Four killed in Bangladesh clashes after Islamist leader executed

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mmmd wrote:

I’m one of the thousands of Bangladeshis watching the situation, virtually without say, afraid for the safety of us and our loved ones in a country where speaking the truth is often dangerous. We are not affiliated with any party. We believe in basic human decency and justice for all, across every social and political strata. You cannot understand Bangladesh if you do not understand us.

We believe in justice for the people wrongfully killed during the 1971 Liberation War. We seek justice for Momena, whose family was murdered during those tumultuous times. We believe that their killers should be brought to court.

We also stand for justice for opposition leaders like Abdul Qader Molla, who we believe did not receive a free and fair trial. International leaders, human rights organizations and foreign reporters alike have raised concerns about the proceedings of the tribunal, which denied the defendant the right to discredit prosecution witnesses, limited defendant witnesses to only five, and denied the chance to appeal, and employed judges whose political motivations were questionable.It served only to advance the political agenda of a select few and did not stand up to either objective analysis or international standards.

This kind of kangaroo court is not in line with the spirit of 1971, which was, after all, a struggle to eliminate social and economic injustice. We believe unfair and questionable trials will not bring about the closure that we seek, but will continue to spawn further cycles of injustice, and hamper us as a people as we try move forward.

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BanglaFirst wrote:

Let us hope this crisis blows itself out as our garment sector, peoples lives and properties are being destroyed daily because of our vindictive dictatorial style politics of Hasina which needs to change. So we need change urgently and we cannot afford to have these two ladies ruin our lives any-more.

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