Protesting Turkish prosecutor piles pressure on PM

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Recep Erdogn is a good ‘Democratic Leader’, while the Turkish opposition is filled with ‘Communist Criminals’, whose ‘Autocratic and Subversive Terror’ is very dangerous to Turkey, EU and the West.

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Erikkc wrote:

Of course it is.

Islam and secular representative democracy are fundamentally incompatible.

Ataturk new this and, hence, gave considerable power to the Turkish military to protect the state from Islamism.

Now that the military has been hamstrung by the Islamist AKP, they can resume their march toward an Islamic state.

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FRPSR wrote:

Erdogan seems to have compromised Atatürk’s separation of theology from secular government .
Erdogan does appear to have the consent of the governed , along with his apparent complete , and emotional , devotion to the populace of the entire geopolitical area .
The fusion of theology to government has had success in the region . Erdogan has not set himself apart , or above the law . Aside from loosening the introduction of clerics into governing , we have yet to see any actual “Erdogan” issue aside from the economic turndown , apart from the reigns lifted from the “unelected” military in governing Turkey .
The economic turndown is entirely the responsibility of investment bankers who speculated with peoples savings . If Erdogan wants to put a religious fervor into his polity , hold the feet of the investment bankers to the infinite uncomfortable facts which implicate them in reckless devotion to mammon .
That this led to the abandon of any policy of maintaining any rigid , or loose , style responsibility for crashing the world economy , and the subsequent agony of an entire generation of unemployed , seems like Erdogan’s drift from secularism is the height of responsibility in comparison .

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marisa70394 wrote:

Yes, Erdogan has all the markings of a dictator who wants to cling to power despite lack of public appeal.

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gazornplotz wrote:

Great news! May Ergodan go down in flames and a secularized regime rise from his accursed ashes.

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Neslihan wrote:

Get ready for a re-revamp of the judiciary. Tomorrow. Not all have adapted to Erdogan’s “advanced democracy”. Tut tut.

Note: “Advanced Democracy” is Erdogan’s very own democracy.
Together with “Zero-Problems-With-Neighbors” (foreign policy) and “Rrrreaching-And-Exccceeding” a contemporary level of civilization (our now-forlorn aspiration), these three form his triangulation on the world. May he live a thousand years. Amen.

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nickir wrote:

melt down?…investors bail out?

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nickir wrote:

melt down?…investors bail out?

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tundzeban wrote:

This is a plot against our most honourable PM Erdogan but he will stand strong as the nation with him. Everybody can be sure that Turkey is strong and will be stronger in a very near future. By the way the plotters will pay for this!

Dec 27, 2013 3:14am EST  --  Report as abuse
hallofids wrote:

The prosecuter’s main supporters are religious network Hizmet (Service), organized all over the world, as powerful a lobby as primary lobbies. The prosecuter is the one who detained hundreds without evidence before. Plus, why this bulshit is started right before the elections? Justice doesn’t need to be provocative and activist, and should not involved in religion and politics.

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Jasmin112 wrote:

Mr. Erdogan is a powerful leader making Turkish economy and democracy skyrocket, getting Turkey more independent. This year Mr. Erdogan has paid all of Turkey’s IMF depts and rescue its country from IMF bondage. These kinds of events angered some parts of international finance circles & lobbies, prompting them establish an alliance with their internal compradors to get Turkey back to the enslavement..Secondly, that internal compradors had established a set of mafia that terrorized Turkish people by spying and secretly wiretapping with governmental authority. Now, it is a popular demand in Turkey that this set of gangs be fixed.

Dec 30, 2013 10:07am EST  --  Report as abuse
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