Gold, oil rise as Ukraine tensions spur safety bids

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Tony65 wrote:

What has the situation in Ukraine to do with oil. Ukraine is not oil producer.It shows that oil companies are just taking advantage of any situation to make more profits.

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With the Russian gas pipeline to the EU countries running through Ukraine, Putin is “…. the Man!”

What are the Ukraine troops going to do – ratchet up the already desperate Ukraine need for cash?

Putin even has the ISS Space Station as a hostage. He can’t lose. Putin even has control over a critical portion that the U.S. needs to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Obama & Kerry are Putin’s clowns; they look funny when they whine. And to think that Obama & Kerry fanned the flames of the “Ukraine Spring!” Now, as an absolute minimum, Putin has the Crimean sea ports back in Russian ownership. Brute that he is, Putin won’t be sending Obama & Kerry a thank-you card.

But isn’t it amazing that the U.S. military intelligence and the CIA didn’t see this coming – or did Obama just ignore them?

Putin is a leader; Obama & the Gang are just politicians – what can anyone reasonably expect; now or in the near future? Putin’s fantasy is Hillary getting elected – she’s a highly predictable politician. No doubt, Putin regards her in another light – but she’s already earned that.

Personally, I don’t care about Ukraine; I miss the greatness of America – I want her back. Possibly, Putin will succeed in giving the American public the mandate to elect “leaders;” once again.

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lysergic wrote:

hey skydrifter remember this republican talking point ” America love it or leave it ” I think you should move to Russia, you would be happier living under a true leader, your leader,comrade putin.

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Tskhumi wrote:


Ukraine is not oil producer, but Russia is. The USA and the UK have guaranteed Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in exchange for the nuclear arms. Therefore, they have to defend Ukraine now, even if they do not want to confront Russia. It is highly probable that Russia will face sanctions and will not be able to sell oil.

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panjok1 wrote:

@skydrifter I hope you are right! I want our America back too! I am sick of the worthlessness of this president! The only people who want him still in office are special interest groups on the left and idiots who don’t know anything about this world or American politics!
The most critical problem facing America today is the loss of our National identity. Because we have allowed ourselves to become prey to leaders who have abandoned their commitment to the American idea. Most Americans really don’t have any idea what the country is, what it stands for, what it means to be in American.
We are a people who had a very exceptional destiny but Obama has basically declared the “End of American Exceptional-ism”.
Do people even realize what we were an exception to? We were an exception to government “OF BY AND FOR THE FEW”… We were an Exception to Tyranny and Despotism…. We were an Exception to the Idea that the people as a whole had to live under and for the power and ambition of a little handful, little clicks of power!
When Obama declared an end to exceptional-ism… I hear it as an end to the Republic, an end to the Constitution, an end to a Government “OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE!”
This is the “Greatest Crisis” that faces America today! We have come to the moment that was predicted by our founders, by Hamilton and his famous speech to the Constitutional Convention, by Lincoln and his Lyceum speech. The day when American Liberty is OVERTHROWN, Not from some foreign invasion but because of Hostile Forces within the country who have declared their hostility to the perpetuation of our form of government and our way of life!
I think sadly that we have come to that kind of crisis! The American people need to wake up because the only way to deal with it, is for the people themselves to reassert their sovereignty! And that, I think… can only be done by Restoring our Understanding of the Constitution and making GOOD USE OF IT!

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Skydrifter sounds like he’s gazing wistfully at the poster on his wall of a bare-chested Putin, and saying to himself, “Oh, Pootie, you’re SO dreamy!”.

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Yeah, that Obama, he can’t predict the future. What a clown.

It’s almost like he had been handed an intelligence briefing entitled, “Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in U.S.” while on vacation.

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QWAS12 wrote:

Ukraine needs to blow up the gas pipe lines coming from Russia this will limit the amount of money going into Russia

Mar 03, 2014 11:14am EST  --  Report as abuse
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