools.

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matthewslyman wrote:

…Was it not furthermore until only a few short months ago, that North Korea was also claiming that their ballistic missile technology was purely for launching satellites?

How quickly they changed their tune, after that successful “satellite launch”…

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BrokenToaster wrote:

…..and when North Korea strikes another country with the “treasured sword” it will be merely to help “level uneven terrain”, right?

North Korea was already using the threat of nuclear war with its current supply, think how often it will be threatening after it has a steady supply.

Again, the only thing that made process in this whole NK scenario is NK’s missile program.

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Verpoly wrote:

Talk with different agenda ´╝čIt’s better not talking.

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kenradke11 wrote:

North Korea can go blow a bull horn in the streets! Saying to their people…you can starve even more because we need the money to build more bombs!! They are so immature when it comes to their unbecoming behavour.
Again they have the EU united in their demands that they dismantle before any deals and relief comes to them.

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How ironic that North Korea with its 2 or 3 bombs and no nuclear warheads demands recognition as a nuclear weapons state whilst Israel with its estimated arsenal of WMD in excess of 300-400 nuclear warheads, enough to destroy the entire Middle East, demands not to be identified as the only secret nuclear weapons state in the world.

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matthewslyman wrote:

@DouglasReed100: Very typical, isn’t it? How many truly wealthy people do you know who go around flashing money in people’s faces? And how many truly powerful nations do we know that issue new threats of all-out nuclear war every few months?

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mac1066bill wrote:

ahhh the rhetoric. I doubt that there will ever be an ‘invasion’ by either side. And neither side will pull the trigger.
Conventionally, NK could probably be able to take out Seoul and 4 nuclear plants, entire peninsula would be unlivable. So, no US/SK invasion. and the opposite is certainly true…NK would be mopped up fairly easily.
So both sides continue to save face after 60 yrs…pathetic.

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gordo53 wrote:

North Korea has nukes therefore they are a “nuclear power” by default. We are in no position to do anything about it. China is their staunch ally. As long as that’s the case, the UN sanctions will have little effect. The South Koreans are quite capable of taking care of themselves. We should let them.

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The original nuclear powers! US, Russia, China, France and the UK are all signatories to the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and subject to the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectorate – as also is Iran plus a hundred other nation states.

Israel, North Korea and Pakistan refuse to comply with either the NPT or the IAEA.

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americanguy wrote:

“But in a sign the hostility was easing, North Korea last Thursday offered the United States and South Korea a list of conditions for talks, including the lifting of U.N. sanctions.”

Then North Korea DEMANDED that it be recognized as a nuclear armed power.
That statement about easing hostility is so “special needs”.
The US has two choices to avoid future blackmail or destruction of US cities by North Korea.
1. Take out North Korea’s abilities now using neutron bombs while we still can.
2. Convince South Korea and Japan to get nuclear weapons.
If we let North Korea continue to act the way it does, they will become a world terrorist state armed with nuclear weapons that will dictate to the world.
Like every President since the Korean war, Obama will kick the can down the road and let the next President deal with it as that is the real FAILED American policy towards North Korea.
China is irrelevant because as usual, China is too chicken to fix the mess they helped create.

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BlueOkie wrote:

Sec Kerry said he wouldn’t go down the same road again with N. Korea. Sounds like he’s getting sucked in again. Hope we don’t expect a different result. We need China and other countries in this negotiation.

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ajfilipiuk wrote:

I don’t understand how the U.S. can rejects reality. We all have not choice, North Korea still be nuclear power even if 7 billion people over the world doesn’t like this fact. I still concerned about international diplomacy. Special about American diplomacy, if Defense Secretary is speaking about North Korea or Iran in time of peace, it’s mean Foreign Secretary will speak in time the war? So high positioned people haven’t right to switch their roles! Or they are not enough prepared or they do a big mistake!

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TommasoT wrote:

So why is Pakistan, India, Israel, US, France, and Britain allowed nukes. Why not NK? Are not most of these these countries already involved in bombing, threatening other countries?

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