Bangladesh executes Islamist leader, deadly clashes on streets

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AlkalineState wrote:

Now we are talking progress, are we not?

Those who would shoot girls in the face for studying, those who kill their own daughters for having pre-marital sex, or blow up buses full of kids….. Round them up. Jihadists are a cancer.

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moneyzoo wrote:

Why no video or photos? No adequate deterrant unless we see muslims die.

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GowraPublic wrote:

Let us hope that when BAL is booted out of power those who were responsible sending this fellow are all hanged together with their malloo masters from India.

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BanglaFirst wrote:

Now let us have proper civil war round 2 and let us finish the job that was not quite finished in 1975.

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Denouncer wrote:

Execution for the alleged crimes performed 42 (!) years ago is a plain barbarism.

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AlkalineState wrote:

The drones will be watching this funeral closely. All Islamist patriarchs and girl-shooters of all stripes, please consider attending.

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FAISAL255 wrote:

I am a BANGLADESHI and I AM proudly saying that this news is FALSE. he is just a war criminal NOT AN ISLAMIST . we are mostly MUSLIM and we common people tried heart and soul to give these anti-BANGLADESH people who were using our beloved religion ISLAM to gain power and making us like pakistan by telling wrong meanings of the HOLY QURAN punishment. as a MUSLIM i strongly protest his ” ISLAMIST ” title . JAMAT-SHIBIR are criminals .

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Unconcerned wrote:

So he is being put to death for what happened 42 years ago?

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2Borknot2B wrote:

Truly unbelievable. The judgment of those involved – I’m speechless.

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2Borknot2B wrote:

AlkalineState – As usual, I completely agree with you.

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Faisal_1986 wrote:

Kader Molla was a war criminal who murdered and raped countless innocent people in 1971 during the liberation war of Bangladesh. He was found guilty and was executed for his crimes in ’71. Please don’t mention him as an Islamic leader in your reports.

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mmmd wrote:

The Bangladesh government commits a further act of irresponsibility by the hurried execution of opposition leader Abdul Qader Molla, amid widespread local and international concerns of irregularity. Secretary of State John Kerry, United Nations, The EU and human rights organizations have all expressed concerns as to the fairness of the trial.
This comes at a time, when Bangladesh has been locked in deadly violence for months amid demands by the opposition for elections under a non-partisan caretaker government per past tradition. The institution of caretaker government is considered essential in Bangladesh by many to prevent state sponsored vote rigging. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina, who in the past, has herself similarly campaigned for a caretaker government to oversee elections, now summarily rejects such an arrangement. This has resulted in a stand off between the governing party and the opposition, bringing Bangladesh to a virtual standstill for months with deadly cycles of state sanctioned police brutality and opposition induced violence. Many Bangladeshis feel that Molla’s trial has lost much of its moral legitimacy due to being used as a political pawn under such circumstances, and Sheikh Hasina’s government has been criticized for insisting on a hurried execution instead of waiting the prescribed 21 days, during such volatile times. By its actions, the current government shows a singular lack of leadership, and appears to take no responsibility towards unifying the Bangladeshi people who are becoming polarized to an extent some journalists have described as a ‘a mini civil war.’
The trial of 1971 war crimes, if not conducted fairly and transparently, is not likely to bring the much needed closure the Bangladeshi people seek, but will create another round of injustice and ill-will which will continue.

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Psycodex wrote:

He is being punished 42 years after the crime; only because when our president wanted to execute him in 1975; He (president) was assassinated along with his whole family. So stop asking bullshit question! A criminal is always a criminal. And like Laden, “Quader Mollah” was a criminal. He slaughtered hundreds of his countrymen @ 1971.Bangladeshi people call him “Quader the Butcher”. He was a sick ‘Pedo’ gang raped 12 years old kid @1971(By the way that was one of 6 accusations for which account he was punished).
Yet you people say death sentence as a punishment is inhuman and more….. It makes me chuckle…… I guess killing people with Drone is fine……….. And killing Laden was inhuman…..
I guess Reuters does not have courage or matter of fact any intention to feed you people the truth…. Since U.S government is friend of Pakistan…… And haaahaaaa I am tired…… Just scream Humanity humanity quack, quack, terrorists are killing us, we killing terrorist while doing that we are also kill thousands of other people and thus we are preserving humanity; Humanity humanity quack quack….. (Don’t get me wrong, in no way I am trying to say killing terrorist is wrong)

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Psycodex wrote:

He is being punished 42 years after the crime; only because when our president wanted to execute him in 1975; He (president) was assassinated along with his whole family. So stop asking bullshit question! A criminal is always a criminal. And like Laden, “Quader Mollah” was a criminal. He slaughtered hundreds of his countrymen @ 1971.Bangladeshi people call him “Quader the Butcher”. He was a sick ‘Pedo’ gang raped 12 years old kid @1971(By the way that was one of 6 accusations for which account he was punished).

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BanglaFirst wrote:

Sounds like Faisal_1986 is an Indian RAW agent and BAL chela!These people should be hanged so that Bangladesh is truly Independent of devil Hasina and evil India.

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BanglaFirst wrote:

Let us hope from tomorrow Round II civil War is a success and get rid of all devil Indian chelas from Bangladesh and let us make success out of failures in 1971 and 75!

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XianSheng wrote:

It’s good when a murderer and rapist is killed, especially when an a supposedly holy man of Islam had done this. All the rest is semantics.

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asadnur08 wrote:

Not even a two-year-old boy was spared by Abdul Quader Mollah and his cohorts.
They killed the boy, slamming him on the floor, slit the throats of his mother and two sisters, and raped his two other sisters, one of whom died from her wounds.
All but one member of the family were killed just because Hazrat Ali Laskar, the father and a tailor by profession, was a supporter of the Awami League and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
He was saying Quader Mollah would kill him.
Laskar closed the door and said Mollah, Akhtar Gunda, his Bihari (non-Bangalee) accomplices and the Pakistan army were chasing him, the 55-year-old witness told the court. The entire family was home.
The witness and her sister Amena hid under the bed as asked by their father.
She then heard Mollah and the Biharis approaching the door. They shouted, “Son of a b****, open the door, otherwise we will hurl bombs.”
As her father refused to open the door, they exploded a bomb. When her mother, holding a kitchen knife, opened the door, they shot her.
When Laskar tried to hold his wife, Mollah grabbed him by the collar, and said, “Son of a p**, will you not support the Awami League now? Will you not follow Bangabandhu? Will you not chant the slogan ‘Joy Bangla’?”
Her father then begged Mollah and Akhtar Gunda to spare him, but Mollah dragged her father out of the room while his accomplices slit the throats of her mother and two sisters — Khodeja and Taslima — with a machete.
When her two-year-old brother Babu started crying, they killed the boy by slamming him on the floor, she said.
Hearing Babu’s cries, her sister Amena began to whimper. They then dragged Amena from under the bed and tortured her to death, she said.
They also dragged the witness out. She lost consciousness after she was hit with something sharp.
When she regained consciousness, she felt severe pain in the abdomen, and found her clothes all torn.
She managed to walk to a house at Fakirbari, where she was given first aid. Her father-in-law took her to his home the following day, said the witness.

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Meherun wrote:

War criminal Abdul Kuader Molla has finally been hanged for his crimes against humanity in 1971, in the first execution of a war criminal in Bangladesh.He was hanged at 10:01pm Thursday night.

Many has doubt if this is justice or not ! Many thinks it is inhuman to hang a person like this! But where i stand, i am happy for this very decision! I am happy to see this man paying for what he did to my motherland.I am glad to see a rapist,war criminal and an animal under the mask of human to be hanged! I am not celebrating death, i am celebrating JUSTICE .

Here, i am presenting a short description of his criminal record! And you are free to judge if this is justice or not!

Abdul Kader Molla and his followers have committed the following crimes- mass killing, torturing women, vandalizing, looting, kidnapping, evicting and uprooting civilians by deliberate mutual coordination and because of economic, political, communal and religious envy and malice.
While studying at Dhaka University Abdul Kader Molla was the President of the Shoihudulla Hall branch of Islami Students’ Society before the liberation war started. He formed Al Badr force by recruiting the members of Islami Stdents’ Society which was at first serving as a private force of Jamaat-e-Islami. Many reports and data have been published proving that these people were involved directly as collaborators with the crimes committed by the Pakistani army.

Since, adequate witness statements and proofs have been found against Abdul Kader Molla regarding his involvement with the crimes committed from 26th March, 1971 to 16th December, 1971. The description of the witness statements and proofs are as follows:

Case 1:
Date: 5th April, 1971
Place : From the Eigah field of12th section of Mirpur to the tomb of Shah Ali

Description: Abdul Kader Molla is known as the butcher to the local people of Mirpur who were living there on the year 1971. The largest mass grave is discovered at Sheyalbari in Mirpur after the liberation. The local people have informed that Abdul Kader Molla is the key person of killing thousands of people in Sheyalbari, Rupnogor and in the whole Mirpur.Martyred Pollob, local resident of Mirpur 11 no. section, B block, Taltola and student of Bangla College tried to organize Bengalis and non Bengalis in support of the liberation war. For this reason he was enlisted in the killing list of the anti liberation groups. March 1971, the anti liberation groups came to know the position of Pollob. They captured him and took him to Abdul Kader Molla. Then according to the direction of Abdul Kader Molla they tied Pollob with ropes and dragged him along the streets from Mirpur 12th section to the tomb of Shah Ali at Mirpur 1st section. There they tied the body of Pollob and hung him from a tree. The fingers were chopped of. Two days later i.e. on 5th April, Akhter the killer Al Badr and the right hand man of Abdul Kader Molla gunned down Pollob. Two days after the death the dead body of Pollob was buried beside the Kalapanirjheel with the seven other dead bodies.

Case 2:
Date: October, 1971
Place : 6th section of Mirpur

Description: During the great liberation war in a date of the month October at some time Abdul Kader Molla and his followers killed a female poet named Meherunnisa, resident of Mirpur 6th section brutally and inhumanly. Witnessing the killing a man called Shiraj of that residence lost his mental balance he is still alive in the same condition.

Case 3:
Date : From the midnight of 25th March,1971 until the surrender of Pakistani occupation army on 16th December at Race course field.
Places: Monipur, Shaorapara, Kajipara of Dhaka and different blocks and houses of the 12th section Mirpur.

Description: During the great liberation war of Bangladesh Abdul Kader Molla has abducted and killed thousands of innocent liberation loving people from different houses of Mirpur 12th section, Monipur, Kajipara, Shaorapara of Dhaka with the help of his associate Rajakr, Al Badr on different times and dates and they buried the dead bodies at Sheyalbari, Rupnogor and Balurmath.

Case 4:
Date : 2nd April, 1971
Place : Different locations in Mirpur, Kollanpur and Mohammodpur in Dhaka

Description : Abdul Kader Molla with his associate Rajakar, Al Badr have created a terrible situation at different areas of Mirpur, Kollanpur and Mohammodpur area by looting and vandalizing houses, by killing innocent Bengalese and by raping and torturing women and therefore he is known as the butcher to the local people of those areas.

Case 5:
Date: 29.3.1971
Time: 4:00 p.m – 4:30 p.m
Place : Bus stand of Mirpur 10th section and Mirpur Jolladkhana.

Description: Khondokar Abu Taleb, father- late Khondokar Abdur Rouf, section-10, Block-B, Road-2, Plot-13, Mirpur, Dhaka, came to his residence from Arambagh to see the current condition on 29.03.71 during Liberation war. He returned to the bus stand of Mirpur 10th section for returning Arambagh after seeing that everything of his residence has been burnt to ashes. When he reached at the bus stand Abdul Kader Molla and his associates abducted him, tied him with rope and took him to Jolladkhana pump house. Then they killed him by cutting his throat.

Case 6:
Date : 25/11/1971
Time: 7:30 a.m-11:00 a.m
Place: Shohidnogor of Keranigonj Police station under Dhaka district.

Description: During the great liberation war on the date 25.11.1971, from 7:30 to 11:00 a.m Pakistani soldiers and their Rajakar, Al Badr and Al Shams collaborators brush fired at the innocent unarmed local people of Vaoal Khan bari, Ghatarchor (Shohidnogor) and two of its nearby villages and burnt two houses including the residence of Mozaffer Ahmed Khan according to the advice of Abdul Kader Molla, Motiur Rahman Nijami, Ali Ahsan Mohammod Mujahid and Kamrujjaman. They killed many people including 1) Osman Goni, Father- late Mohammod Hosen, Shohidnogor, Keranigonj, Dhaka, 2) Golam Mostofa, Father- Ahmed Hosen alias Tukur Ali, Shohidnogor, Keranigonj, Dhaka, 3) Dorbesh Ali, Address: Vaoal Khan Bari P/S- Keranigonj, Dhaka, 4) Aroj Ali, 5) Raja Mia, 6) Abdur Rahman, 7) Abdul Kadir, 8) Sohrab Hosen, 9) Abdul Lotif, 10) Nojrul Islam and 11) Mohammod Ali.

Case 7:
Date : 24/04/1971
Time : At about 4:30 am
Place : Alondi, Mirpur (Pollobi)

Description: On the date 24/04/1971, after the Fajr prayer, a troop of Pakistani soldiers landed in the village of Alundi on the bank of Turag River by helicopter. From the East a team of fifty Rajakars under the command of Abdul Kader Molla surrounded the village with the Pakistani soldiers. Then they fired at the villagers ruthlessly. Around 344 people died including 1) Basu Mia father- late Jonab Ali, 2) Johirul Molla alias Jora Molla, 3) Jerat Ali, 4) Foad Ali, 5) Shukur Mia, 6) Awal Molla, father- Solim Molla, 7) Sole Molla, father- Digoj Molla, 8) Rustom Ali Bapery, 9) Korim Molla, 10) Joinal Molla, 11) Kashem Molla, 12) Bodoruddin, 13) Bishu Molla 14) Ojol Huq, 15) Fojol Huq, 16) Rahman Bapery, 17) Nobi Molla, 18) Alamot Mia, 19) Moklechur Rahman, 20) Fulchan, 21) Nawab Mia, 22) Lalu-Chan Bapery and 23) Sunu Mia.

Kader Molla was responsible for above abducting, kidnapping, vandalizing and looting houses, raping and torturing women,committing genocide, evicting innocent/unarmed people of Mirpur, Mohammodpur, Kollanpur and of different places of Dhaka city with the help of the Rajakar, AL Badr, Al Sham and Pakistani soldiers and also for providing them support, help and advice for committing crimes against Humanity.

STILL THINK HANGING THIS PERSON WAS INHUMAN? I doubt about him being a human!

[HELPING SOURCES: bangladeshwarcrimes.blogspot , bd71.blogspot, banglapedia, bdnews24, the daily independent.]

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21february wrote:

These Razakars went from door to door and sought out people particularly Hindus and anybody they felt like to teach the Bengalis a lesson. ‘Witness to surrender’ by Siddiq Salik has Gen Niazi asking a soldier” how many Hindus did you kill today’. People like Quader Mollah are cold blooded murderers and fanatics. The facilitated the Pakistan army in raping their own people. The very fact that these scum survived all these years due to petrodollars has spread terrorism in this region. Pakistan today is the hub of global terror. India should have punished Gen Niazi, Tikka, Rao Farman Ali and all others.

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Pakigal wrote:

he was not a traitor. at that time east Pakistan was a part of west Pakistan and he worked for his motherland as every patriot, not for indian mukti bahni. u people r blind in hatred..Allah bless him

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