Record freeze extends to eastern United States, at least eight dead

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susantdayton wrote:

Buffalo, NY malls have closed. Its not really the amount of snow that has fallen as much as the cold. It rained yesterday and was 40ish degrees early this morning. The temperature dropped to the single digits this afternoon and there is a frozen slick of ice underneath the snow on the roads and sidewalks. Plus, the wind is visually present with the snow blowing in a horizontal fashion.

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Rotorob wrote:

Well written collective piece.

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Levi-Tate wrote:

A few degrees below zero and the whole US seizes up. Come to Helsinki. Or visit Ottawa or Moscow for a lesson in how to manage in the cold. All it takes is some superior technology and a nation that does not cringe in the face of cold and crumple in the face of adversity.

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hallsway wrote:

Cold = weather; hot = global warming. Got it? Got it!

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gcf1965 wrote:

Global cooling just doesn’t pop on the tongue

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NokiaFans wrote:

Welcome back Ice Age!

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I see we have the ignorant deniers in here. I will use an analogy from the Daily Show last night, if 97 doctors told you you had a cancerous lump on your lung that needed treatment and 3 said ‘o that is nothing, just a shadow on the scan’, which would you listen too?

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Overcast451 wrote:

This is all an inconvenient truth!

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Zeken wrote:

“[I]gnorant deniers,” LOL.

It’s funny how the proudly “educated,” supposedly thinking for themselves crowd are the most likely to come off as lexically-impaired automatons.

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@Zeken, I do not get your point, but anyhow back to my point which you did not address, what would you choose given that situation?

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PaulBradley wrote:


To my experience, usually, people go with the majority because that’s where most money is – not necessarily the truth. For example, “global warming” movement, mostly led by attorneys, became “politically correct” and generated a lot of profits for the people involved, e.g. Al Gore.

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Crash866 wrote:

What does that have to do with scientific theory that has been found to flawed at best? Where is the conclusive evidence that man is causing the climate change?

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Crash866 wrote:

Obama in office for 5+ years and the shelters are overwhelmed? Huh???

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@Crash866, I guess it depends on what you deem ‘conclusive’, but the latest from the UN was 95% chance that human activity is the main cause. Conclusive enough for me, heck the increase of CO2 levels in the atmosphere from the Mauna Loa site are good enough for me. There is nothing else that has happened in the last 50 years that could attribute to this rise in CO2 levels. So is there a small, less then 1 % chance IMO, that human activity is not the dominant cause of global change, of course there is, because science never deals in absolutes. And, also IMO, the minimum effects of climate change are enough to warrant control of fossil fuel burning, plus we get the positive side effect of making the one place we can live, the Earth, a much cleaner place.

You ask, ‘ where is the conclusive evidence that man is causing climate change?’, well it pretty easy ti find out, let me show you,

On another note, Am I the only one that finds it frustrating that we have to have this same moronic debate EVERY time some story about the weather comes up? Why are so many on the right so insistent in not living in the same reality as the rest of us?

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@PaulBradley, so in your case your going to go with the 3 out of 100 doctors that told you it was just a ‘shadow in the scan’ just because the other 97/100 are making money? Is not it a capitalistic principal to make money however you can? I guess you have it in for the wealth creators then?

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chekovmerlin wrote:

To my friends and neighbors in the East, get a pellet stove or fireplace(you can get on installed) and burn wood. Don’t depend on utilities for electric or gas.

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wilhelm wrote:

crackers be crazy. and post to reuters.

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AlkalineState wrote:

“Oil refiners were also hit, with Marathon Petroleum Corp and Exxon Mobil Corp both experiencing cold-related outages.”

Surprise. The cartels continue to look for any reason to jolt the market and spike the price. Even when they have to REALLY stretch it. So now, an industrial process which generates heat and is done year round in places like Alaska and Siberia and Canada and Norway… has to be shut off because….. it’s cold outside :)

Yeah okay. Tune in next week for the global oil supply crisis, resulting from 7 pirates in an inflatable raft near Somalia. Again.

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ashteigh wrote:

Completely insane, moronic, fabricated drivel.

EVERY YEAR temps in Montana, Nth Dakota, etc. reach -30 to -50 (without w.chill factor).
Millions expect and endure this – quite easily – EVERY YEAR.

see documented facts here:

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ashteigh wrote:

Completely insane, moronic, fabricated drivel.

EVERY YEAR temps in Montana, Nth Dakota, etc. reach -30 to -50 (without w.chill factor).
Millions expect and endure this – quite easily – EVERY YEAR.

see documented facts at currentresults dot com, Weather-Extremes, US coldest-temperatures

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ALERT. Worse may be yet to come thanks to angry Sun.
SpaceWeather. com — X-FLARE: Giant sunspot AR1944 erupted on Jan 7th at approximately 1832 UT, producing a powerful X1-class solar flare.
First-look coronagraph images from the STEREO-Ahead spacecraft appear to show a coronal mass ejection (CME) emerging from the blast site. If so, the CME is almost certainly heading for Earth. Stay tuned for updates as more data arrive from the NASA-ESA Heliophysics Fleet
X-class flares are big; they are major events that can trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms.

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chyron wrote:


>A few degrees below zero and the whole US seizes up

Actually as this is F and not C degrees, must say that while temperature should be bearable for _prepared_ people, it’s nothing to joke about – in case of energy outages (afair USA cities are not into city-wide central heating systems using surplus heat from powerplants, did they?) things can go very sad in few days. Houses built for higher temperatures are also can be a problem – like it was for us almost a decade ago when suddenly there was -40C (-40F) while our homes are rated only down to -25..-30 C (-13..-22 F).

BTW currently it’s +2C (36F) in Saint-Petersburg, our Christmas wasn’t white but rainy :( (Orthodox ie julian calendar ie january 7th)

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Big2Tex wrote:

Lets see, most of the suffering and damage is in blue states. Sing along “”ask me if I care, Lord, ask me if I care; blue states seeing cold Lord, ask me if I care. More of God’s wrath coming as the seculars go slummin’, ask me if I care Lord, ask me if I care.”"

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PaulBradley wrote:

USAPragmatist2 I think your argument, especially in the case of the political movement in ref. to ‘global warming’ is obviously weak. And, IT IS POLITICAL rather than SCIENTIFIC argument.

How about this? – Your question about the doctors – the argument could go like this: “million flies CAN’T be wrong, therefore, eat s__t!

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