Actress Jennifer Hudson buys assistant a house for Christmas

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JamVee wrote:

Family and Friends . . . , that’s what life is all about! When you are on your deathbed, it wont be your money that is holding your hand.

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jareal333 wrote:

Super cool.

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Overcast451 wrote:

That’s pure awesome.

And yes, that’s right – it’s about family and ‘others’ in general too.

Little story that’s true; that I’ve told my kids and even myself.. I learned from it, even more than I thought I would.

Years ago, I found about $500.00 in cash in a small change purse. To make the story short – I gave it back to the lady who lost it. I didn’t have to, otherwise.

But either way now… the money is gone. Had I taken it – the money would be gone by now anyway.

But the result of me doing the right thing – is that it’s a good story I can tell to educate my children. I sleep well at night; never lost a minute over that.

Had I taken the money – it would still be gone and a shame I’d have to live with.

Particularly – when I found out what the purpose of the money was. “Grandma” was Christmas shopping for her grandkids – the mother of the children had a bad disease and couldn’t do it herself. It was all the money this poor lady had saved over a year – because it might be their last Christmas together.

I’m glad I found it that day.

Money is replaceable – people and family are not. No matter what happen in life now Jennifer will always feel good about what she has done.

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