Exclusive - Syria army defectors say U.S. strikes could kill Assad opponents

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kebabsoup wrote:

Assad has been bombing his own people for 2 years now. If the US come to drop more missiles on the targets scattered among civilians, they are not punishing Assad, they are effectively helping him.

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zeddd wrote:

just kill Assad. Cut off the head of the snake.

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Erikkc wrote:

More good reasons not to strike Syria.

Beside the fact that it was the rebels who unleashed the sarin gas.

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RightStuff44 wrote:

Our enemies are killing each other. Let them fight. If Russia wants to break it up, let them have at it.

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oxen wrote:

After the strikes on Syria, Obama will also become part of the club of mass murderers because it it almost certain many civilians will be killed. The Rich will leave capital and find other places, but poor innocent people, elderly, women and many children cannot easily find a place to go. USA-Obama bombs will kill those that cannot leave. A dumb move with dumb advice from Kerry,Rice, Power, and Biden. The time when missiles hit then, if the chemical weapons are there, a rogue soldier may use them and in the same area USA drops bombs and USA will take the blame for firing at Chemical weapons sites! If USA is not sending boots on ground, then what is the point? A coward army shoots from far and runs! If Obama wants a fight,bogus as it may be, then he had better be as brave as Bush and company and also use lies and go to war for regime change.Anything sort of that is meaningless, cowardly and will cause as much or worse mayhem too and solve nothing!

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Gungy wrote:

We have eyes in the sky. We know exactly where Syria’s command structure is as well as real time movements of their commanders in the field. We know what they eat, when they eat and where they eat. If Obama gives the order, you’ll see how easy it is for a per-programed cruz missile to fly several hundred miles and enter an exact window or door or roof it needs to.

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Belief101 wrote:

Always smart to announce to your enemies ahead of time exactly what you are intending to do..

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Oinia wrote:

Obama’s rules of engagement include announcing the battle plans beforehand. How progressive.

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Sigmond wrote:

Obama’s gonna bomb a phamacuetical factory in the night with missiles, killing some poor night janitor, just like Clinton did. That’ll teach those Syrians to mess with Obama.

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arnoldripkin wrote:

Have these bozos considered Russia retaliating against our ships?

Aug 30, 2013 9:59pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
ereilad wrote:

It is time to resort to diplomacy. Stay out of it and lay blame on all the nations that refuse to help us stand up to this tyrant. It would make a nice speech for the UN. US can’t afford to alone launch another costly war where they have nothing to gain and no clear friend to support.

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Maxwells wrote:

The Media is ignoring a report by AP reporter Dale Gavlak, in fact the AP itself has held-off publishing his report to protect Obama’s credibility.

The al-qaeda backed Rebels (that Obama supports) had admit to an AP reporter Dale Gavlak that ‘they’ had accidentally detonated the chemical weapons, and not al-Assad ..as Obama claims to have evidence of. This is why most countries are waiting for the UN report, they don’t trust Obama because he’s supporting the al-qaeda Rebels.

‘EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack”
August 29, 2013

“Rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group.”


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Onbeskaamd wrote:

Seems like the public are being groomed for civilian deaths which is likely to occur if the US strikes. So this planned bombing is really for humanitarian reasons even if more civilians die? Really?

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JohnEurope1 wrote:

No Russia is a small ass player in things. For them to attack a US ship or facility would be the biggest mistake they could make and Putin Knows it. Russia is not the USSR. Putin Has nukes but he is not stupid enough to use them. Some of the former Soviet vassal states have them also, so Putin knows to walk softly. Russians are not well liked in the former USSR vassal states.. It is western l who are afraid of the once former Bear bad ass, no longer so..

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JohnEurope1 wrote:

No Russia is a small ass player in things. For them to attack a US ship or facility would be the biggest mistake they could make and Putin Knows it. Russia is not the USSR. Putin Has nukes but he is not stupid enough to use them. Some of the former Soviet vassal states have them also, so Putin knows to walk softly. Russians are not well liked in the former USSR vassal states.. It is western l who are afraid of the once former Bear bad ass, no longer so..

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Genesis61 wrote:

zeddd, do you suppose for a minute that Obama and the USA and others like the UK, France, etc are any better? Get real. The biggest thugs come from these countries who want to enforce their own evil ways on the rest of the world. Has the USA ever been punished for what they did to Japan at the end of world war 2? They used the atom bomb, which caused much damage and thousands of deaths, and people born today are still suffering because of this.

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libsareajoke wrote:

obama is a petulant little child, best to ignore the infant

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stambo2001 wrote:

Ask yourself this: Has anything Obama done yet worked out for the better?
The economy is destroyed, it’s on life support to the tune of $85 Billion per month. Race relations set back 50 years directly because of the actions of Obama and Holder. Guantanamo still an open and festering wound to American morality. Presidential assassination lists, kidnapping, extrajudicial assassination. Then there’s the drone program expanded by Obama. There’s domestic spying expanded by Obama. Holding back sections of Obamacare. Loss of Iraq to Iranian influence. Loss of Afghanistan to Pakistinian influence. Libya broken and controlled by armed Islamist militias (armed by the USA). Undeclared military actions in Yemen and a small host of other north african countries. The list goes on and on.

There is nothing good Obama has done. His only legacy to date is flip-flopping on the gay marriage issue. Do any of the Obama supporters really understand the damage he has done? I guess the reality is that Obama didn’t really cause all the mess, the people that voted for him did.

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The peoples of the Western World are finally rising up. The message is loud and clear: “We are through with your political wars. We are not going to let you bomb foreigners to save face and look tough any more. If a country is going to have a civil war, it’s going to have a civil war and we need give food and medical supplies to help ease the suffering of the innocent but otherwise we need to MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS.”

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With so many protests from so many countries and groups, Obama is taking a terrific risk.

He’s about to permanently put a target on the back of every American abroad. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are likely to accelerate any violence against Americans, which is within their power.

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Shlomo_Shunn wrote:

What happens if Syria attacks Israel (which is most likely pushing for the strike) and that brings in Iran and Hezbollah? What happens if terrorists hit American itself, our southern border being porous? We can’t handle 3,000 dying when the WTC was hit (out of a population of over 300 million), yet think nothing of our drones/invasions killing hundreds of thousands of Others. Like Israel, America rarely fights equals. Frankly, I don’t think we’re ready the repurcussions of a missile strike. It will bring tremendous blow-back. Plus China-Russia might flex their considerable muscles, too.

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@stambo2001, you are so divorced from reality. Let’s pick apart your claims one by one..

1. ‘Economy is destroyed’ Dec 2008(month before Obama took office): Losing ~750K jobs a month, GDP shrinking at ~7% rate; June 2012: Gaining ~200K jobs a month, GDP rowing at about a 2-2.5% rate. Hardly ‘destroyed’

2. ‘Race relations set back 50 years’, Please man, The POTUS has expressed his thoughts on race a grand total of 2-3 times, and every time he has been very thoughtful and about 100% correct in his statements. Just because in your white world you do not understand what minorities go through does not mean he is incorrect. There are two words that seem to be missing from your vocabulary; empathy and compassion.

3. Regarding Gitmo, if he could have he would have closed it in the first month by Executive Order. But because of the way it was set up requires an act of Congress. The ironic thing is you and others have refereed to him as ‘King’ or the such. If he actually was acting like that it would have been closed long ago.

4 Drone program. While I wish there was more transparency, it is sure better then invading sovereign countries like the previous admin. More terrorist leaders have been killed/captured under his Presidency then previous.

5. Domestic spying. This is the one area where i do disagree with Obama, but I trust him ALOT more then I would Bush,McCain or Romney.

6. ‘Holding back sections of Obamacare’, what is wrong with being thoughtful and pragmatic about instituting a large program? Do you think Medicare Or SSI did not have delays in implementation, get real dude.

7. Loss of Iraq to Iranian influence, If Saddam was still in power that would have NEVER happened. The Iraq’s elected a Shiite leadership and Iran is Shiite, welcome to democracy in the ME. Once again get a clue, do you want us to impose our will on the whole world? in other thread you argue the exact opposite of what you are arguing here. Same with your claim of loss of Afghanistan to Pakistaani influence. I thought you where all about not trying ot influence foreign events.

In conclusions, since your claims are so divorced from reality one can only come toe the conclusion that your thoughts are driven by hate. So the question becomes why do you hate so much?

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Obama, much like GW Bush, has already made his mind up. He thinks he has absolute power, just like GW Bush. He believes the hype of his devoted minions in the media, and the flowergirl supporters like USAPragmatist2 that sing his praises and claims he can do no wrong. So we will kill more innocent people because he decided to draw a red line.

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Invictuss wrote:

JohnEurope1 have you watched the military parade this year in Russia if not go youtube it…

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OIFVetAtUSC wrote:

The time to act with quick success was a year and a half ago when the ranks of the rebels were almost exclusively Druze, Christians and moderate Sunnis — before the infusion of radical non-Syrian al-Qaida operatives, and Iranian backed Hezbollah fighters. This administration was too busy over the last few years smuggling guns into Mexico, creating racial discontent, promoting their pet issues of legalizing illegal aliens, imposing more worthless gun control, spying on Americans, and laughing off so-called “phony conspiracies.” Regardless, the Syrian people will endore — though at a longer and more painful duration than if action by the U.S and the West had been quicker. Hopefully, the American people will endore too — if and when the office of the presidency and the confidence of the people are restored in 2016.

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jocare wrote:

I am sure the Assad regime used chemical weapons on its own people. But, bombing the heck out of Assad strongholds and weapons will only kill more innocent civilians. It would not be “surgical” and would lead to many more deaths. What’s the point? Think of all the atrocities governments commit all over the world. Is it really our duty to go in and bomb each and every one of them? Our energies are needed at home! My feeling is that if cultures can still kill their own, the culture needs to die its own lonely death. They don’t need our help.

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Ed21 wrote:

Well rebels or “terrorists”, that’s the nature of war. Win some and lose some.
I believe the US is bent on war period. Their claims that Assad did it doesn’t convince me and many others.

Why would Assad gas his own people just at the UN chemical weapons inspectors were arriving into Syria?
This reeks of a “false flag” operation to justify some excuse to attack Syria.
Where were you Obama 2 years ago before the “other” 100,000 casualties of war occurred?
Sounds like another one of the Globalist’s depopulation wars.

Sep 04, 2013 10:29am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Ed21 wrote:

How long does it take to get a comment posted here?
Within the day or week or what?

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