Bolivia's Morales says he would grant asylum to Snowden if asked

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The_Traveler wrote:

How predictable can you get? So much for outrage and indignation, eh, Evo? I’d say it was all a pretty slick setup in the first place. Morales is in Moscow, Snowden is in Moscow, get the picture? Well, I hope Snowden enjoys his time in Ecuador, Venezuela or Bolivia, because, to quote Gollum, “you can never go home”.

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dd606 wrote:

I love it… He’s so hurt and upset that we would accuse him of helping the guy, then he offers to help him. LOL

Snowden is just a tool at this point. None of these people really want to help him or have any real intention of doing so. They’re just using him to try and get under our skin. Bottom line, the guy isn’t worth the trouble. Not even Saddam would have been crazy enough to take him.

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Fania wrote:

I guess from these comments you all hate the guy. I feel you, who cares about what he has leaked about the nsa. We allll knew this anyway and besides its for our protection. Ok great to each his own. 2 thumbs up for you all!

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MinnRay wrote:

One has to wonder about the leaders of these small countries. Wouldn’t they think that if they give asylum to someone the US doesn’t like that the US might reciprocate by banning travel and trade to and from their country, shutting down their embassy and consulates, impounding bank balances, stopping bank transfers, increasing tariffs, etc.?

Or are they just trying to get their names in the paper as being “progressive?”

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kentex1146 wrote:

I consider Snowden no less of a patriot than those who founded our Republic.

And by the way, the principles upon which our Republic was founded have no relationship to what our country is today.

A Republic it is not. An Oligarchy? I suspect that’s the closest description.

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bikerdogred1 wrote:

Well the state department made sure Snowden got a nice place too stay now good work boys.

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