Israel arrests Islamic Jihad suspects over bus attack

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Reuters1945 wrote:

One of the bombers is “a member of the Palestinian police force.”

What a wonderful “confidence building” message to help promote future “Peace” talks in the New Year.

The day Israel pulls out of the West Bank will be the day the West Bank becomes “Gaza II” but due to its close proximity to the heart of Israel will pose an exponentially more lethal threat.

Instead of an attempted bus bombing once per month there will be one attempted bus bombing per day and all life in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, for all intents and purposes, will become a living Hell.

It is naïve to imagine that Israel is going to allow such a scenario to take place.

Is there a solution? As long as there are people throughout the world who glorify the concept of “Suicide Bombings” and targeting innocent civilians, there is absolutely no final solution possible and all one can do is try to establish the best Defense mechanisms humanly possible.

This is happening all over the world and is not strictly speaking an Israeli problem. Russia is dealing with the exact same scenario and is totally at risk with the advent of the Olympics.

When it comes to fanatical terrorists all one can do is try to eliminate them before they eliminate you. Talk is useless. “Negotiation” is futile.

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