Putin 'does not rule out' approving Syria strike with evidence Assad used poison gas

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sandtraveler wrote:

Syria is only a side show to the main event; Iran. It was an eye opener to learn of Iran’s sinister use of Hezbollah to subvert and subjugate Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain and Iraq to form the Shia Crescent; and all to distract the U.S. while they perfect the Imam Hussein Atomic Bomb. When Iran has their nuke, they will hold the World hostage by threatening the Arabian Gulf countries, which pump 60% of the World’s oil production; and is the key to Iran’s World Domination. And the end of the West as we know it!

Educate yourselves and have a good read; Amazon Kindle’s new thriller The Bahrain Protocol.

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kenradke11 wrote:

When asked whether Russia would agree to military action if Damascus were proven to have carried out a chemical weapons attack, he answered: “I do not rule it out.”
Don’t trust Putin! He has a ace under his sleeve on this one

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jupiler8912 wrote:

What a strange world ! Putin giving democracy lessons to the West .The worst is he is bloody right ! and I remain convinced the other side is worst than the current one !

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asd345vera wrote:

Maybe he has the evidence on the use of gas by terrorists
1,400 of these 432 children. Think and realize that Kerry is lying

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RichardPrior wrote:

Interesting view but unlikely

1. Obama has little to discuss or say to Putin, and the world has no expectation of any discussions between these two leaders

2. The US have all the evidence that they require to take a decision to strike a punishing blow on the Syrian regime. They will not intend to be beholden to Putin and his Puppets.

3. The US will not be led by Russia in structuring how to deal with Assad

4. Putin’s posturing will merely weaken the man, unless he is totally unhinged, in which case there may be a limited exchange of fire between US and Russia forces.

Escalation remains a distinct possibility

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tweety1 wrote:

I don’t see why the USA is so interested in punishing a country which is engaged killing its own people?
Have the world forgotten the use of Agent Orange?????

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Erikkc wrote:

Except, he’s right. As is Ban.

If we attack Syria, even with Congressional approval, without Security Council approval, we are acting illegally.

Unless, of course, Syria attacked us first. Did they?

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AG0628 wrote:

As far as the US getting involved in the affairs of Syria, I don’t know what the right answer is. However, the UN is a corrupt organization and the US should never base its decisions on the opinion of the UN. The UN is a money laundering organization for the purpose of wealth redistribution across the globe.

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BC454 wrote:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia did not rule out approving a military operation in Syria if clear evidence showed Damascus had carried out chemical weapons attacks, but said any attack would be illegal without U.N. support.”

Odd I don’t remember the UN granting Moscow permission to invade Georgia, and the Georgians never used WMD’s against South Ossetia.

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BigMak wrote:

The Syria situation is more of an excuse for the United States with their French slaves and Russia to wage war over several issues that been building for years – SNOWDEN being the main one not mentioned in these posts but no doubt still a huge deal.

My confusion still lies in the fact America drafted and sent an arrest warrant for EDWARD in Hong Kong when China has no extradiction agreement with the District of Columbia ?????????

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RandyC wrote:

Terribly sorry but there are a tremendous number of completely misinformed people posting on this article. First, understand what has already transpired in Syria. Israel has launched short range ballistic missiles at Russian missile installations already. This is an act of war and a violation of UN International law (1). Turkish forces have also already found Syrian rebel groups with Sarin gas on their southern border. It a fac (2) The United State along with the West, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have all been funneling advanced equipment, logistical support, and , this is totally insane,AL QAIDA jihadi’s into Syria while calling it a “civil war”. Whether we in the West are able to face this reality or not could be the determining factor of whether we get dragged into WWIII or not. Every poll taken in the US shows anywhere from 7 to 1 to 10 to 1 against any US military action in Syria. The UK has made the historical move of voting war down in their parliament for the first time since they rejected funding to keep British forces in the newly independent colonies. This entire adventure is completely disconnected from the will of the people of the West. The people who live in Western countries are being manipulated by the elites in the political class. Pure and simple.

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SoWhat123 wrote:

Love to be a fly on the wall at the G20. Ever play liars poker?

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I know things are in very, very bad shape when I agree with a tyrant like Putin.

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I hate to admit this, but I think Putin may be correct.

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SPQR2010 wrote:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia did not rule out approving a military operation in Syria if clear evidence showed Damascus had carried out chemical weapons attacks.”

Thanks, Vlad. And as we all know Russia under Putin will never accept ANY evidence against Syria’s use of poison gas as conclusive. And even if it did accept such evidence, Putin reserves the right not to approved action against its nasty little Assad regime satellite in the UN Security Council, and instead will advocate for some sort of negotiated “political solution” that keeps the Assad regime in power with some window dressing.

The Assad regime is one of the nastiest remaining on the planet, and Putin couldn’t give two flips less whether Assad murders his people with gas or otherwise.

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BigLou15 wrote:

The drum sound you hear in the background while you are reading the article is Obama being played by Putin. If anybody remembers Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour, we are seeing it again with our great prez.

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jdk wrote:


You’re right. The “rebel” side (i.e. the terrorist side) is worse than Assad. That’s why Obama wants to help them. He’s stood with the Islamic terrorists in every single Mideast eruption. Libya, Egypt, the Taliban…he supports them and believes in the Islamist cause.

Here at home he’s acting like a dictator and ignoring the Constitution, daring Congress and the courts to stop him…knowing the media supports him wholeheartedly.

We have 3 more years of him. He’s a complete idiot with megalomaniac tendencies…which makes him extremely dangerous.

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Arnleif wrote:

So Putin hints that he might agree to a UN based response if there is hard evidence.

Apparently the US is in possession of such evidence, something they have bragged of repeatedly.

Go ahead US, rub those evidences in Putin`s face, so he has no excuse not to support your attack on Syria.

You can not do it you say? It would threaten national security? Ahh. It would endanger peoples lives too? Oh my! Unconstructive to regional peace and security you say? Oh well, we will just take your word for it then…

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mdvlt800 wrote:

John Kerry speaks to Code Pink: ‘When I Was 27 I Had Similar Feelings’ but today I want to Bomb Bashar’s Babies to Back out Barry from his Box.

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Wyrdless1 wrote:

I wonder how much more LNG from Russia will cost for Germany and France this winter if they agree to a Syrian strike?

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4ever49 wrote:

tweety 1 – agent orange was a herbicide spray meant to drop leaves off jungle foliage, not a nerve agent.

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droddyc wrote:

We as American Citizens deserve to know what proof our government has before we send our sons and daughters into war. I agree with an earlier comment – A Russian Leader on the right side of International Law and the US looking like bullies who want to help terrorists.

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Bush had 49 nations together in the Coalition of the Willing and he had UN Resolution 1441 and still the anti-war crowd cried, “war criminal”. Now Obama has nothing more than Turkey and France and he has nothing from the UN. Where is the hysteria from the anti-war crowd now?

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VascoDeGama wrote:

not to worry, McCain has a straight flush!

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Mandy123 wrote:

I can’t believe I am agreeing with Putin but for some reason, the US President Obama loves to go to the UN vote to take away our guns in the US but when it comes to another country, the US doesn’t go to the UN for approval and support. Let the Middle East solve this. I want to see how they react and what they will do. Will they be civilized and expect the country of civilized or will the not. Time for the Middle East to solve their own problems and for the US to just use our own energy resources and let the Middle East pound sand.

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wonderinghow wrote:

every day, Putin looks more and more like a clown. Why do we legitimize this petty little tyrant?

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earnst wrote:

Who did it? More than a reasonable doubt knowing the Al Qaeda were making sarin and their own videos are up of them allegedly launching the mortars. But perhaps Assad IS an idiot.

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earnst wrote:

Who did it? More than a reasonable doubt knowing the Al Qaeda were making sarin and their own videos are up of them allegedly launching the mortars. But perhaps Assad IS an idiot.

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Guildenstern wrote:

You could give Putin video of Assad admitting to the attacks and he would say they were faked. There’s no way he will ever agree to UN sanctions.

It’s pretty clear to anyone without a tinfoil hat on their head that the Assad regime carried out the attacks. I don’t really like the idea of a military strike – if seems an outdated and ineffective response with many potential downsides – but the world can not allow this to go unanswered. If Syria gets away with it, it may well embolden others to do so in the future.

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Obama is literally flirting with “Armageddon!”

For all the passionate rhetoric coming from Obama’s warhawks, Obama is begging for major problems for the American public – the “Real America.” However impressive, passionate statements, debate and “plausible assertion” don’t create either truth or justice.

“Passion” is obviously quite effective in “convincing” a doubting mind – regardless of pertinent facts and information. “Passion” is a liar’s best tool.

No one should forget the wisdom that “truth” is the first casualty of war – and “war” is a very distinct possibility; which Obama, et al, don’t want to speak about. Just Iran’s admonitions should be taken very seriously!

The first element of “truth” worth examining is the acclaimed number of Syrian casualties. According to Obama’s warhawks, just the acclaimed number of children killed exceeds the number of casualties, known to the local medical personnel, involved with the aftermath of the alleged chemical attack.

That single observation should tell the world that none of the other “Obama” claims can be trusted. America and the world have seen this “play” before.

Ironically, Putin has very logically and articulately illustrated the illegality and the political risks which are involved and the down-line consequences; part of which he stopped short of guaranteeing, relative to just Russia’s available responses.

Putin has also illustrated the highly viable diplomatic options before Obama – and the USA. There is no rush to attack Assad. The UN can function – with Putin’s promised support. It doesn’t get any better than that. Unfortunately for Obama, Putin has upstaged him as a statesman and world leader.

The “Syria” matter is no longer an issue for just Obama, and his administration; it’s become an issue for all of America. Starting a war or triggering a jihad against America, in particular, isn’t Obama’s personal prerogative.

Enough global objections and reasoning are being thrown at Obama, that he can still back off with dignity. Persisting is Obama’s worst move – if he’s the least bit worried about his personal image.

To any American, there is too much obvious “politics” from relatively recent history – Kosovo, Afghanistan & Iraq, deja vu! From the more distant past, the world is hearing the same verbal style that Hitler used to justify the invasion of Poland – triggering W.W. II.

Who can’t hear the lyrics “…do it in the name of justice; you can justify it in the end.” = One Tin Soldier

Too little is currently known about the Damascus events. Sadly, the world is being conned by the oldest “power formula” available – effective throughout history:

“Perception Control = Emotional Control = Mind Control = Behavior Control.”

It works! All that’s needed is major control of available “perceptions.” So far, the U.S. news media is eating out of Obama’s hand. Accordingly, Obama’s team is hogging the U.S. cameras and microphones. Too many Americans automatically buy into whatever the American news media puts in front of them.

At the moment, the American public, in particular, need to “perceive” a jihad! It’s already been promised.

But, how should Obama’s administration be “perceived?” Think about it – Obama’s entire administration is in the dirt; desperate for any means to show that there is a trace of leadership available. However, few should doubt that these “desperadoes” are knowingly attempting to start another war! Kerry is obviously making a stand for another Presidential nomination.

When it comes to this type of “power;” it’s foolish to expect any magnitude of conscience. The matter of “conscience” will be handed off to the American public – destined to suffer all consequences for “Obama’s Fine Adventure.”

Rhetoric aside, no one is sure who used the chemical weapons. Assad’s forces claim to have found a rebel site with evidence that they released the chemical strike. As always, there are at least two sides to every controversy. There’s plenty of time to wait for a legitimate investigation – assuming that there is no hidden agenda involved.

This is almost the same scenario as Bush’s case for invading Iraq; telling the UN to get out of Iraq – as the UN was finishing certifying Saddam’s factual compliance with the UN Mandates. Passionate but phony claims sold the “story;” obviously, there were no WMDs.

Obama isn’t even giving the UN a chance to investigate the facts of the Syrian matter – probably not even a chance to verify the chemical agent used; given that the UN timeline for their report exceeds Obama’s apparent agenda – details yet unknown.

Nothing is certain, but who can miss the proximity of “9-11;” relative to the current Obama rhetoric? Given all the agitation, it is reasonably likely that some unknown number of jihadists might take the lead on that date, ala “Benghazi” – still a thorn in Obama’s side.

Strangely, no one is asking a key question: “Do the rebels actually have a supply of captured chemical weapons?” If so, a lot of “Western” countries are in for a nasty surprise; sooner or later. Just that question is a priority; as the Islamic extremists are known to be currently recruiting jihadists, just for avenging Obama’s intended attack.

The UN doesn’t have the necessary answers on Damascus, yet – nor does anyone else. The USA doesn’t have any kind of “rush to judgment” license; even in the format of a “coalition.”

As to precedents, the “Balkan Justification” became a total bypass of the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions – a War Crime! But, who is going to make a case against the ‘great powers?’ In this particular case, however, Russia may do just that – if Obama doesn’t back down. Putin has described his regrets for allowing the Balkan campaign to occur. It’s not his style to admit a mistake; or to repeat a mistake.

In the interim, Putin may decide that the U.S. has had more than its share of military “fun;” then what? Will Russia play a major effective role in the background of Assad’s defenses – or possibly a direct role?

AND, no one should forget that Iran has a defense pact with Assad. What will happen if the Iranians decide that this proposed operation is a prelude to a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities? Or, the Iranians just decide that this operation is as good an excuse as any, to demonstrate their military prowess – accelerating the anticipated military clash with the “West?”

What “military” targets can Obama attack? Assad’s first move was to move any possible troops and equipment into civilian areas. While that is “normally” prohibited, by the Geneva Conventions, such is no more illegal or ‘cowardly’ than Obama’s proposed use of “stand-off warfare.”

There may be thousands of Syrian civilians killed by Obama’s proposed “coalition.” Who will speak for them? The obvious first answer is “jihadists!”

Regardless of the outcome, Obama is begging for all of Islam to declare a jihad on the “Western” powers. Terrorism is one thing; “revenge” is another. Is Obama prepared to also be blamed for: “The Rise of the Avengers?”

Unfortunately, a certain vital question should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind – “Is IRAN the factually intended target; using Syria as a pretext?” Obviously, it will take “history” to be certain. However, the world may be sure that Iran is pondering that very question; and Iran has been preparing for just such a confrontation – for many years.

Given so many obvious variables, just how “prepared” is the USA?

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AlkalineState wrote:

“Putin Does Not Rule Out Removing Shirt In Show of Strength.”

Meanwhiles….. russia continues as the world’s largest exporter of underfed babies. And the world’s largest importer of alcohol. Hey, at least they are trading in SOMETHING now. Go russia!

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James77509 wrote:

I am with Putin on this one. Lets find out who gassed who and who backed it. We might all be very surprised when we do find out, especially if that hacked email has any back bone. Google “hacked email, poison gas”

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