U.S. sanctions move angers Iran, Russia sees threat to nuclear deal

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kenradke11 wrote:

More sanctions are needed but just a waste of time on the other hand. The only way this will be settled is when Israel attacks Iran’s Arak and Fordow plants! Then they may listen and learn a hard lesson afterwards.

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Kendradke11 — Perhaps after Israel’s nuclear bomb building facilities and 80% of the several dozen Jewish nuclear weapons it has ready to use against anyone it dislikes, someday possibly including the USA. are destroyed, then can balanced talks begin. Until then, people and countries rightfully distrust each other.

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umkomazi wrote:

kenradke11 wrote:
More sanctions are needed but just a waste of time on the other hand. The only way this will be settled is when Israel attacks Iran’s Arak and Fordow plants! Then they may listen and learn a hard lesson afterwards.

I presume that you are gagging for WW3 to start? If the israelis pull a stunt like that, do you SERIOUSLY think their fellow religious loons in iran will sit there fondling their HUGE beards???

What will happen is some wailing nut in a tower in iran will start screaming about a ‘holy war’ and hundreds of thousands of brainwashed sheep in iran will run at the israeli machine guns. Then the yanks will rush to help their masters in israel, we peasants in the 51st state will be roped in as yank cannon fodder…..KABOOOOOOM!!!

Sound familiar…do some research on WW1 and how that started…..

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MikeBarnett wrote:

Russia and China should help Iran evade sanctions to compensate for US moves and to improve the economies of Russia and China. This move would also encourage Iran to continue with the talks about the WMD’s that Iran is NOT making. We have been through one war over WMD’s that did not exist and 4,500 US troops died and 33,000 were wounded, many with arms and legs blown off. Welcome to wars with explosives! The US should find those who support military action against Iran and blow their arms and legs off to let them know how it feels.

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What a silly title for this article.

Say it as it is — “New US sanctions violate the agreement with Tehran”

The “Deal” says, very clearly, that during the six months, no new sanctions will be added — what is more some of the existing sanctions will be relaxed.

The Zio-Nazi’s in the US congress have no interest in mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship with Iran.

They are bent on pushing sanctions to their ultimate conclusion: War.

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hariknaidu wrote:

This is all coming after Bibi’s national security adviser (Cohen) was invited by Kerry to consult with his negotiating team at State.
Ramping up sanctions right when Iran is sitting with EU Ashton and other’s negotiating implementation of interim agreement, demonstrates Kerry and his team are subject to political and other influence by Israel, in particular.

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expat75 wrote:

Guess whose hand is behind the US increased sanctions?

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TruthFair wrote:

Bravo. Good point. I would add A.S.A.P only

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React wrote:

Sooner or later this deal will be sabotaged by hard liners on one side or the other.

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TruthFair wrote:

You are soooo wrong. If Iran be bombed it be bombed from midcentury to stone age….
WW3!!?? Never happened. In your dream may be..

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TruthFair wrote:

Islamofacist Iran have not rights to obtain WMD and will never have a nuke.

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perspolis wrote:

first,sorry for my bad English.i am so disappointed from this unfair action from Americans and it shows they are not trustworthy as Iranian leader said before.but as a matter of fact now Iranians can grasp they are just puppets in Esrael hands .they have to comprehend that US is dominated by AIPAC and even they can break their agreement as simple as drinking water.i think it is better for Iranians to boost their relationships with china and Russia and standing on their feet.worlds would have known who spoiled accord.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

@kenradke11 and TruthFair

All jews, christian, and muslims worship the same god of the same Abraham. The torah, bible, koran, and the DNA prove that earth is a planet of cousins. Do you want you and your family members to be the first people killed in any air strikes? Since you two want the air strikes, it is a good idea for you to be the first targets so you can make sure that the air strikes are effective. You would not want to waste the money of tax payers.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

I am telling you – all this talk is nonsense and just for show. The USA realized they created a monster in the Middle East and as they exit they need to stabilize power.

The only way to do this is to stop the monster from trying to control the middle east with threats backed by nuclear weapons. i

Iran – which has never been the instigator/aggressor for war for 200 years now is a stable country. Letting them get a nuke will stop Israel from making threats and bring peace to the region. This is the final end game for USA to exit the middle east.

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Daniel77 wrote:

Let Israel take out Iran’s nuclear program.
I LOVE ISRAEL. The home of the regathered Jews.
This was prophesied in the Bible (Jeremiah 16:15).
And judgment on their enemies both in word and deed
is on the horizon (Joel 3:2, Zechariah 14:12).

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Daniel77 wrote:

You are 100% wrong. The God of the Bible loves
the Jews and has regathered them as prophesied.
He will decimate their enemies at the 2nd Coming
Zechariah 14 / Joel 3:2.

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Lovetwo wrote:

Don’t worry Iran. The 5 Eyes are blacking listing All well intended human beings that they can. And after they blacklist you; then they systematically “rape” you of the ability to exist.

The best way to interact with psychopath’s; Is no interaction at all. This is the best course of action.

Allah/God’s “Wrath” is on. The US Will, because, for now, they choose no Peace at God’s request, sink into a deep freeze that Will affect their agriculture. God has sanctioned the U.S.

Hopefully they Will change their course of action with no sanctions or mal-intent and seek Peace in good faith.

Do you read me Long Devil?

Peace be with you All.

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Ideapete wrote:

If they built a Thorium reactor http://www.ideapete.com/pdfs/AlvinsDream.pdf then all the problems would go away.

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copp-c wrote:

The talks are going just fine and a resolution will be reached. There are many complicated matters to resolve.
The latest incident of sabre rattling with suspected sanction violators did not help. The timing was intended to disrupt but how much more of it will be tolerated before the talks collapse.

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cautious123 wrote:

We don’t really need a Congress if all it is good for is to sabotage peace deals and obstruct the functioning of needed government agencies. The brain-dead idiots who think they are “protecting” Americans with their anti-American, pro-war nonsense are not working for Americans. They are tools of Israel and AIPAC and should be booted out of government.

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google_pass wrote:

That’s a coincidence. After ten years of supervision a new list of nuclear supply companies comes out. This must have been a difficult job to achieve. I wonder who could gain access to such sensitive information just in time to sabotage the Geneva agreement. Certainly it’s not a peace-loving institution.

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google_pass wrote:

With a calming of the region in my opinion, Israel’s policy dominant arms industry would have to give up their private playground. For this purpose, they are apparently not ready.

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xyz2055 wrote:

Another ugly moment for America. Congress and the Obama Administration are not on the same page. Kerry gets a working plan in place and Congress sets out to destroy it. Kerry, however, should be able to defuse this with a simple phone call to the Iranians. Telling them not to worry. This Congress couldn’t come together and agree that 2+2 does intact = 4.

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Dron wrote:

“Let Israel take out Iran’s nuclear program.
I LOVE ISRAEL. The home of the regathered Jews.
This was prophesied in the Bible (Jeremiah 16:15).
And judgment on their enemies both in word and deed
is on the horizon (Joel 3:2, Zechariah 14:12).”

If thats the case then God and that so called “Holy” Bible is from Satan, because I would want nothing to do with such a “God” even if he existed.

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boreal wrote:

All those sanctions, inspections, negotiations, diplomatic posturing are done on behalf of Israel. But its name is cleverly left out of the article.

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rgbviews wrote:

Netanyahu needs his fabricated “existential” threat to maintain his power. He is desperately trying to destroy a possible detente between the West and Iran and a peaceful resolution of the issue. Netanyahu and his AIPAC-controlled puppets in Congress are trying to throw a wrench into the Geneva talks.

Americans should be alarmed and incensed over Israel’s control over Congress. When Netanyahu’s strategies take precedence over Obama’s strategies, you know something is wrong…..very wrong.

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google_pass wrote:

Guess, the policy dominating arms industry of Israel doesn’t want to give up on its private playground.

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