Graham, Bezos hashed out Washington Post deal in Sun Valley

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If she named a price and Jeff just hit the bid, she could have gotten more for it.

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Bheckel169 wrote:

Wouldn’t it be a nice thing and good for the readers inside the Beltway if the new ownership provided the subscribers with a more balanced approach to their journalism instead of the ultra liberal crap the Post provides? Might even make some money.

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swenk wrote:

Bheckel… balanced approach would be nice but after Bezo’s prelude to Obama’s speech at Amazon the other day- where Amazon seems to be “giving” jobs for gov’t favors… I’d wait and see…

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samadams2000 wrote:

Unbelievable sanctimony even after losing the family fortune. FAIL.

Aug 05, 2013 10:56pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Chechnyarocks wrote:

I think Amazon is by far the best company online; everything they do is topnotch, so hopefully that will carry over to this

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mrrichard wrote:


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Yep, if I were a billionaire looking to avoid Olamo’s extreme taxes I would buy a loss entity to offset my tax liability, too. Of course, I wouldn’t have demanded that everyone else’s taxes be jack and then stick the shiv in those same people by locking in a dead ringer loss to avoid paying those higher taxes crammed down the throats of others. But then again I’m not a hypocrite pukegressive.

Aug 06, 2013 1:52am EDT  --  Report as abuse
lottachatte wrote:

Liberal hogwash.

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Yeeeeech wrote:

The decline in revenue and circulation at The Post since 2006 is so precipitious I doubt a new owner will change the trends. There are only two newspapers with increasing circulation: #1 the WSJ @ 2.4 million and the NYT @ 1.9 million. The Post is nowhere in terms of numbers, circulation has declined more than 14% in the past 3 years and is down below 480,000. Bezos purchase will change nothing.

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sailordude wrote:

Funny how JUST before Obamacare hits a 4th generation family business is sold off. Funny isn’t it? Another family owned business wrecked by liberals.

Aug 06, 2013 5:50am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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