Boston bomb suspect's name was on classified government watch lists

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Cleveland2012 wrote:

It seems clear the FBI dropped the ball. Tsarnaev also liked to visit a website where he learned to make bombs, and he had Jihadist videos on his YouTube site. And he travelled to Dagestan where he had Jihadist friends. It all adds up to a big intelligence failure. And where did he get the explosives!?

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thyme8256 wrote:

One ought to consider whether the FBI interviews of the older brother and all his relatives and the interest of Russia in his religious leanings might well have lead him to anger and resentment as being persecuted.

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MKM23 wrote:

That is ok. Thanks to our Congress these crazies can still buy guns without any background check. Same stuff different day.

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JeffreyV wrote:

I think I see where this is going… is it a push toward justifying RFID chips??? (Or am I paranoid)

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americanguy wrote:

Yes, this is all about guns and gun control.
Of course guns were not used in the bombings, but since when are gun control nuts rational or living in the same world as everyone else?
Right after the bombing some big gun control freak was calling for the 2nd Amendment to be revoked saying “this proves it is time to do away with the Second Amendment”.
Now, that’s just insane.

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americanguy wrote:

This just in:
The older brother and his wife and kid were living off welfare.
But that can’t be true, the right wing racists tell us only black people are on welfare.

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WCVarones wrote:

When the gov’t considers everyone a terrorist, it can’t focus on the real ones.

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artvet2 wrote:

Hey folks – is anyone else tired of this administration making excuse after excuse of why its disasters resulting in deaths of innocents keep happening? The excuse here – he was in the database, but it was too big to be useful. Duh.

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unionwv wrote:

A statistical analysis of terror threats or, more broadly, firearms murder, similar to the work von Mises and others have done with probability theory in economics, would demonstrate the absurdity of the notion that one could efectively suspect (let alone predict) the actions of INDIVIDUALS, using a database with half a million persons entered.

Senator Graham’s finger-pointing is nonsense.

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What good is a database if nobody monitors it? It’s becoming clear there were numerous red flags throughout state and federal government to keep an eye on these people. Just like gun control or immigration, rather than enforcing existing laws the government wants more laws to drag out after the fact to explain the misdeeds rather than prevent them from happening. Much easier for the government to keep score via money spent or body count.

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had232 wrote:

You know it’s not working when this guy’s been questioned by the FBI (at the suggestion of the Russians, no less), goes to Russia for 6 months, gets Welfare, explodes two bombs in Boston, and days later the FBI has to post his photo to see if anybody out there possibly knows who this guy is!!! This does not inspire confidence in anti-terrorism security in this country. What is needed is profiling, which our politically correct government will not do. Think “workplace violence” for the Fort Hood terrorist massacre. Until government security forces deal with reality instead of some silly PC notion, we are all at risk.

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Geofr wrote:

A list of known terrorists we don’t “keep close tabs on”….whew, my Government at work.

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gram wrote:

The list is so vast? that’s the worrying part..time to cull the US herd I think deport them all.

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dareisay wrote:

Either everyone in D.C. is incompetent,too lazy to do their jobs, or have been told to not investigate certain people from certain countries!

I have lost all trust in our employees in D.C., lies and more lies is all we hear…we now have a government that has forsaken their fellow citizens in favor of foreigners!

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Geofr wrote:

They didn’t even interview this guy for the three murders back in 2011 and nobody seems to notice the date 9-11-2011. Amazing.

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Bagehot wrote:

Nailed it, broham. The average woman in the U.S. is far more likely to be killed by a man she knows than in a terrorist act, and the odds increase for children. The whole point of terrorism is sow paranoia and undermine faith in your own society. getting you to abandon reason and evidence in the process.

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SpeaktheTruth wrote:


Could this article have provided any more cover for the complete failure of DHS, as well as the outright lies that were told about the suspects being on a watch list.

This article is trying to insinuate that agencies cannot handle a list that only contains 500,000 names.


The Government has the capabilities of monitoring ALL AMERICANS.

Yet these terrorists were outed by the Russians, listed as terrorists, flew back and forth, and were being monitored and mentored by the FBI.

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ZadaTN wrote:

Why have a watchlist — if you suspect them, just go ahead and deport them right then. Who’s keeping an eye on the FBI?

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AZreb wrote:

How many on the TIDE list are monitored? If there are half a million on the list, what percentage? How do they decide who to monitor? These are questions that should be answered – now, not later.

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RJBOH wrote:

Don’t worry about the government’s blunders here. I am sure it will be just perfect and mistake free next year when they take over my family’s health care…

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schm0e wrote:

reassuring to know they were on the “watch list,” isn’t it?

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Politicking wrote:

Guys, did you not read the article? Is the list vast? Yes… half a mil is pretty large, but of that half million, only 450,000 are actual people… and of that 450,000, only 5% are U.S. citizens or residents. That’s 22,500 people who are within our borders. That’s not vast. That’s easily managable.

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ofilha wrote:

What’s the point of having a list if you do not use it? Or was the guy that was supposed to watch it on coffee break?

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1peevedbob wrote:

It appears that the best way to NOT BE WATCHED BY THE GUBMENT, is to find a way to get on a GUBMENT WATCH LIST.
It seems like those are the folks that kill and maim innocent men women and children.
Now we have another loony democrat senator that wants to ban gun powder, that same stuff that Ted Kennedy had markers put in to track it. All in the name of safety? This safety means giving up liberty.
Point: The sheep of Watertown just did what big brother told them to do. They were not at LIBERTY to go about their business because BIG BROTHER was going door to door performing warrantless searches. Funny how a citizen found the guy after all of the news face time the leaders in the greater Boston area managed to accumulate……….

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pinkfreud1 wrote:

So this “vast ” list is too “vast”. I am a simple man but I think traveling to a terrorist laden country in the past few years would somehow bump you up on the list. Or is the the Department of Motherland Security just inept?

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USAPragmatist wrote:

Bagehot nailed it ‘The whole point of terrorism is sow paranoia and undermine faith in your own society. getting you to abandon reason and evidence in the process.’ It is fricking insanity what we do to ‘prevent terrorism’, we basically give the terrorists what they want by infringing on the rights of the average citizen, and IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK. How many American deaths have been caused by terrorism since the 1970′s? Less than 5000, yet we create a new cabinet level department (DHS), we create atrocities like the ‘Patriot’ Act (far from patriotic btw) and we start a needless war costing trillions of dollars and costing ~5000 American lives and 100s of thousands of Iraqi casualties.

Meanwhile since 1968 we have had more than 1,000,000 deaths due to firearms (, yet what can we do to try and lower this number, NOTHING! And why can’t we do anything? Cause the paranoid gun nuts think this would be an attempt to ‘take our guns’ ( in my best redneck accent I got).

SO the only common thread is that a group of paranoid people are not being rational about how to approach things.

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TomGenin wrote:

So his name was on a list that didn’t stop him from doing anything, didn’t result in limiting him in any way, didn’t raise security alarms, didn’t result in surveillance, interviews or didn’t apparently do anything…..other than result in a job for a guy that puts names on a list that has no real use other than for Captain Hindsight to say, “aha, he was on the list, we should’ve caught him.”

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Purchased almost 50 mortar shells at Phantom Fireworks, visits radical mosque in middle east twice in two years, frequents web sites that teach how to make bombs…yeah, we’ve got a phenomenal security program in place. I think we should simply hire Russia and Canada to protect us — they seem to have a pretty good handle this stuff.

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usisdoomed wrote:

Who is working for FBI those days?
Are those people have any training or they are incapacitated by political correctness like the rest of the country / At this point I don’;t know who is worse =the terrorists that want to kill us or the FBI that doesn’t give a damn about our safety!

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gregbrew56 wrote:

“Because of its huge size, U.S. investigators do not routinely monitor everyone registered there, said U.S. officials familiar with the database.”

Then why keep it?

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gregbrew56 wrote:

americanguy – Just. Go. Away.

Or at least change your name. You do not represent Americans, by any stretch of the imagination. You should go find a paranoid lunatic web site.

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jaham wrote:

What good is a list if not acted upon?

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jaham wrote:

@lyingaboutlibya…I agree…makes you wonder what the government is busy doing with the Patriot act if not casing terrorism suspects.

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RJBOH wrote:

USAPrag: So, you ban guns and you will get 1,000,000 stabbing deaths. Ban knives and you will get 1,000,000 strangling deaths. Ban rope and you will get 1,000,000 hammer deaths. Ban hammers and you will get 1,000,000 shovel deaths. If someone is going to kill someone, they will find a way. They won’t change their mind just because there isn’t a gun handy.

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sporty wrote:

Obama, and his regime doing what they do best – nothing.

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bedadgum wrote:

According to Huffington Post “Neither Tsarnaev brother had licences to carry firearms, police say.” One brother already had a conviction of spousal abuse. These guys were outlaws and didn’t , wouldn’t register with the gov. MKM23 is a perfect example of a low information voter.

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klg1956 wrote:

Is there affirmative action at the FBI? or are we so dumbed down now we can’t even spot a terrorist while having coffee with them….yet we can frisk and strip search granny and baby in a wheelchair at the airport while the Arab terrorist walks right in flashing his special passport, money and get out of jail free card (wink wink Napolitano)……Before the end of the week, this story will be pulled and Reuters will deny ever publishing it! Put your story back up Fox!!!!

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President Urkel and his lesbian bull in charge of DHS are a danger to the world. The incompetence of this administration and their politically correct freak-show of misfits could not manage a self-serve car wash, let alone run the nation. It is obvious that Napolitano is primarily concerned with muff-diving than providing security, while Urkel is a prime example of why affirmative action has been counter-productive for black people by promoting the incompetent while ignoring the productive.

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Obsilutely wrote:

Who gives a crap about this list? Lists like these aren’t for protecting the people they are for protecting moneyed interests like banks and financial institutions. Just look at Elizabeth Warren’s hearing where she asked the federal regulators why they had a plan to protect the banks but leave the people out in the cold? They literally have a plan to save the banks at the people’s expense. Watch the hearing for yourself (
It’s really sad that people still believe regulatory agencies and law enforcement are here to help the people. I’ve been robbed under the premise of “safety” hundreds of times by street level police officers. Taking my money does not make the community safer (evidently, neither does making a database of “bad guys”). Nonetheless, you can rely on law enforcement to do two things: fail and react to their failure. That being said, how did Wall Street and K Street come to be the most prized possessions of an entire country? Why are the people of America so weak and powerless to their own elected officials? With all of Americas problems and corruption is it so easy to distract Americans away from finding real solutions? So we’ve identified a typo rendering our database useless, so we will fix it. Does it now take a foreigner to bomb Wall Street to fix the problems there, too? What about K Street? Is a bomb the precursor to action here? I’m starting to detect a pattern…

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KaosHiker wrote:

USAPragmatist…. So its okay to take away Gun Rights because that does not apply to You.
But illegal searches of Your property does apply to You.
So now it becomes wrong. Hypocrite
Our Constitution says the right to bear arms can not be Abridged.
Do You know what that means. Look it up.

Never Mind I will tell You.
It Means that It can not be Changed / Reinterpreted / Deleted, or Amended. EVER.

Do You think not having a gun will protect You from those that do.

Once again You use a completely unrelated thread to push Your Gun Control Views.

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anondy528 wrote:

if the list is “too vast” to keep track of people, why even have it…

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MarvLS wrote:

The government had the names, knew who these animals were, yet did nothing. Meanwhile, anyone who infers from this that the government willingly allows terrorist acts that they could have prevented in order to justify more police powers for the state is called a conspiracy nut.

I don’t believe, for example, that Sandy Hook was an inside job, but when you look at how immediately the administration went all out for “gun control” it’s hard not to conclude that they are elated when this kind of stuff happens so they can justify their tyranny.

“Never let a crisis go to waste” is the Obama administration motto. But it’s not just them. Sadly, many in the GOP are just as bad.

What we need is a cultural revolution of Liberty.

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anondy528 wrote:

MKM23, these guys had nothing to do with guns whatsoever. they got the gunpowder from fireworks. but by all means, do everything you can to keep me from protecting myself from “these crazies”. Im sure my kitchen knife would have stopped them

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jimguinnessey wrote:

There is no excuse for the FBI and other US intelligence agencies to claim that their list of suspected domestic and foreign terrorists is too vast to adequately monitor. What is shocking is that there exists such a vast list! Meanwhile the US Internal Revenue Service keeps tabs on millions of innocent American taxpayers. It seems that when it comes to money collections, the US will spare no efforts (unless it’s the Wall Street biggies and banks)to monitor its own citizens.

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klg1956 wrote:

First we let these terrorists into our country by giving them “visas” for education which most do not attend those educational facilities once they arrive here…they find some radicalized woman, marry her….have lots of babies…..become citizens, file for welfare, find more women to create more babies to collect more welfare then start working the streets to find terrorists who hate US more than they do….start jihading for their cause. And then we’ll say we didn’t have a clue, we need more money allocated to these departments to keep America safe…we let them in so they can wreak havoc and murder so we can hire more dues paying people to try to keep order after the bombs have torn off our limbs and after the bombs have blown up our babies and after the planes fly into our buildings and kill thousands and after the shooters shoot up the malls, and after the jihadist kills our military men and women right on our own military bases in our country….and after we lose men on our vessels in other ports and after they kill our citizens on cruise ships and rules of engagement and subset rules of engagement which kills our military men who have their hands and feet tied behind their backs with blindfolds put over their eyes and told to go out there and win the war against terrorism and jihad but just don’t kill the terrorists cause if you do you’ll be sent to Leavenworth. We have no chance of winning anything, not even a chess game with rules and people enforcing these rules and it’s time we admitted it and started acting like adults instead of children because nobody is in charge when everybody’s a child. Somebody has to be the parent and make the hard decisions…and God knows we need a Patton who would slap the face a man showing cowardice and we need Eisenhower who’ll call a spade a spade…God help us!

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ChangeWhat wrote:

What do you expect when the government doesn’t have the resources to monitor such a list due to its inept ability to balance a budget. Is it becoming clear yet what i’ve been saying for years now? STOP GIVING AID TO OTHER COUNTRIES, AMERICA NEEDS THE AID!!!! Other nations don’t deserve our help financially or in any other form due to there hatred of America.

For you anti-gun fanatics get a grip on reality, better off banning cigarettes before firearms if your looking to save lives.

Fact is “some people” I won’t mention any specific parties, believe they are always right and they cry like babies when something they disagree with doesn’t go there way. In reality YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES ON THE PLANET, and you cannot always have your way. You need to learn how to co-exist such as the extremist muslims needs to learn how to co-exist. There is not much difference between the two when you think about it. One wants to take away freedoms based on a fantasy utopia and the other wants to take away freedoms based on a fantasy prophet.

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MKM23, it’s people like you that keep voting for the idiot politicians we have. You’re complaining about the lack of gun registries? The older brother was on multiple terrorist watch lists and the Feds couldn’t even track him when he traveled.

The DHS is adding Saudi nationals to the “Trusted” flyer program that allows them to bypass customs while at the same time, the TSA is putting their hands down our pants and giving us reacharounds, all in the name of security…but I’m sure you feel “safe”, right?

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Logical.Kyle wrote:

Here is the new information that Glenn revealed on radio today:

1) The event file created on Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi indicated on page two that he is armed and dangerous.
2) He was admitted into this country under a special advisory option which is usually reserved for visiting politicians, VIPs, or journalists.
3) One of the first excuses given by law enforcement when confronted about his pending deportation was expired VISA. According to the event file his visa is good until 11-Nov-2016.
4) Event file indicates he entered the United States on 08/28/12 in Boston, MA but says subject is a student at the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio. He never showed up.
5) When an event file is created in the system the author(s) are notified via email when it is accessed and given the email address of the person accessing. As a result we know the following: After the file was created it first amended to remove the terrorism and deportation reference and then someone went back in and tried to destroy both the original and amended versions. They didn’t know there were copies.
6) The original event file was reviewed and approved by two high level agents – Chief Watch Commander Maimbourg and Watch Commander Mayfield.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

It boggles the mind how during this quote un quote “time of war against terrorism” we put so much effort putting children in jail over a marijuana possession while letting “watch list’ potential terrorist roam freely – building bombs and murdering people with no ability to stop them.

The “vastness of the list” is just a poor excuse for a department with no focus. There is a mountain of electronics trails that points to this guy ready to do some damage.

Just the fact he was associated with 3 murdered people in 2010 – never put him on extra alert?

Wow – really goes to show that there really is not the ability for the government to use intelligence pattern matching on the world wide web.

Any intelligent security chief knows that if you were not born in the USA – you need to earn that freedom and should be expected to be more closely watched that those born here.

Politically correct is irrelevant in times of war. I was not born here and if I was security chief for USA, I would expect my name to be on a list till the day I die. My children born here earned their freedom and there is a 99% likelihood they will never do a terrorist activity.

Focus your energy intelligently.

A huge watch list those not born here,
- add more points for those here from a country known for terrorism
- more points if that country has bad feelings for the USA
- more points if they are associated with religious ties (religion is hellishly scary)
- more points if they traveled out of USA and came back
- more points if they had brushed with the law
- more points if they are male and under the age of 40 (older you get the wiser you get and less hormones driving you.

now that your list is more weighted and you’ve dropped resources for petty drug charges – get those rules engines combing the electronic highway on this short list of suspects.

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cbj wrote:

One of the safest countries to live in was the GDR (German Democratic Republic.
In 1989 the Stasi (Secret Police) had over 91 thousand full time employees and over 173 thousand ‘informants’ in a population of 16 million.
At the height of WWII the Gestapo had 6 thousand employees and 70 thousand ‘informants’ for a population of 66 million.
The ability of the ‘Shield and Sword of the Party’ to round up any ‘evildoers’ prior to them doing any ‘evil’ is well documented.
While not a documentary film anyone who desires an organization powerfull enough to be able to infiltrate all levels of society and thus ensure safety would do well to give “The Lives Of Others” a look.

Only a totalitarian state can ensure public safety.

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Overcast451 wrote:

There are probably SO MANY people on Watchlists – that they are ineffective – OBVIOUSLY.

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poggy wrote:

Does a “watch list” with 540,000 names have any use at all? Why not just assume everyone is a terrorist.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@KaosHiker, you show your ignorance with the statement of ‘It Means that It(2nd Amenedment) can not be Changed / Reinterpreted / Deleted, or Amended. EVER.’ There is NOTHING in the Constitution that can not be amended. If there was enough votes for it, and hopefully there would never be, there could even be an amendment removing the right to free speech.

@ChangeWhat you say ‘For you anti-gun fanatics get a grip on reality, better off banning cigarettes before firearms if your looking to save lives.’ Thank you for providing a perfect example of how sensible gun control measures can work, by regulating cigarettes, educating people/adding warnings to packs and by increasing the taxes on them, we have lowered the deaths due to chronic smoking, and yet people that still want to smoke can still smoke. No reason we can not do same thing with guns, reduce the amount of gun violence deaths, but still allow those that really want them to get them.

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dencal26 wrote:

Clearly an ObamaBungle

Apr 24, 2013 1:54pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
dencal26 wrote:

MKM23 wrote:
That is ok. Thanks to our Congress these crazies can still buy guns without any background check. Same stuff different day.

Sorry but they had ILLEGAL HANDGUNS. In fact one was stolen from the MIT cop they killed. I guess Bostons tough guns laws were meaningless

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DeanMJackson wrote:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev escaped in his car and the police just stood their ground, frozen, not giving pursuit in their vehicles? Folks, the story is insulting.

And the story stank from the beginning…why did the “terrorists” feel secure with all that police presence at the marathon finish line, including all those bomb sniffing dogs in the vicinity, probably walking right by the “terrorists”! In other words, how did the “terrorists” KNOW they wouldn’t be caught, because otherwise there is no way they would have been at the finish line. The “terrorists” would have chosen a more secure target along the 26.2 mile long marathon route.

Of course, the police also have electronic bomb sensors to augment the dogs, but the “terrorists” weren’t concerned?

Another obvious false flag operation by the COINTELPRO-addicted FBI.

It just occurred to me earlier in the week, entities within all levels of government are intentionally staging blatantly obvious false flag operations. Why? To lessen Americans faith in government. Purpose? When the Federal government admits that the Cold War never ended, who will believe the Federal government?

Who would mount such a “mistrust” operation? Only one entity would benefit: Communist agents within Federal, state and local government.

For those not clued-in, the collapse of the USSR was a disinformation operation under the “Long-Range Policy” (LRP), the “new” and more subtle strategy all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 to defeat the West with. The next major disinformation operation under the LRP will be the upcoming fraudulent collapse of the Chinese Communist government, subsequent to which Taiwan will be politically stymied from not joining the mainland:

“Since at least the early 1970s, the Communist party of China has been poised to create a spectacular but controlled “democratization” at any appropriate time. The party had by then spent two decades consolidating its power, building a network of informants and agents that permeate every aspect of Chinese life, both in the cities and in the countryside. Government control is now so complete that it will not be seriously disturbed by free speech and democratic elections; power can now be exerted through the all-pervasive but largely invisible infrastructure of control. A transition to an apparently new system, using dialectical tactics, is now starting to occur.” — Playing the China Card (The New American, Jan. 1, 1991).

Now you know why Russian military aircraft still have the hated Communist Red Star on their wings/tail fin, and why NEW Russian naval vessels have the hated Communist Red Star placed on their bows. That hated Communist symbol represented the 74 years that the minority Communist Party of the Soviet Union (representing no more than 10% of the adult population) persecuted the majority population, and would have been immediately removed from all such military hardware if the collapse of the USSR were legitimate.

For more on the LRP, read KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn’s 1984 book, “New Lies for Old”, available at Internet Archive or your public library.

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Patriot1683 wrote:

There is a war waging, the U.S. government vs it’s Citizens

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C.Nash wrote:

There is NEVER any accountability with government people. If this level of foul-up happened in the military or private industry heads would roll.

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Okay, the system pinged when Tamerlan left for Russia. But for six months, the “ping” got no attention. So, exactly what does a “ping” represent? Given Tamerlan’s destination, did the “ping” suggest that he should be ‘looked at;’ with some kind of hint to notify the Russians? Or, was the FBI even included on the said “Ping List?”

What law enforcement agency would allow such an obvious and pertinent “ping” to ‘expire?’

While the cited input of Bob Grenier, the former chief of the CIA’s Counter-terrorism Center should be respected; what does the CURRENT chief (whose name is “secret”) of the CIA’s Counter-terrorism Center have to say? By all accounts, thus far, he should be clearing out his office; then quickly appear before Congress to offer a believable – at least ‘plausible – perspective.

If there’s any truth to the Internet account of the current Chief; he married a Muslim woman, abroad – converting to Islam, himself. But that association/marriage didn’t cost him his security clearance? Did the CIA – or the FBI – issue his security clearance? Whoever it was, they didn’t get a “ping?”

Or, if that’s a “cover story,” who is so foolish as to ‘bait’ the obvious questions?

What is with the political “Psyops” of referring to Muslims as “Ethnic (nationality)?” Is America so ‘conditioned’ by “political correctness” that ‘instantly’ no one continues to think/inquire, when the term “ethnic” is introduced? If America, at least, isn’t somehow entitled to the accurate truth (following at least the ‘official’ account of 9-11); can anyone doubt what most probably lies ahead?

At least according to an April 24th Boston Globe article, the Russians made multiple inquiries concerning Tamerlan – the “ethnic Chechan.” But, the initial FBI response was that they heard no more from the Russians. How many U.S. ‘security’ agencies were made aware of the Russian’s keen interest in Tamerlan? Certainly, there is no acceptable excuse; where are the pertinent reactions. How limited will the accountability be?

When ‘Government’ agencies so clearly enable American blood to be spilled on American streets; it’s time to resort to Pogo’s lament, “We have found the enemy; and it is us.”

In America, that’s just not acceptable. Or, if it must be “plausibly asserted” that Tamerlan, et al, were targets of a “secret sting operation;” then it’s clearly time to build a hot fire around the said Scorpion – allowing it to sting itself to death. “America” is so entitled.

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KaosHiker wrote:

USAPragmatist …
You are wrong on both counts, The abridged clause was specifically put in to stop the Majority from being able to change the Constitution. People are gullible and suffer from Mob Mentality.It is too easy to sway opinion with propaganda. Hence can not be abridged.
Free speech … Well they already did a number on that one.
What is a racial slur .. Free speech or Hate crime. Ponder that.

As for Smoking .. Why should any one else care if I live to be Fifty or if I live to be Ninety.
Since when did it become the Govt,s or anyone else,s duty to make sure I live as long as I possibly can.
Life is Short anyway. Live it as You want. pass the camels I’m going for a smoke.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

There are 12,000 people in the US with the same name as me. One of them with the same name has done something, so we are all on the list. If the FBI is busy checking the activities of 12,000 people with the same name, no wonder they have stuff like this slip by. Oh sure, they could have been rational, but that is not the intent of the fear creators. They need to get everyone frightened so it is easier to control them.

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SCBob wrote:

So has anyone cared to ask why ANYONE who is on this list and NOT a US Citizen is still residing within the borders of the US? Of course not, that would require some level of seriousness by the Obama administration and in all likelihood, Bush 2 also. So is this in the “Comprehensive” Immigration reform bill? My guess is NO, so how comprehensive is that?

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@KaosHiker, I assume by abridged clause you meanthis statement in the 14th amendment “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;”?

Here is Article V: ‘The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.’

ANYTHING in the Constitution can be amended, and it takes ALOT more then a majority.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@brotherkenny, I am completely with you up until your statement of ‘They need to get everyone frightened so it is easier to control them.’ I do not think it has to do with controlling the population, I think it is more the politicians doing what they think will get them re-elected, by pandering to the paranoia I mention, instead of doing what is right. Our elected official need to start doing what is right for the country more then what they think they need to do to get re-elected. That is the root of the problem.

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cbj wrote:


History is rife with leaders who rose to power under the fiction of doing what is right ‘for the country’. That is how the errosion of liberty begins.
I do agree that in theory the public could conspire with one or more branches of the government and ammend the constitution to allow for anything (king, maybe). However, the division of branches, the amount of time required and getting the States to ratify allows for enough time to forestall such an outcome.
That is the wonder of the document, it allows for the will of the people while making mob rule rather difficult but only in so far as the people and each branch remain active in their role.
The public was never intended to be a passive partner in this ‘grand experiment’.

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These are the people we trust to protect us.

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deerecub1977 wrote:

It appears they didn’t watch him then.The moon is made of cheese.

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AZWarrior wrote:

Idiots. Simple, incompetent, impotent, inexcusable idiots.

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Marly wrote:

Why is this a surprise? The FBI can’t even say or write the words muslim extremists or islamization. It’s been scrubbed from their training on PC grounds. And to morons like MKM23, they never legally purchased firearms you low informed moron! They had them illegally in a place that has strict gun laws! If your boy obama hadn’t let them stay here it never would have happened in the first place.

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USARealist wrote:


We know that gun deaths per capita continue to decrease despite more guns being purchased and despite the experation of the assault weapons ban. Right now there should be long prison sentences for gun crimes, but Democratic cities (Chicage, LA, NY – you know, democrat gun free zones, ha, ha ha) do not prosecute (Source criminals using the tougher Federal laws. Democrats are hypocrites. They talk about more gun control laws (which usually effect only legal owners) while they fail to go after criminals.

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TommyTuson wrote:

All I can say is there are people in our Gov’t that should be in jail.

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Old_Ollie wrote:

What good is a watch list if it’s classified?

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chucknoland wrote:

In 01 3000 people lost their lives do to box cutters, yet no talk of a ban,recently a student at a college used a knife and did considerable damage,yet no ban,Now boston and they use a pressure cooker again no talk of ban. But the minute someone uses a gun, well we need to take them from law abiding citizens and ban them and change the Constitution while your at it.

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yourpaled wrote:

This is no surprise. The focus of the government is on gun control and eveything else is de-listed.

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Tarryho wrote:

We have spent BILLIONS on the Department of Homeland Security. Their new building in DC cost $5 billion alone! And yet, they cant monitor a list or cross check it with known terrorist websites and travel visas? Napolitano is an EPIC FAIL. I knew this when she sent out notices to police to look out for terrorists and then defined them as veterans, pro-lifers, tea party types and Ron Paul supporters.

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beech wrote:

And they were living off the US tax payer-on welfare.

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chekovmerlin wrote:

Let’s see. Tamerlan was on the list. He went to Russia and elsewhere in Central Asia. He came back. His name was dropped. They have these multitudous lists. Are they by region. Big time international event is coming up. Nobody looking for terrorists in Boston area. Did the Boston police have information that FBI and CIA had? I’ll bet not. The police gamed this out but were lax on looking for bombs late in the race? Please, we’d like some answers from Inspector Clouseau and the Keystone Kops.

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chekovmerlin wrote:

It’s not a vast list. It’s halfvast.

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chekovmerlin wrote:

Whaat we have just learned is that Inspector Clouseau is stil running security. He was in the first decade under “W” and is still around with Barak “lightening” Obama. Now we can’t blame either of them. they have people whom they believe are competent. We need to look at the people running our security apparatus in the FBI, at the state level, at the City level and in the CIA (stovepiping) as well as the myriad of federal agencies like TSA who seem to search babies but not terrorists. Is ANYBODY home in security?

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robbie55555 wrote:

I think people around him knew of his hatred for America and Americans, but the liberal that he hung around hated America also. His wife would have known something or she was as gullible woman as Hillary was with Bill and foreign policy.

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robbie55555 wrote:

I believe there were lazy politically correct liberal Americans that knew of these nuts and their ideas, but wouldn’t say anything because they would have come across as anti-Muslim.

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arnoldripkin wrote:

Why do we keep allowing people that need to be watched into the USA?

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

These days a freshman college student could write a program that would add up all the contact regarding the extremists on the TIDE list and have it sorted faster than the FBI or CIA after twelve years of fluffing around. So much does not add up, and you have to wonder if it is incompetence, cover-up, or both. Outside of all the jihad events, how could they let the older brother go without being interviewed after the murder of 3 friends, especially when he was the last to see at least one of them. Pouring Marajuana over the dead bodies makes sense if you are an Islamic extremist who condemns drug use. Gee I wonder if anyone investigating the murders even thought of that. Go figure!

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BuffaloGirl, what you say in several of your comments makes quite a bit of sense…

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Jason144 wrote:

Prob designated as a rebel and not a terrorist. What the FBI wanted Russia’s raw data that was used to put the man on their list? What more info do you need? It is a lack of trust and how we classified the Chechnya’s terrorism with Russia, rebels.

Same as with Syria. They’re simply rebels and if they come over here and blow people up what would you call them. Hence Obama’s reluctance is swiftly declaring these punks as terrorists.

School books are now prompting people into thinking that there is a difference between a terrorist and a legit army retaliating against Israel for wrong doings. But that is actually called anti-antisemitism. Hamas the so called political party running Palestine is official labeled by the US state department as a terrorist group. But your children’s school books are calling them something other than terrorists…better read your kids text books or lose them to the FAR LEFT.

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ithnkso wrote:

If the highly classified list was made public, we could all help watch for the bad guys.

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canyoncritter wrote:

usa pragmatic guns dont cause crime the state with the highest gun ownership has the lowest murder rate. has gun control worked in new york and chicago?

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kellyjo wrote:

Frankly, the FBI screwed up big time. Seems like the ‘investigators’ slept walked through this series of alerts. No follow-up and the system where terror suspect who spends 6 months and a day at foreign terror camp has his ‘alert’ erased automatically is insane. Either political correctness, laziness or incompetence by themselves or in combination caused the deaths of four REAL Americans. Our immigration vetting also appears to be a joke and Napolitano’s nose ought to be three feet long after her pollyanna testimony on immigration.

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BuffaloGirl wrote:

@canyon critter

In 2012, murders fell to an all time low, at 414 for the year.


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According to a New York Times article: Agents Pore Over Suspects Trip to Russia – 4/29/13

“In 2011, Russian officials sent a warning about Mr Tsarnev’s extremist views to both the FBI and CIA, saying they believed he was coming to Dagestan, a republic in southern Russia, to connect with underground groups. That warning was based on telephone conversations intercepted by Russian intelligence, including one between Mr. Tsarnaev and his mother, in which they discussed jihad, Russian authorities have told the F.B.I.”

If that’s to be believed, some major U.S. heads need to be rolled – after an appropriate inquisition.

Given the reported FBI’s step-by-step handling of the 1993 WTC bombing, via their informant, Emad Salem; the Tsarnaev family’s cry of “framed!” now has far too much credibility.

This is on par with a fire department having an ‘official’ arsonist on staff – to ensure a greater budget.

While the CIA isn’t ‘legally’ supposed to conduct operations on U.S. soil; their silence in this matter has no plausible excuse. This is no different than one of their own agents reporting to them.

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