Exclusive: Greece has three days to deliver or face consequences - EU officials

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greeks dont care any more about troika’s demands because they think that with 28% unemployment program has failed.so 3 hours 3 days days or 3 years its the same to them.

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MrB.L.Zebub wrote:

yeah, round what? in the Greek bankruptcy saga?! The issue of how the economic foundations of the west are built on debt sand will come to the fore again.

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Melvinleigh wrote:

This is like a reoccurring nightmare. For weeks on end,we hear and see, “Greece is doomed, they’re at the edge, Greece could fail in mere minutes.” Hey financial world, we don’t care anymore, we’re tired and exhausted of crisis after crisis after crisisssssssss,… snoooooooooz.”
The world’s stock markets are in record terrority making gazillions off funny money, so please media spare us the agony, if Greece makes it, it makes it, good for them, but if they don’t, they don’t Greece will always be there, it isn’t going anywhere, Greece isn’t going to go Poof and disappear.
I sincerely wish someone would eat Chicken Little, he has ran his beak too much.

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patches12 wrote:

Lets see… ultimatum number 2308974.678…. and nothing really changes…

another bailout coming.

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Curmdugeon10 wrote:

Sky is falling scenarios no longer excite anyone. So many have been forecast, and so many workarounds, eye winks, and accommodations given that nothing with regard to Greece is credible any longer. When principals say things like “Greece will remain in the Eurozone no matter what,” etc. the signal is clear all the breathless reporting is a waste of time…

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mickey58 wrote:

Not to worry Greece. The money will come whether you want it or not.
The Americans will apply the necessary pressure where needed to keep their Ponzi scheme alive.

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mickey58 wrote:

Not to worry Greece. The money will come whether you want it or not.
The Americans will apply the necessary pressure where needed to keep their Ponzi scheme alive.

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jeffersonite wrote:

wanna buy an island?

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Anyone wanting more information should be able to click on “Portugal” and “(Full Story)”, not just ‘euro zone’, ‘finance’, and ‘Italy’.
John Stonestreet of Reuters did a poor job of editing.

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xr8 wrote:

No problem. If they need money just steal it from bank depositors like Cypress did. EU ministers said distressed countries can do that any time they want.

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landman wrote:

They say there are no icebergs in the Mediteranean, but this one could sink a ship or two. This whole bailout was presented as a last ditch effort to stave off a global meltdown. if it fails, and it likely will, the domino effect will be quite encompassing. The people of Greece have been held hostage at the bank holdup by the eurozone bandits, and this could end badly for them and the rest of us.

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ed123 wrote:

when will the word depression be used?

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dareconomics wrote:

Greece and the troika are playing chicken again. Greece is not reforming rapidly enough the troika, so it is threatening to hold back the next bailout tranche. What makes this game of chicken more interesting than usual is that the Greek banks have yet to be recapitalized since the 3rd Bailout was agreed to last fall. This sets up a “depositor haircut” à la Cyprus to keep the bailout on track prior to German elections.

There is no way that Greece will receive any more money from the troika with German elections looming, but Greece cannot be allowed to collapse either. The solution is a raid of Greek depositors. This is why Cypriot banking assets were transferred to the Greek system as part of the Cyprus Bailout in April, so that the funds for the raid would be available. If you think that this is too cynical for even the troika, then you have not been paying attention to the eurocrisis.

Full post with charts, images and links:’


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europa3962 wrote:

Unfortunately the Greeks have now enslaved themselves to the plutocrats in Belgium and the IMF. Until they realize the only way out is to remove the yoke and exit the EURO they will never recover

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wgate wrote:

Greece is the key experiment that will show whether the degradation of democracy in Europe could lead to the Chinization of Europe. The solution to the crisis ,even for the ruling classes of Europe, is the democratization of the East.

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RJBlack wrote:

Greece like all countries should opt out of the Ponzi scheme we call finance markets. There is no need for countries to be servants to the banks controlled by a very select few on this planet.

Greece is her own country and does not need the phoney Euro as a currency. Go back to square one Greece like Iceland did. You will be better off.

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daveca wrote:

Id suggest “tourniquet” instead of “tranche”

When the chickens come home to roost, they also poop on everything under them..fitting analogy I fear..

second-amendment DOT tripod DOT com

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patches12 wrote:

Socialism…. works well until you run out of other people’s money

OR it works until you figure out that you can vote yourself 30 hour work weeks, incredible benefits and full retirement at age 50…

the German’s were right… Hey Greece .. “wake up earlier, work harder” it works every time its tried!

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TakDavidos wrote:

If everything was so bad.. why was the GREEK 10 year bond down today?

The author needs to write recipes not business reports.

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breezinthru wrote:

Okay, that was Tuesday. It is now Friday.

Did Greece deliver? If not, what are the consequences? Is there anyone in Europe with the intestinal fortitude to follow through with their threats or has Greece finally called the troika’s bluff?

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