Israel's Netanyahu, Palestine's Abbas head to China

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Free_Pacific wrote:

Netanyahu will also raise the issue of Iran, according to the INSS.

Because China has such a great track record with nuclear proliferation.

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fyus wrote:

No problem we will first denuclearize Israel and Japan.

May 04, 2013 9:57am EDT  --  Report as abuse

Nature attempted to denuclearize Japan, by exposing the horrendous corruption of Japanese corporations. However, despite endless heart wrenching display of what’s at stake, the Japanese Government, unlike Germany, ignores the democratic wish of its people to denuclearize Japan.

Instead, the Japanese ministers, not just Abe, keep manufacturing, fanning stories of military tension to distract the Japanese people. The young Japanese are particularly easy preys, and have been used as puppets to endanger the peace and security of the world.

Recently, a rat was found to have unplugged the electric supply in the Fukushima plant, causing another near-disaster.

The REAL reason Japan does NOT let go of nuclear energy is because it allows Japan to continue experiment with, and maintain high level Japanese technical capability to handle nuclear material, so that Japan can STEALTHILY manufacture a nuclear bomb — trust me, THAT IS WHY ABE IS ACTIVELY SELLING SO CALLED NUCLEAR ENERGY TO THE UAE AND TURKEY. Why would UAE need nuclear energy? It has plenty of oil!!! JAPAN IS DEVELOPING A NETWORK OF ALLIES, HELPING THEM TO DEVELOP WHAT AMERICA IS ON THE VERGE OF GOING TO WAR TO PREVENT IRAN FROM DEVELOPING. ABE, by keeping Japan in the nuclear business, does not just eye the profit– it has cost Japan a lot more to have nuclear energy, due to the nuclear leak, but ABE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF JAPANESE PEOPLE. ABE KEEPS NUCLEAR ENERGY HIGH ON ITS AGENDA ONLY AND ONLY BECAUSE OF ITS NEO-NAZI, STEALTH NEO-NAZI AGENDA.

All Japanese people, and the whole world, should free Japan from the bondage of these oppressors, who caused the Fukushima disaster, and insists on subjecting Japanese people and people around the world to the danger of similar disasters — ALL BECAUSE OF ABE’S HIDDEN MILITARISTIC AGENDA FOR KEEPING A READY CAPABILITY TO PRODUCE A NUCLEAR BOMB VERY QUICKLY, LITERALLY “ON STANDBY” READINESS.

Just like his grandfather, who waged wars incessantly, caring nothing about the suffering of the Japanese people, Abe doesn’t care about the potential carnage and disaster, and continues to place Japanese people under the lies, manipulation and oppression of the Japanese Government.

Japanese people have not functional criminal procedures — the confession rate is over 99% whenever any Japanese is so unlucky to be arrested by the Japanese police — it is considered their duty to confess even though they were innocent.

Japanese women suffer from some of the worst chauvinism among affluent nations. The expectation for them to obey is the most horrendous among affluent countries. For example, in the not so old movie, the Last Samurai, in which the woman was forced to marry the man who killed the husband she loved; yet the movie has to make up the crazy propaganda that she loves to obey her brother-in-law instead of the reality, which is, women hate it.

Not only do women have to suffer horrible women’s rights violation, they have to act as if they love it, which is the greatest women’s rights violation of all.

Free Japan from militaristic leaders, from the revival of neo-Nazism, from the oppression of culturally forced confessions, from oppressive culturally ingrained women’s rights violations.

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gli98 wrote:

The Japanese government believed that they have the right to intepret their wartime history. By indoctrinating their youngsters with the idea that what the world know about WWII history were manipulated by the Allies (like that Abe recently denied japanese invasion of east Asia and colonization of the Korean Peninsula), the politicians could take advantage of their people’s nationalism and make them vote for military expension.

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Irishs wrote:

Why do we give attention to the bellicose fraud known as Netanyahu? He is an Israeli jewish Nuclear terrorist. Under project pinto and project lakam Israel stole and sold our nuclear serets to russia and china. Maybe he is in CHINA to sell us out again.
Learn the names of these american jews and Israeli jews that sold us out. Netanyahu, Benjamin Bloomberg, Ariel Sharon, Ben-ami Kadish, Arnon Milchan, R. Smyth, Marc Rich,Eifi Reiten, J. Pollard and dozens more in israel.
Marc Rich got into “gold irregularites” and fled to Switzerland.His exwife gave $1 million dollars to the clinton presidential library.He received a pardon.He also gave $75 to fund project lakam where the brave jews in america and Israel armed their brethern in russia. I find it ironic that Bill Clinton’s presidential library received money from the jewish nuclear terrorists that armed russia.
Arnon Milchan , director of “Pretty Woman” stole nuclear triggers for Israel. This cowardly nuclear terrorist jew even had the arrogance to write a book on it. You can get your copy on
So the real question with Bibi in china is what type of traitorous act is Israel up to now.

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savingstone wrote:

To all good and noble people out there: don’t despair from all these vile and wicked people commenting. Instead of bettering their own lives like hard working people they spread libel of millions of innocent people, presumably in hopes of satisfying their boiling desire to murder, torture, rape, pillage, and loot. Evil always ends up destroying itself.

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