Zimmerman trial juror drops plan to write a book

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SFSolstice wrote:

Very Smart. Her appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 was enough. Now just go back to your white middle class existence quickly and quietly/

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bfar wrote:

So sad. NOW even the jurors and attorneys are afraid for their lives. WHAT has happened to DUE PROCESS of LAW????? what has become of LEGAL RIGHTS & LEGAL PROTECTIONS?????
this society has been overtaken by “political correct”.
Nearly EVERYONE — the Press, the President, and now the DOJ — ALL just ASSUME that Zimmerman is GUILTY BECAUSE HE IS WHITE — and Trayvon was a blameless “child” because he was BLACK. this is so wrong. we are losing a functioning judicial system. and with it will go our CIVILIZED society. We are becoming more like the 3rd World by each passing moment. sad.

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tij123 wrote:

The jury was supposed to follow the law.
Innocent until proven guilty.

The jurors did not even consider the EVIDENCE from the prosecutors.

They should have gone through each item in the 4 versions of the story of Zimmerman and looked for evidence and inconsistencies for each.

Trayvon’s autopsy showed that he was NOT beating anyone as claimed. He only had one small abrasion on left ring finger and 2 small abrasions on left pinky. Everything else was clean.

The autopsy report proved that Trayvon did not cause the injuries claimed by Zimmerman.
It is possible to blame injuries to the dead victim even if the victim had nothing to do with the injuries.

During the struggle, Z could have hit his head on the concrete without Trayvon doing it but the story gets embellished by him blaming T.

The jury has to compare the evidence of the prosecution with Zimmerman’s story and they did NOT do that all.

They made a decision based on EMOTION that since Zimmerman is a neighborhood watch, he must have good intentions for Trayvon.

But Zimmerman referred to Trayvon as these F punks and these a-hs, they always get away.

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tij123 wrote:


Watch youtube “Protect Self Defense from Attackers, Muggers and Stalkers”


776.012 Use of force in defense of person.—A person is justified in using force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force.

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smithna wrote:

This woman is wise to give up her plan to write a book. Her comments, unfortunately, have had the opposite of her desired effect, which was an attempt to let people know how hard the jury worked and that they had no other choice but to render a not-guilty verdict.

Among other things:
Saying she felt sorry for “George” (as she referred to him) for getting himself into this position is telling.

Saying “George” had his heart in the right place is telling.

Saying “George” was consistent and truthful is telling.

“George” got himself in this position because he wrongly profiled a human being doing nothing wrong, against his training and the advice of the 911 operator, which led to a teenager’s death. For this, one should feel sorry for him?

Exactly how was “George’s” heart in the right place as he referred to a total stranger with ugly and profane utterances?

Consistency and truthfulness? “George” told a series of stories that had no evidence to back them up:
1)Supposedly Trayvon slammed Zimmerman’s head into the concrete numerous times. A couple of scratches on the back of the head that took nothing but a bandaid does not back this up, according to the ME.
2) Supposedly Trayvon put his hands over Zimmerman’s mouth and nose to smother him, but there was none of Zimmerman’s blood on Trayvon’s hands, according to the forensic analysis.
3) Supposedly it was Zimmerman screaming while his mouth and nose were being covered. How does that work?
4) Supposedly Trayvon reached for Zimmerman’s gun, but there was no evidence of Trayvon’s DNA on the gun, according to the forensic analysis.
5) Supposedly Zimmerman got out of his truck to see an address, not to continue following Trayvon. He was the neighborhood watchperson in a complex with 3 streets, had lived there 4 years and had to get out of the truck for an address? That defies logic.
6) Zimmerman told Hannity he knew nothing about the Stand Your Ground law prior to Trayvon’s death, but it was proven he had been well trained in the law, along with how to be a good witness, knowing exactly what to say to justify his actions.

Zimmerman was consistent with his stories alright, but this juror needs to explain further exactly where the truthfulness part comes in.

I could go on, but won’t. This juror did herself no favors by going public, and actually inflamed passions further for many. It is my belief she made a correct decision to let the book idea go and resume her life.

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smithna wrote:

The President said very clearly that the jury had spoken. And he never said a word about Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence, never.

The DOJ is “assuming” nothing; they are investigating, and some DOJ spokespeople have already said the laws are so narrow they probably cannot do anything.

As far as your issue with Trayvon being viewed as “blameless”, on this particular night Trayvon had done nothing to warrant: a) being profiled while walking home, b) being stalked while walking home, and c) being shot because he defended himself (with his hands, not a weapon) against a profiler and stalker.

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PPhermit wrote:

The original juror vote the verdict was split right down the middle with the verdict . One vote was for guilty of murder, two was guilty of manslaughter. Guess the other three convince those three to say not guilty for they was tired and wanted togo home. The writer of the book use to have a gun carry permit and her husband still has one. That should have been reason enough forher to be rejected for thatjury duty. That jury was rigged. Personally I would have said not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. For Trayvon’s parents its probably will turn out better for Zimmerman to be found not guilty in prison he would’t be able to pay on the wrongful death lawsuit he may win.

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deegeejay wrote:

Anyone can see that Zimmerman was not blocking Martins access to his townhouse. Zimmerman lost sight of him while on the phone (to the authorities no less!!!). Martin chose to come back and ambush the man – supposedly to teach him a lesson. He got what he asked for – this is all so stupid and defies logic. People want to convict Zimmerman for what Martin did – blaming the victim has become endemic in America. Evil people need to just stand down.

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Granny_Momma wrote:

Anyone can see that Zimmerman was not blocking Martins access to his townhouse. Zimmerman lost sight of him while on the phone (to the authorities no less!!!). Martin chose to come back and ambush the man – supposedly to teach him a lesson. He got what he asked for – this is all so stupid and defies logic. People want to convict Zimmerman for what Martin did – blaming the victim has become endemic in America. Evil people need to just stand down.

What defies logic is George’s story, every changing. He knew that neighborhood inside out and knew where to cut him off. He has blamed the victim from the beginning. Common sense has left America.

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Doug57 wrote:

This what happens when you empower the inferior.

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Doug57 wrote:

You don’t have to be a juror or an attorney involved in the case to write about it.This case will be written about and the inferior cretons who attempted to pervert justice will be punished.

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Doug57 wrote:

SFSoltice, justice is heading your way and you won’t see it coming.

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327 wrote:

think I would have waited a couple years before mentioning a book.

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merkicus wrote:

Zimmerman is an innocent man and the mountains of evidence – especially some that wasn’t allowed in the trial – prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Where was your outrage when John White shot a white teenager in the face and was pardoned for it?

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Dogstar59 wrote:

the idiots who don’t know the facts about the case are showing their ignorance. Zimmerman was cleared of hate crimes by the fbi a year ago. and he was cleared by this jury of any crime, due to self-defense.

there was zero evidence showing Zimmerman started the attack. there was zero evidence showing Zimmerman struck martin.

there was a mountain of evidence showing martin started the fight, committed aggravated assault, seriously injured Zimmerman and caused Zimmerman to fear for his life.

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Penone wrote:

tij23 – Although Trayvon had the right to stand his ground Trayvon was not on trial.

Also, to tij23 – can you explain how Zimmerman got a broken nose? It seems you missed that part in your explanation as to how Zimmerman suffered his injuries.

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miketibbs wrote:

Jury duty is the LAW and get death threats for it? Now should we DISARM these people against defending themselves from DEATH?

2nd Amendment is ALSO LAW

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miketibbs wrote:

tij OK YOU CONVINCED ME!!!! we should listen to brain dead morons as you and convict Zimm now!!!

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mark77 wrote:

One poster is clearly an idiot. The juror is black. Apparently there are a large number of racist blacks in our country including the poster. Who knew?

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cristo52 wrote:

It’s better for her and her family if she just quietly goes back to her life and leaves this behind. She did what was asked of her by the state and she will gain nothing by exposing herself to the media vultures who would love to eviscerate her and her fellow jurors.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

I would like to know the jury’s logic in saying the had no choice to return not guilty. Then we would know what laws need to be changed so in the future people that stalk a kid, get into a fight with said kid, start losing fight and shoot the kid will have have some criminal liability. But you do not need a book to do that. A simple editorial will do.

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AlkalineState wrote:

A book written by a person so well-informed…. they had never heard of Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman.

And the trial? We know more than the jury. The jury is restricted from seeing most of the evidence and testimony that we saw. Only a fraction of what is out there, and what we’ve been seeing in the news is admissible and presented to the jury. So what was crazy bird collector lady’s big plan here? Reveal that….. a shooting took place in Florida after a fight broke out? There’s a scoop.

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Fromkin wrote:


He is not White. He is Jewish and Spanish,from “monority groups”

He looks plenty Spanish to me. Race has nothing to do with this case. This was just plain injustice probably because of Zimmerman’s father connections. The police let the killer go free the night he killed an unarmed teenager. The Police chief was forced to resign because of protests. So the Police sided with the killer rather than the victim during trial. The media, controlled by the Zimmermans of America, also played their part in muddying the waters and confusing the public. Trevon was portrayed in the media as the aggressor which could not be true. There is no way an armed 29 years old would feel in danger of losing his life while fighting an unarmed 16 years old. This case will always remain a stain on the U.S. If this had happened in China or Russia, America wouldbe lecturing them about lack of justice and “human rights”… What I found troubling is the lack of remorse on the part of Z for taking the life of a young man.

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