Divided Egypt prepares to release Mubarak from jail

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Invictuss wrote:

Things were much much better under Mubarak ………

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Invictuss wrote:

Things were much much better under Mubarak ………

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Smearul wrote:

its clear now. the army planed this all along.

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welldoneson wrote:

Very unfortunately, the only way to deal effectively with hard core Islamists is do to what Mubarek did, what the Egyptian military is doing, and what the Turkish military were doing before the smarmy and actually rather stupid Euro-bureaus insisted they stop if Turkey “wants in”. In reality it’s the best way pf minimalizing casualties. Otherwise, Islamists will shoot their own people so they can blame their opponents for it, and those shot will be people who not only won’t shoot back, but wouldn’t be targetted by the non-Islamist military.

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Dave7617 wrote:

He’s probably safer inside prision

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joinamerica wrote:

Mubarak was a reliable peace partner and acted in America’s best interests. Of course Obama (and Hillary Clinton) called for him to step down which predictably (for those of us who understood the region) plunged Egypt into chaos. btw, if the American left gave a damn about women’s rights (in fact women’s rights are just one more of their divisive identity politics tactics) they would have risen up and demanded that Mubarak be supported not deposed. The Muslim Brotherhood, (aka 7th Century Nazis hiding behind religion) treat women terribly.

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KyleDexter wrote:

This is the disgusting army that we the US are supporting!

Shame, shame, shame

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rapple wrote:

Mubarak for president.

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Jack___Davis wrote:

Mubarak was a bad guy, but he was our stooge. Obama just wanted to hand Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is a terrorist sympathizer and a traitor.

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Stickystones wrote:

KyleDexter wrote:

This is the disgusting army that we the US are supporting!

Shame, shame, shame

No you’ve got it wrong, but it is understandable considering all the disinformation out there. Obama didn’t support the Army or Mubarak, he supported Morsi. But the Egyptian people didn’t and the moderate Arabs such as UAE & Saudi Arabia are helping the Egyptiam military. When the Saudi’s give $12B and we give Egypt $1.5B, who you gonna listen too? The US foreign policy is a dollar short (well several billion), a day (really a year or more)late and has no clue what is going on. Even the Israeli’s are supporting the military, they have much more at stake than anyone except the Egyptian people.

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cacti_al wrote:

Mubarak is a high ranking member of the military,who when Sadat was assassinated by MB, became Pres. He might have even been Sadat’s VP..Then he rounded up MB and made Egypt safe for tourism and protected other religions. The sons of Ishmael must be ruled with rod of iron. House of Saud is backing this move also….very good that Mubarak wasn’t killed.

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IntellectOne wrote:

Since Hosni Mubarak was pushed out, with the help of Hillary and Obama, there has been nothing but death and destruction for the Egyptian people. Hosni Mubarek was in his 80′s and that is just how insidious his enemies were to remove him. Since then Christian Churches and valuable escavations have been burned and trampled on. Anything to try and erase that the Christians where there long before the Muslims. Mubarak kept Blessed John Paul II very safe during the Pope’s pilgrimage to Cairo, Egypt and to Alexandria ,founded in 332 B.C. by Alexander the Great, during Jubilee year 2000. (Hosni Mubarak guaranteed the Pope’s safety, where as, Saddam Hussein would not gurantee Blessed John Paul II’s safety; so the Pope could not go to Iraq as a pilgrim in year 2000 to the place where Abraham was born). Preparing for the Pope’s visit, Hosni Mubarak even told all of his people that the Christians were in Egypt (600) Six Hundred years before the Muslims existed… Hosni Mubarak explained to his people the ‘Real’ History of Egypt. Mubarak even won the Gold Mercury Award for Peace & Security. Not one word from Hillary or Obams the ones that messed-up so bad (on purpose by promoting the opposition to Hosni Mubarak under the guise of an “democrat election” probably fixed) in Egypt. Yes, Hosni Mubarak knows the History of Egypt better than any other persons and respects it , where as, it appears that Hillary and Obama and their minions had no clue and had no respect for the History or lives of the Egyption people nor do they appear to have any respect for the lives of the ‘Authentic’ Christain people with their rich History and treasures that they have in Egypt..

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ghost62 wrote:

When are we going to uncuff Isreal and let them be proactive against the terrorists Muslim Brohood?

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Erikkc wrote:


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cacti_al wrote:

Egypt needs Mubarak. Every nation except U S A (Obama) knows that!

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Verpoly wrote:

The Egyptian army brings up Mubarak as an icon of unity and spiritual leadership. When he cannot serve such purpose anymore, he’ll be discarded and ditched into cell again as a matter of political pragmatism.

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BanglaFirst wrote:

Very good so this king pin fraud can have a second helping in Egypt thanks to its evil Sisi, desert tyrants and US!!

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When will the Egyptians learn not to trust its military???

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What a shame this was a coup all along, all those lives lost during the revolution, shame on America and all those Saudis & rich emirates for supporting this carnage.

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AaronTT wrote:

Its clear that this was all planned from the beginning. Mubarak seen the writing on the wall during the uprising and made a very clever preemptive move. He orchestrated an act, and a good one. He knew the uprising was out of control, and so he ordered his own fake arrest, in order to bring calm and to pull the rug out from under the revolution. Under the guise of justice, he allowed his own enemies to come fully out of the shadows, then through the use of propaganda he destroyed their name, and is now destroying them. He is clever because he got his people and perhaps many in the world on his side, kind of like Hitler did. The army has always backed him up, and simply followed orders through deception and lies. He sat back and made calls from “prison” while everyone who really knows pretended he was stuck in jail for life as if justice had been served. Now that its been hell, the Egyptian people will want him back… See the grin on his face? It reveals a lot more than you know. It was all a sham from the beginning… He has been running the show all along, and will continue to do so..question is, will he rule from the shadows or openly?

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Bnitek wrote:

During Mubarek, life was secured & cheap. Besides to that His ruling as well as his circle some how they were secular though they were oppressive. But then Egypt was very secured & strong country, and there was no terroriser along Sinai. But after Mursi, life become unsecured, unstable as well as expensive. On the top of that Egypt got the terrorists. Muslim brotherhood instead of working for the nation -its stability, economic prosperity & job creation they were working day and night about political islam. How a government can be a religious fundamentalist as well as the leader of the nation at the same time? where was the inclusive government? where was the right of the people as well as the right of the minorities.?

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XianSheng wrote:

Is it possible that neither side is right? The MB with an Islamist agenda that is antithetical to democracy and supports terror groups and with little tolerance to other religions and minorities, is not a true revolution from the past. A military dictatorship with immunity from prosecution, allowing them to even kill and arrest people at will and that basically owns anything of value in Egypt, is also not a true revolution from the past.
Perhaps a third revolution is necessary to break from the past. But will that take another 50 years or so, or will Egyptians realize their mistakes sooner? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Smearul wrote:

a lot of people believing army propaganda. its sad . i guess its corruption and poverty for Egypt for years and years to come

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CephasKeith wrote:

Egypt in Chaos
Hosni Mubarak is released from prison. This should be no surprise. There seems to be no end in sight to the turmoil in Egypt. Since the toppling of the monarchy in 1952, all the presidents ascended from the military. The military has always been the stabilizing tool in the dictatorships. As such, under Hosni Mubarak the generals enjoyed political power. The short-lived democracy after the overthrow of the Mubarak dictatorship robbed the military leadership of its political clout. The only means of regaining their political status was to reject the outcome of the democratic process through a coup d’etat. The military installation of an interim president, vice president and prime minister is a farce; the real political power is with the military. It was naïve to expect the military to accept the democratic transition which eroded their political clout. It is now obvious that the generals engineered the failure of the democratically elected president Morsi. There is very little hope of reconciliation between the two contending concepts of democracy and dictatorship. If need be, the generals will endeavor to massacre their way to regain political power and reject the western concept of democracy. Responses to kr0636@shaw.ca.
Cephas Keith Reyes, PhD.

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