Premier's brief 'arrest' highlights anarchy in Libya

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CharlesRKiss wrote:

It’s maddening to see the Republicans in a shutdown tantrum while this is happening.

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BlueCannon wrote:

Countries like Libya, Iraq deserve to be ruled by high profile iron-fist showmanship dictators when unrest was seldom heard of. These people just can’t govern by themselves, with deep conflict in factional beliefs and interests.

They believe in gun barrels more than democracy. The US was conscientiously doing a bad thing that never worked for ME.

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Invictuss wrote:

Libya looks such a lovely place now without Qaddafi :)))))))))

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ia5 wrote:


I think you mean the US “believe[s] in gun barrels more than democracy”.

Which is why it invaded both Iraq and Libya (after being allied with the previous dictators) and installed pliant regimes consisting of Islamist, intelligence assets, and former officials of the previous regime. That its divide and conquer strategy leads to chaos is its own fault and weakness.

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Stu_ell wrote:

Looks like the US Navy Seals just cost the world 1.6MM bopd, US overreaching again.

Outside of the homeland propaganda bubble that is North America, US geopolitical power is diminishing at break neck speed;

The US Administration makes empty threats of red lines being crossed then capitulates when the bluff is called (Syria),

you can’t even keep your government open (government shutdown),

or god forbid, pay your bills on time (debt ceiling),

you uphold judicial rulings that ban foreign products and veto judicial ruling that ban American products (Apple v’s Samsung),

you abuse the sovereignty of foreign people and kill innocent civilians including children to reduce imperceptibly small threats to your own people (Pakistan, Kenya, Libya),

you commit a colossal 17.9% of your GDP to healthcare yet life expectancy is the lowest among industrial nations,

in 1990, 75% of global GDP happened outside of the USA, today 83% of global GDP happens outside of the US, with global demographic trends already in place, by 2030 the figure will be 90%.

The 19th Century belonged to the British, the 20th Century belonged to the Americans, the 21st Century will belong to everyone.

The world is getting flatter and America should accept that feudalism and exceptionalism are a thing of the past.

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DGS62 wrote:

“His kidnapping clearly indicates that his government is not cohesive, and that not only is his government not in control of the country, but that he is not in control of his government.”

It really didn’t take this kidnapping to “indicate” that, it has been obvious to anyone who was paying attention (which U.S. media have not been). Apparently, the U.S. government likes the situation as it is; after all, if Libya had a government that was actually in control, al-Liby would have had to be extradited legally (if the government was willing), rather than simply grabbed off the street (or wherever).

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sylvan wrote:

Can we dump Kerry yet? He is a diplomatic nightmare. First his groveling at Bibi’s feet over Syria, being the loudest “bomb,bomb,bomb” AIPAC mouthpiece; then saying the bombing would be very small and insignificant, which even he realized kind of shot himself in the foot; and now he tells yet another ME country that we left in ruins with no functional government, where our own ambassador was murdered by marauding gangs of AQ and worse, that their government was helping us? He is too stupid to be our Secretary of State. Hillary would have never made such an obviously ignorant statement. He has to go.
Replace Samantha Powers at the same time, the Power Ranger of paralysis, because she was a more cynical choice for the UN than John Bolton, since at least his was open about his intent to destroy the UN’s authority. But loud mouth Sam who has overtly stated how important her own Jewish son’s lineage is to her husband religion, lost all credibility when she tried to gut the Security Council’s and the UN overall authority. If the UN is gutted, then their 60 plus times sanctioning Israel, and the existing demands that Israel stop stealing lands would disappear too; like Power Ranger Sam was dispatched by Bibi to accomplish.
Israel has their own UN rep, give the US their own as well.

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Mister_Priest wrote:

“At this point….. What difference does it make anyway?” Hummmmmmm

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BeuLaHVarDS wrote:

Can 0nly Declare that THe lebanons would stand pound and wiser counselled to Be fleet 0f foot in all 0f Libya’s ecommerce with China, and their sofaric attributeD growth Inns 0f government than that 0f THe USA, After all, the USA Walk away from THe so called ‘We the People’ under the red-herring 0f a social welfare reform. Seemingly president 0Bama can rest now, piut his feet up for a rest Befiore The Insolence of them return to congress. Cannot trust THem with any 0f a mans’ B00Ks, Kor-Blimey, or a K0RAN. 0Bama ought to Be sold for a HoliDay if upon that congress DeciDe to assemble to take up what was given and DejecteD.. ‘We the people’! Reckon in no hesitation, Mr ZeiDan ‘ auch’ ..prendu un vacance aussi ! Bon journee’ a Tous

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ResistorRebel wrote:

Now would this be a freely and duely elected PM or is this the jerk bag we installed to get our way? Because I am thinking he was not freely and duely elected.

This is the internet age. Get with it. Those of us that choose to be informed see through the propaganda. Especially poor ,sloppy, lame, propaganda.

Libya is in ruins because we attacked it for no good reason. NONE! We do not cheer for it, we do not care about the poor puppet PM, we do not want our service men to fight and die to over throw oil nations that won’t comply with our tyrannical demands.

And we should bring our CIA assets home, out of Libya , out of other peoples business.

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ConradU812 wrote:

“Armed bands see little gain in giving up their guns and freedom.”

Imagine that. Even these people are smarter than the Liberals.

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ChangeWhat wrote:

Pull all resources and aid from the middle east and africa now! Bring our military home and put them on defense, and until we are attacked by the boogeyman let our military personal help in all national emergency disasters, building border fences and command centers, and let them be with their families. If our politicians and rich want other countries resources then let them send themselves and their children now. A law needs to be passed if your a politician your first born needs to be in the military on the front lines.

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dd606 wrote:

ResistorRebel wrote:
Libya is in ruins because we attacked it for no good reason. NONE! We do not cheer for it, we do not care about the poor puppet PM, we do not want our service men to fight and die to over throw oil nations that won’t comply with our tyrannical demands.”

Libya is in ruins? LOL What planet are you living on? Like it was some paradise before? This was France’s deal. They and the UK mainly pushed for it. We went along because we owed them one. That’s it. We haven’t “over thrown” anything. They stand to make billions in oil proceeds, but like most countries in that area… they’re too stupid to let it happen. They’d rather whine about protecting lunatics that go around the world blowing people up. We went and picked up a scum bag that should have been hung 15 years ago. What, extremist muslims are going to hate us because we took down another one of their nuts? They already hate us, so who cares.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

Libya’s oil exports, most of which went to NATO and the US, have been reduced 90%. The US and NATO created the current situation in Libya with their illegal exceeding of the Libyan resolution. It should have been a No Fly Zone, but the US and NATO chose to become the Libyan Rebel Air Force. Fortunately, Libya’s turmoil, the Syrian and Iraqi uncivil wars, and the sanctions on Iran prevent the US and NATO from reducing their prices for oil below $100 per barrel. This helps keep the US and NATO near or in recessions because the US and EU want Russia, a major oil supplier, to become a major power once again. The US and EU also want to fall as far behind China as possible in economic growth. This will allow the US and EU to take extended vacations and let other countries guide the planet.

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unionwv wrote:

But for Russia and China’s more realistic view of “eastpolitik”, POTUS would have put Syria adrift, too.

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Obama screwed the pooch – again; sorry about that, Chief.


1. The U.S. forces staged a grossly illegal kidnapping of a “suspect,” living in Libya.


2. The Libyan leader approved the raid – at the unintended (and un-affordable) expense of sacrificing the shaky Libyan government.

Which scenario does Obama care to stipulate?

Behind door number one, the “captive” (by all verifiable accounts so far) is not a “documented” criminal; as opposed to being a “suspect.” This Libyan “operation” can’t be compared to the kidnapping & execution of the Nazi, Adolph Eichman – whose horrendous deeds were so well chronicled.

However inconvenient the question might be, if Obama can claim the “Presidential” prerogative to murder “suspected” U.S. citizens (factually performed); why did Obama direct the capture/kidnapping of a Libyan – in the physically nearby shadows of “Benghazi?”

Or, if Obama chooses door number two, no country in its right mind will ever again comply with any remotely similar request by any official of the U.S. Government – let alone the current “clutz” sitting President of the USA – especially in the adjacent shadow of the botched attempt to intercept Edward Snowden; wrongly assumed to be aboard a “diplomatic” aircraft in international flight.

Unfortunately, again for Obama, the closely timed and failed (recent) Somali raid can’t rationally be viewed as any intended act of charitable “heroics,” courtesy of the USA, as opposed to being part-two of an intended simultaneous PR ploy; intended to stay and/or reverse the world’s view of Obama as a failing leader – which ploy went badly wrong, as was sadly to be quite reasonably expected. The U.S. doesn’t have a dog in the Kenyan terrorist attack; however, Israel does – the attacked mall in Kenya was a private Israeli investment. The SEAL team is fortunate to have survived the botched raid; there are no known reports of any of the team being wounded – yet.

By now, the world should be clear that Obama methodically operates with political “cut-outs” and “stand-off politics;” he doesn’t need “… no stinkin’ accounting.”

Thus, in logical sequence, what rational account does John Kerry then have to offer; uniquely in the “Kenya/Somali” matter – on behalf of Obama and/or the USA? The “plausible assertion” of the American Globo-cop role has been long relegated to the status of a disgusting international myth.

As additional consequences of both raids, the true “bad-guys” have not only been educated as to the U.S. thinking and methodology; but they were also handed a resolve to patch the weaknesses which facilitated those raids – that resolve having been given by the President of the United States (to the detriment of America).

Displaced Libyan leaders aside, there should be no doubt that many innocent people will be tortured and murdered, as the obvious answers are pursued by the related terrorist groups. Accordingly, any detected factual or anticipated security “holes” will be plugged – far beyond the currently pertinent locations, i.e., Libya and Somalia. Accordingly, the risk factor for such teams as the Army Delta Force and the Navy SEALs has been magnified.

In concert with these raids, the faith in America’s “secret’ military forces has been seriously (and appropriately) shaken. Absent overwhelming politics, there may be some counter-productive investigations; with unpredictable consequences. Who can doubt that such “secret” teams are destined to be replaced by drones and cruise missiles – and “Private Security Companies?”

For Obama, these raids – having been put under a global investigative spotlight – also force one of Obama’s worst issues (once again) to the forefront – “Benghazi.”

Amidst Obama’s most extreme delusion, Obama has to be clear that just these two raids choked an invitation down the “terrorists” throats, for a Jihadi attack on American soil.

At a minimum, the American public needs to ponder the probability of “when” (not “if”) the various terrorist groups will accept that invitation. Accordingly, it’s appropriate for the American public to focus upon who, exactly, issued that invitation.

All things considered (thus far) what do the “Keystone Cops from Pennsylvania Avenue” have to say for themselves – this week?

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