China's oddball demolition king eyes the New York Times

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tatman wrote:

China: keep your hands off! as if flooding our store shelves with cheap garbage isn’t enough, you want to control our media too? the day a citizen of a communist regime acquires a legitimate news outlet in the USA is the day when american media has truly died. (yeah, yeah, i know — fox news has already brought us to the brink of journalistic collapse, if not sent us over the edge…. but a chinese-owned NYT? no thanks.)

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Do not sell the NY Times to the Chinese. Such an American icon in hands of the Chinese? no way.

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bdman wrote:

We can only hope that with a change in ownership to a communist, we would see some moderation toward the center in the political views of the times. If he can only nudge it slightly toward the right he will have done us all a service.
As on-going apologists for the extreme left, the times editorial staff has moved to a point where the idea of journalistic ethics and it’s deliverable – objective protection for the public – is nothing but a dim memory.

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RajeevTutu wrote:

I think this guy has a fabulous idea to getting the nyt in working order again. After all, the Ochs-Sulzberger name is very classic Austrian, which can only mean the paper has already been owned by a foreigner. Think of it this way, if this guy buys the nyt for $1b and didn’t properly manage it, then the times board can buy it back for a mere $10m. What a deal of a century for the times not to do it.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

A person with preternatural abilities could not at this time truely believe that the New York Times is an influencial NEWS outlet. Perhaps influencial in that once the Times tells us something we then know what the masters want. We have brainwash outlets and nothing else. He likely sees the unhindered advertising abilities as more important.

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desertares wrote:

At least if he bought the newspaper there would be a reason for it’s
inaccurate reporting, biased ‘news stories’, and unfamiliarity with
veracity. As it is now, let the paper pay the 15% interest
on it’s loan from Carlos Slim and sink on it’s own merits, if any.

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willich6 wrote:

Couldn’t hurt the product; Other than the crosswords puzzle NYT is already unreadable/unbelievable.. With the BS they shovel, maybe the ‘recycling king’ Chen is a natural fit..
He could hire Martin Bashir as Editor; I understand he’s looking for a job – and Martin clearly has a lot to say…

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Burns0011 wrote:

He’d be better off trying to acquire Fox News: They’ve already proved their mercenary leanings by hawking the books and products of anyone who appears on their shows.

And it’s pure capitalism to sell out for money, which is completely in keeping with Fox News’ corporate and conservative ideology.

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FC_sonic wrote:

Perhaps Chen Guangbiao could by the Fox Network too, diversifying his media portfolio.

Jan 03, 2014 3:10pm EST  --  Report as abuse
herestp wrote:

Democracy, Rule of Law is borderless, race blind, so why are so people freaked out if a Chinaman come over and try to buy NY Times? Afraid of competition?

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