Three 'Avatar' sequels to be made in New Zealand: government

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cdmont729 wrote:

Wow James is just blowing his billions to see what he can do. Avatar sucks. Kill those pagan tree-dwelling asses for natural resources. GO EARTH!

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cdmont729 wrote:

Wow James is just blowing his billions to see what he can do. Avatar sucks. Kill those pagan tree-dwelling asses for natural resources. GO EARTH!

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dresden wrote:

I wonder when the people of New Zealand figure out that Unobtainium is not a form of currency what will the do to poor James Cameron

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Felix67 wrote:

Those Hollywood hypocrites yell and scream on every corner, that people need to pay more taxes. And yet, to make their movies they willing to go as far as New Zealand to hide from taxes they want to impose on everybody else. That’s why I hate Hollywood and boycott their products.

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Dej wrote:

Hmmm ferngully 3,4 and 5? No thanks.

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JohnS10 wrote:

I shall never fail to be amazed at the sorts of movies that directors and producers deem worthy of sequels. Avatar is certainly not one of those phenomenal cinema greats that demand further exploration through a series of additional films. It was a cute little film, overblown cinematically by its pompous director, but certainly not in need of additional time spent on it.

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JSPS wrote:

Please, shoot me now. Cameron can only make one movie. First he made “Dances with Wolves,” next he made “Dances with Aliens (Avatar)”

So next he’s going to make a sequel where evil developers threaten yet another version of the peaceful tribe? What will it be this time, pink Maoris?

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binthere222 wrote:

I wonder if all the sequels will feature US military caricatures speaking with a vile deep-south accent and set up as the villains in a political morals play that would make Mao proud.

So sad to see an otherwise intelligent person turned into a tool to promote yet another Vietnam war protest.

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Gneiss wrote:

With Cameron’s grand vision and Weta’s artistic genius, I know they will be great. I therefore plan to invest in popcorn and lots of chocolate candy for said future productions. …wish I had a time machine…

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paintcan wrote:

I could never understand what those memory trees were remembering? The lives of the tribesmen were nearly identical and if there was ever a place that suffered the death of history like Francis Fukuyama tried to claim had happened with the dissolution of the USSR, it was they. Actually, history was never born on that planet and those people were really humanoid animals with very little to distinguished one from the other.

I may try to see one of these sequels but I doubt they will be able to do anything more than exploit the special effects. The plots will have to be retreads or variants on the original story because how will Carpenter make a plot when there was very little conflict to create a plot to begin with, at least among the natives?

Somehow those inhabitants will be loosing memory trees and home roosts again. What else can they do? But I’m gong to watch for signs of life. Somehow, someone on that planet has to taste the forbidden fruit. The first visit was probably that fruit. And there just isn’t going to be a future of happy ever after for those people even if they keep all their unobtainium.

I also never understood why that bone headed corporation had to send that well calloused dog of war, with spam between his ears, to aim for the richest deposit when all they really had to do was ask to collect a few of the smaller floating boulders, more numerous than stars, that not even the natives were using, in return for a few favors. But that isn’t the stuff of story time – is it? Of course, they would have been pigs and would have wanted them all and there would have been a shortage of floating islands before the Navi realized what had happened and the Navi would have to adapt to an ocean of ever devaluing “favors”. They would have had to learn to create the OPEC of unobtainium (UPEC?) or they would have been screwed for all they were worth.

The Dutch were not notably subtle settlers on this continent and yet they knew they didn’t need to kill off a population but could trade a few trinkets for Manhattan Island. BTW -undeveloped land is not worth much actually. Not until it has been developed and the development actually succeeds, can people really say it is worth anything. The natives probably got a fair deal in things worth something to them. They probably felt: let those stinking Europeans infest that small patch of ground and the laughs on them. Literally, he stank because they were walking around in layers of solid linen and outer garments and it was even more hard work taking days to do laundry back then, mountains of it done at long intervals with hired help. They probably wondered at how hard the Dutch had to work to build reproductions of Europe when they knew how to use the land with a lot less labor and with a lot less material. The Dutch came from a cold climate.

If the purpose of life and reproduction is fundamentally to pass on one’s genes to make a new generation, who had the easier time of that and managed to survive in sufficient numbers to create a culture, way of life and reliable way of insuring continuity of the species and who did it more efficiently and even with less waste? One could easily call that the unarguably essential “will of God”. But one gets romantic at native American life at one’s peril. Somehow – the closer one gets to nature, the more expensive everything one uses and makes really is.

That old Navi witch with the fright wig who resembled Tina Turner, but nowhere near as sexy, scared me and she was a racist scare crow concerned with blood lines – a point that doesn’t seem to have been noticed by most.

And while I’m mentioning racists scarecrows. The fact that the old hag in North Korea orchestrated the murder of her husband for little Pudge and is now gloating over her victim and on the committee to bury him, is not nearly as important as the fact that that filthy bag is the queen bee of the family and is exposing herself to the public. That means she knows that rotten regime of parasites is in trouble. Little Pudge may not be living up to expectations after all?

Now that would be an interesting story although the end of the last movie doesn’t really allow much work with the Navi culture. Their conflicts must come from outside, I suppose, for quite some time?

And I can think of some reasons why Auntie made a disastrous decision. Think of the role of the Queen in the game of chess and how it is handled, and how it is so very valuable. Her move has caused some neurons in that state to fire that haven’t been fired in years and she has some surprises in store for her. I suspect the next state funeral will be for her. Or I for one will be rooting for it. I am certain the old atrocity will more than deserve it.

I wonder if carpenter could somehow work that plot into the land of the Navi? Maybe by the third sequel? If the whole colony of sequels hasn’t failed by then, they can get there and Doris will be forced to eat her poisoned oats? But I’d so much rather see that in real time.

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paintcan wrote:

I imagine Auntie as the acid spitting Alien with her brood and all her ferocity but with finer raiment and a little jewelry and guite a nest egg tucked away. Somehow, I imagine that is the essential nature of this woman’s “soul” when she is threatened. That regime is stuffed with cold blooded killers on the grand scale. Getting to the top of the heap in a monarchy is not about the democratic idea of merit and popular acceptance but ruthless conquest. That family is sounding like the Borgias but make Alexander IV look sweet natured by comparison, it seems to me. These people have some kind of edge on them that makes even our domestic bastards look like cream puffs or they take better camouflage and cover?

I’ve been feeling the acid spitting devil myself this week. It’s been cold out there and I even thought I’d lost half my income for the month and it occurred to me that may be how these people grab power and hold it all the time. It’s been ice cold in North Korea for over half a century. They may be professionals at it and feel fine on what I consider a panic attack.

There is no such thing as an axis of evil. How about a planetary quilt of it with some big lumps in it instead? Auntie may be the top of the lump in North Korea. They talk like this about their own society and actually believe “fault” can be passed down through generations to the third and all of them can be lost in a prison camp for inappropriate remarks or lack of respect. One must have a very strong stomach to imagine what it takes to be that ruthless and determined to hold control. And the Uncle made love to her?

This couldn’t possible be a North Korean version of equal rights because the population all suffers now equally anyway, could it? That sounds too naive just saying it.

Just the smell of human decay they have been breathing for the last 60 years must have had an effect on them even they may not truly understand. It makes sense why the uncle might have become an alcoholic even if that is only a privilege of the upper echelons there. Who else could afford it most of the time, from what I have read anyway?

There is even a tradition in the Old Testament that the sins of the father are visited on the sons etc. They take it to the third generation and think it taints bloodlines. That used to be far more common elsewhere, like India with the untouchables. And I have even seen a mild form in reverse up here where being related to old timers is supposed to confer virtue and worth as well.

But if this is the nature of human beings – that this is maturity or some warped species of good sense – then human beings are the most wretched creatures the planet ever had the misfortune to conceive and their suffering is even worse because they have to understand it.

You can’t call that the “will of God” and really care to live unless you are a craven coward. You can only call that the swill of God.

Tis the season the be jolly – intermittently – or until it makes you feel like a fool.

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