Pentagon cuts by third places where U.S. troops get danger pay

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Of all the mistakes and judgment errore coming out of DC, there has never been a “cost overrun” when it comes to military pay.

As so often heard in the DC area: “There are no coincidences inside the Beltway.”

In light of the DoD “lost trillions,” there is a distinct sadness lingering in the air, about this.

It’s almost funny that none of the employees of the “civilian contractors” or the surrogate military “Private Military Companies,” such as “Blackwater,” complained about their pay.

Was Kissinger THAT correct in his contemptuous description of the American G.I.?

But, the never-ever-ending cost overrun in the F-35 project goes onward; with Chinese parts included.

Is it true? –

“What’s good for America; is bad for Americans.”

Jan 04, 2014 4:51am EST  --  Report as abuse
GSRyder wrote:

Sounds like they, the “Dept of OFFENSE / War Dept.”, is opening up some cash for their next evil invasion some where on the planet . They know no shame and show no disgrace .

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