Syrian rebels launch fierce offensive against al Qaeda fighters

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RobertFrost wrote:

What one is witnessing is not the rebels fighting it out. They mask Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are the real protagonists.

Both provided funds, weapons and materiel to Al-Qai’da groups in their “formative years” fighting the Syrian regime and Saudi Arabia financed their Iraqi operations, probably to this day.

Turkey facilitated the delivery of the “aid,” and offered an “Rest & Recuperation” redoubts in the “refugee camps,” and training facilities for which doubled, too, as training centers for the Islamist European Jihadists, and those from Central Asia.

The successes of these Al-Qa’ida groups in swallowing up other groups, to become the main rebel units all over Syria, is partly because the salary they pay a fighter is twice or three times that paid by the “Free Syrian Army” when it existed operationally.

Since a few months ago, Saudi Arabia took over the leadership of the “Syrian Revolution” from Qatar, with clear blessing by the US. The “Free Syrian Army,” itself a Qatar “charity,” failed to prove itself on the ground and turned into a commercial operation in weapons and other military goods, which they actually sold to these same Al-Qa’ida groups!

Saudi Arabia then established in Syria, with abundance of dollars, the “Islamic Front.” It consisted of 40 disparate Islamist groups, extremely well-paid and armed through Jordan, where some received training in the refugee camp in the north of Jordan. It is reported that US “advisers” were in charge of the training, although it didn’t seem to have been useful, as some hundreds of the trainees died in their initial contact with the Syrian Army to the East of the Syrian Capital Damascus, according to Lebanese papers, a couple of weeks ago.

The switch from supporting Al-Qa’ida to forming a no less extremist Islamic bands, based on exactly the same extreme Islamist tenets of the Saudi regime, the spiritual father of Al-Qa’ida, and where most of the 9/11 murders hailed!

This was accompanied by pleas by Ambassador Ford, the US “Ambassador to Syria,” for a meeting with the “Islamic Front.” That meeting took place three weeks ago in which he tried to persuade the leaders of the “Islamic Front” to join the “Geneva 2″ conference, according to press reports.

That they turned round to fight the other Islamist bands, may well be a preparation for joining the Conference, after acquiring some territory to give the “Opposition” at the Conference some physical presence in Syria.

The encouragement and support the “Syrian National Coalition,” itself is a Ford manufacture, to the “Islamic Front” is quite indicative of the US and Saudi gambit in the game that resulted so far in the death of 130,000 Syrians.

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