Kerry sees progress on Israeli-Palestinian framework deal

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Harry079 wrote:

John Kerry is very good at making frames and very bad finishing paintings.

Putting a bad painting in a good frame does not make it a good painting and he needs to create a Master-peace.

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yubamary wrote:

Let’s just stop wasting time and money.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

“Kerry says making progress towards Israeli-Palestinian framework deal”

And pigs are going to fly out of my posterior.

The ME has known nothing but war for thousands of years. Ole “Leno chin” isn’t going to change that.

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inMyView wrote:

Hi fellow commentators !
There will be peace here sooner than later.

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f00 wrote:

I gotta wonder how the Izzies look at half-jew Kerry.

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WhyMeLord wrote:

You can tell when John Kerry is lying, his lips will be moving.
He is a professional politician and/or used-car salesman at heart.
Anything to “make the sale” runs through his veins instead of blood.
The ME is far beyond the grasp of a western politician to fathom.
Has anyone calculated how much taxpayer money we’ve spent on this fiasco during the last decade? Factor in the foreign aid thrown down the drain on Israel and we could pay off the national debt.

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hariknaidu wrote:

McCain & gang are doing Bibi/AIPACs dirty game to undermine Kerry.
It’s impossible to imagine such happenings other than to a blackman sitting in WH. History will record when the Iranian, Syrian and Palestine deals are done why it took such time and effort.

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f00 wrote:

McCain is Obama’s man in the GOP. Their bickering is just window dressing; their differences, such that they exist, are tactical, not strategic. They completely agree on who the “bad guys” are.

Obama/McCain’s USA, like the rest of the West, is run by jews, for the benefit of jews, and has been for decades.

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WhyMeLord wrote:

Jews 10, Christians 0;
Jews 15, Buddhas 0;
Jews 20, Hindus 0;
Jews 25, Muslims 0.
Does any of this sound like the game is rigged in favor of the Jews?
Does any of this sound like our government is involved in the scam?
Does any of this sound like maybe we need some referees with teeth?

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DLNY wrote:

“Israel and the Palestinians are making progress towards a “framework agreement” to guide their talks on a formal peace deal but still have some way to go, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday.”

What utter and complete blather.

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React wrote:

The same people in the US who fight progress at every single turn are the ones who will defend Israel to the death, just not their own death.

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f00 wrote:

Bill Clinton said back in 2002 that he’d “fight and die” for Israel if they were invaded by Iraq.

Looks like all sides have been bought.

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PaulBradley wrote:

“No one benefits more from the success of Secretary Kerry’s efforts than Palestinians and no one stands to lose more (from) failure than Palestinians,” Kerry said.”

I think that Kerry’s statement quoted above is highly erroneous.
Why? Because, I believe the following is applicable – The Palestinians have absolutely NOTHING to lose. The Israelis have EVERYTHING to gain. Either by NOT coming to any agreement at all, making look like it’s the Palestinians’ fault (as always), OR, Israel we get an agreement based on everything Israel wants, consistent with the Likud’s Charter.

Having Kerry, in a position as the U.S. “facilitator” . . . Facilitator of WHAT? Favorable outcome for the Israelis???

Most people know that the U.S. foreign policy in the ME is HIGHLY favorable to Israel.

Of course the U.S. is biased. The most obvious indicator of Israel’s “special relation” with the U.S. is the total amount of foreign aid Israel received from America’s taxpayers as of 2005. It amounted to nearly $154 billion (in 2005 dollars), the bulk of it comprising direct grants rather than loans.

However, the actual total U.S.’s costs are significantly higher (approximately $13 billions annually), because direct U.S. aid is given under unusually favorable terms and the U.S. provides Israel with other forms of material assistance that are not included in the foreign assistance budget.

Peace? Zionists governing Israel are NOT interested. After all, there is a relative peace with the Palestinians mainly due to Israel’s and America’s military might. The current negotiations are a sham. Israel is interested in a canal diverting water from the Jordan River since 1953.

Likud’s Charter does NOT allow sovereign state of Palestine and de facto states the following:

“The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river. The Palestinians can run their lives freely in the framework of self-rule, but not as an independent and sovereign state. Thus, for example, in matters of foreign affairs, security, immigration and ecology, their activity shall be limited in accordance with imperatives of Israel’s existence, security and national needs.”

In consideration of just the few facts mentioned above, how possibly could anyone’s rational mind lead a person to believe/trust the U.S.A. to be an unbiased entity during negotiations for ANY Israeli – Palestinian ‘existential agreement’.

As most of us know, Israel was historically NEVER under an “existential threat” as constantly propagated as a fact by Zionist Israeli government. However, another fact is that the Palestinians not only experienced “existential threat” historically, they are experiencing it daily – TO DATE, especially during these so called “negotiations”!

Just an afterthought – when I went to college (50′s-60′s) the word “Palestine”, “Palestinian”, or any word associated with its meaning, has been totally WIPED OUT of every single dictionary in the U.S. (perhaps even in the entire world). It’s been relatively just a few years that these words started appearing in any given dictionary. Go figure . . .

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2Borknot2B wrote:

Wow PaulB. Sounds about right.

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rgbviews wrote:

“Broad Arab support is viewed as crucial if the Palestinians are to make the compromises”

One does not need to make compromises when you have international law on your side. Israel’s “painful concessions” are nothing more than returning stolen property. If Abbas hopes to win the support of his people and the many Hamas supporters in their midst, he cannot compromise on international law. Justice must be seen to be done or there will be no peace.

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VultureTX wrote:


wow you once again report as abuse any view not matching your own.

/sucks to be you. ie losing side of the argument and unable to admit it.

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bbsnews wrote:

Hey “vulture”, RGB stated pure fact. Indisputable fact. Fact that is proven 550,000 times over. Fact backed up by international law and UN resolutions. Fact backed up by the ICC.

When you issue a juvenile come back like “sucks to be you” it’s really important that you are correct…

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VultureTX wrote:

ah another anti semite who can’t reconcile that is israel is breaking internaitonal law and is subject to penalty for it, then Egypt an djordan would also be. Or that Legal treaties made in the 1920′s mean that UN actions are not valid in “lands west of the Jordan” when it comes to settlements.

/and yes it sucks to be you, because you keep complaining about jews, and yet nothing of significance changes. As for the level on my comments, I tried to quote actual applicable laws and they just reported me, so sorry if I stepped down to your level of conversation and you still can’t take it.

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bbsnews wrote:

Let’s see “vulture”… Should people listen to you, or should they listen to EVERY single international law scholar on the planet when they ALL say Israel is breaking international law?

Tick tick tick…

International law scholars yes, some troll named “vulture” no.

I have Jews in my family you idiot and American Indians. Your tired old antisemitism charge is meaningless to me. Indeed it is meaningless to much of the world because trolls like yourself have cheapened the term and abused it so badly…

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VultureTX wrote:

sorry you lie, the majority support that position, not every single one. Now since you lied about that , what can’t you accept you are an anti semite? Even hereditary jews can be anti semitic. I mean self loathing is a liberal trait.

/so once again your logic fails and you wonder why Israel is still standing and the palestinans *)who by the way Paul bradley were not even called that according to britanica 1912 )will not win

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The Cursed Inheritance that left Ariel Sharon in Palestine and Lebanon is forever kept in the mind of innocents, as the Slaughter in Beirute de Sabra and Chatila in September of 1982, when during at least 36 hours of horror it had a methodical slaughter, that according to the International Red Cross killed more than 2000 people, between women, old children and, found died under of tables and chairs, as animal. To the ending of the slaughter, in you vary houses, stacks of bodies hugged entire families of fear, where the victims, were with cut necks, torn wombs, perforateed coasts of bullets, complete selvageria.ESTA ARE the GREAT INHERITANCE DE SHARON, as well as the WALLS that isolate and had destroyed thousand of houses and propertie of the Palestinian families, not allowing that these, nor have access the water of the artesian wells, and the less of Rio Jordão and Mar of the Galiléia.A Grande Lebanese Community in Brazil, without a doubt it never forgets this Cursed Inheritance, it Great General Assassino Sharon.BRASIL

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