Uruguay set to become first country to legalize marijuana trade

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malcolmkyle16 wrote:

Health concerns regarding marijuana tend to come from a self-fueling group of discredited scientists funded by the pharmaceutical, prison, tobacco, and alcohol industries, pushing non-peer-reviewed papers while relying upon reports issued by others in their own group to further support their own grossly misleading research and clearly biased agendas.

The latest Harvard University study, published Dec 4th, 2013 in the journal Schizophrenia Research, adds support to the role of genetic factors in schizophrenia, and states that marijuana use alone does not increase the risk of developing the disorder. The latest findings provide enough evidence for Dr. DeLisi and her team to conclude that “Cannabis is unlikely to be the cause of this illness.”
Source: PII: S0920-9964(13)00610-5 doi:10.1016/j.schres.2013.11.014 Published by Elsevier Inc.

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diluded0000 wrote:

Looks like they are pretty closely following the way we legalized in Colorado. Six plants, possess about an ounce, set up a board with a hard timeline to work out the implementation details. On this end, about three more weeks and it will be legal to go down to the store and buy a little weed that comes in an opaque child resistant container.

malcolm, I don’t need a scientific study to say that smoking pot will gum up you lungs, and chronic use will make you a little bit crazy. If you have ever known people who smoked heavily for decades, they aren’t quite right in the head, even sober.

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kevinsm28 wrote:

“Uruguay will be the first nation to legalize the whole chain from growing the plant to buying and selling its leaves.”

Leaves are garbage. People buy and sell its flowers.

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kevinsm28 wrote:

“58 percent of Uruguayans oppose legalizing pot, although that is down from 68 percent in a previous survey in June”

Huh….Uruguay is on the road to legalize marijuana with 58% opposed while Canada has close to 50% approval but will still not even consider it. Hard to believe that we ended with them being more sensible than us.

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shontal wrote:

It’s about time a country has the courage to ignore the U.S. failed war on drugs.

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Bugzy wrote:

Marijuana, cocaine, heroin and all drugs should be legalized and be treated just like alcohol. Restrict sales to over 18, encourage users to use only as recreational while warning them of possible effects of long term use. All drug sales will generate enough tax to cover psychiatric treatment for addicts in the future. Make the drugs affordable and accessible while encouraging people to talk about drug use.

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Bugzy wrote:

Mexico would be peaceful if all rich western countries legalise drug use. Let the graduate pharmacists cook up drugs instead of blood thirsty criminals.

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xyz2055 wrote:

Bugzy is absolutely right. The prison population would be cut more than half, we would save billions of dollars in a futile effect to keep them out of our country. It’s not like the drugs aren’t already here. They are. You can buy almost anything you want easily anywhere in the U.S. Legalizing drugs would instantly kill the Mexican cartels. Only the naive don’t see the benefits.

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Bugzy wrote:

Make all drugs LEGAL and setup a drugs advisory committee, TV channel, web adverts to warn against drug use just as we do with cigarettes and alcohol.

Heroin Advert……… “Buy drugs here, it may end your life, get you addicted or turn you into a psycho”

Let the Mexican cartels overdose on their own drugs…………

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lewis2121 wrote:

Looks like they will be the first entire country to benefit from the massive economic boosts and decrease in crime that marijuana will bring. well done!

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Herbal.Ed wrote:

I know many people who have regularly consumed cannabis for several decades and they lead a normal life with secure jobs and well functioning families. Some of them are very successful in their work/careers and run medium to large businesses.

Yes, some people do indeed abuse and over consume cannabis but so do a lot of people with alcohol, cigarettes, food, the internet, etc..

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MikeParent wrote:

Does anyone honestly believe that wasting $20 Billion and arresting 3/4 Million Americans annually for choosing marijuana, a substance Scientifically proven to be safer than what the govt allows, is a sound policy?
Kudos, Uraguay.

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BrionEduardo wrote:

Hip hip hooray for Uruguay!!! Now it’s time for the world’s greatest superpower to follow the lead of that tiny little South American nation!

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