Ukraine opposition urges more protests, forms political bloc

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ReverendJim wrote:

Protests can only take you so far. Those unwilling to do “what is actually necessary” are doomed to failure. Lack of resolve and true commitment simply mean your time and effort was wasted. They would have been better off if they would have done nothing and excepted their enslavement at the start, as it seems they are now doing.

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jwnm wrote:

@ReverendJim sort of reminds you of We the Sheeple.

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jwnm wrote:

@ReverendJim sort of reminds you of We the Sheeple.

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torbay69 wrote:

Since the location of the Presidential retreat is common knowledge I am astounded that the demonstrators have, so far, failed to converge on it
en mass and oust Yanukovich from there directly – rather than standing around in Kiev in the freezing cold and waiting for him to leave office voluntarily. Romania springs to mind, but perhaps we are just too soft!

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

Some understanding of what the glorious opposition leader Tahnybok stands for could be obtained from the open letter to then President of Ukraine co-signed by Tyahnybok.

Title – Stop the Criminal Activities of Organised Jewry
Signed by Tyahnybok and 17 others
Lists Jewish businessmen, who got rich in the 1990s, and claims they control Ukrainian media
Describes Zionism as “Jewish Nazism” and warns of “genocide” through the impoverishment of Ukrainians
Demands investigation into the activities of Jewish organisations headed by people “suspected of serious crimes”

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f00 wrote:

Tyahnybok’s attitude toward jews is the correct one, borne out by centuries of East Euro experience with the tribe.

The major architect of the Ukrainian famine in the 20s was a jew, Lazar Kaganovich, a fact many Ukrainians no doubt remember.

Zionism is in fact jewish national socialism. Israel is an NS state.

Tyahnybok fails to recognize, and perhaps has been bought off to conceal, that the EU idea is thoroughly judeo-communist in conception. It favors breaking down borders and destroying national identity, things that a nationalist would, presumably, not like.

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