Iraqi army shells Falluja to try to dislodge Qaeda, tribes

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drauckerr wrote:

Iraq. Another U.S. military success story. And only 10 trillion dollars in debt to pay off.

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nose2066 wrote:

Isn’t the shelling of civilian areas what Muammar Gaddafi did in Libya? Wasn’t that the reason that NATO gave for dropping bombs all over that country? In this case, should NATO consider dropping bombs on Iraq’s new government?

Isn’t it about time to start another undeclared war in the Middle East?

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DLNY wrote:

It is a good thing we have already with 2 separate administrations declared victory there. I think we are about to win in Afghanistan too! I think a second Nobel is in order at the very least given that Al Qaeda is no longer a threat. Of course that stupid video could surface again and ruin everything!

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kurdstaat wrote:

The terrorist Turks are sending convoy after convoy of weapons and other equipment to the terrorist Sony Arabs through Syrian border. Terrorist Turks have been arming the terrorist Sony Arabs for three years. The Sony Arabs and terrorist Turks both are fighting the PKK, Kurdish national military.

PKK, National Military of Kurdish nation, has fought the terrorist Turks for 30 years, but has not been able to control Turkey because of NATO’s support. PKK has effectively crushed the terrorist Sony Arabs in Syria and controls Kurd-State in Syria. The only reason the terrorist Sony Arabs are becoming powerful and taking town after town in Syria and Iraq is that the Terrorist Turks are directly arming Al-Qaaeda.

Terrorist Turks, Terrorist NATO and terrorist Arabs are all complicit in their terrorism against Kurdish nation. Terrorist Turks and terrorist Arabs both occupy vast parts of Kurd-State and deny the existence of Kurdish nation. NATO is directly supporting terrorist Arabs and terrorist Turks by arming them and recognizing Kurd-State as parts of Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

NATO has one solution for long lasting peace in the Middle East.

Recognize the Aryan Kurdish nation and Kurd-State.

Stop NATO’s terrorism against Kurdish nation.

Stop the occupation Turkish occupation of Kurd State.

recognize the fundamental human rights of Kurdish nation.

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kbill wrote:

Well, there goes the neighborhood.

Makes me proud that “we” fought two wars, and sacrificed our youth for the sake of misguided democratic values wasted on a 13th Century culture.

Let time and chance sort out these Bedouins now…they had their opportunity at a positive place in history, and chose to squander it on religious factionalism instead.

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With the Syrian “good” rebels now engaged with al Qaeda & associates, now this; is Obama & the Gang stuck with looking at Iran in the light of the expression:

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

These latest changes must be driving Israel totally nuts.

In the periphery, Saudi Arabia is backing the Sunni forces.

Whoever replaces Tom Clancy has a lot of new material to work with.

In theory, at least, the U.S. might be able to sway the outcome by sending in a fleet of drones to tip the balance.

What an opportunity for a new war-gaming program, for the kids. Instead of battling avatars, have ‘commanders’ making decisions in a command center; with the ‘usual’ wall display and banks of analysts relaying intelligence.

Or, is that a really old game, that’s already been out for years? Well, add the “drone warfare” element; and update the list of opponents. By now, the topographical imagery can probably use some updating, also.

Hmmmm. I wonder if the NSA is reading this.

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edgyinchina wrote:

If Saddam was still in charge, this never would have happened… Good thing we got rid of him… lol

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gangof4 wrote:

What worse, some like Senators McCain and Governor Perry want us to go back in.

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f00 wrote:

Iraq was invaded to ensure its elimination as a threat to Israel. It was effectively dismembered and rendered impotent. Mission accomplished. Syria is currently undergoing the same treatment.

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Radek.kow1 wrote:

Better for USA and more generally the West to further develop shale gas production and consumption as well as effective renewables. That’s how we can best help to end the endless wars in the backward islam-ridden parts of the world. No intervention will help long-term.

If we cut the oil money lifeline to all those barbaric regimes, for example in the Middle East, then perhaps it’s possible that they can no longer buy weapons and start rather to think of how to fill up the stomachs of their citizens while living on a desert. Moreover, the governments there (like Saudi Arabia) will no longer be able to sustain a super-welfare state in exchange for peace and quiet. They will need to become more accountable to their taxpayers if they are to survive instead of preaching medieval-style demagogy. Wars would become much less affordable.

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