Yellen gets final stamp of approval to head U.S. Fed

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Another AIPAC Wall St Banker-Insurance Regime unleashed on the American people to destroy our middle class and quality of life.

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Jingan wrote:

rubber stamping… in PRC

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Trichiurus wrote:

Just another political appointee who will give politically correct advice. This administration has yet to learn that the more they interfere in a free market society, the more harm they do. Perhaps that’s the point? Mr. Obama has real problems with American sovereignty and the concept of checks-and-balances in our system; i.e., he has simply brought the Chicago-style of political bulling to the Hill. This kind of change we could have done without.

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pyradius wrote:

Queue comments that express their outrage and objection, without ever going into the details as to why. Rubber stamp, checks & balances? Lol…please.

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As long as she let’s us continue printing money out of thin air she will be shoe in.

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RD137 wrote:

This is good news. It means the Ponzi scheme is going to collapse sooner rather than later.

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Dron wrote:

May I ask why did it become a trend lately to appoint Jews only to the post of Fed Chairman? Looks like the position has become reserved for Jews only, a bit racist if you ask me.

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wideawake1971 wrote:

Why does a non-Federal institution like the Fed Reserve need Senate approval? The Fed is shareholder owned institution that creates and loans money that they create out of thin air–its a fiat based currency backed by nothing. The politicians and FR are controlled by a much more powelfl globalists. Be aware their goal is to kep yo in debt (econimically enslaved)

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Yamayoko wrote:

The market has yet to cast her a vote of confidence. Her next public speech consistent with policy guidance is vital.

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RD137 wrote:

Dron, the bulk of the families who own/control the Federal Reserve Banks are Jewish (Rothchild, Bechtel, Warburg, Schroder, Morgan, Meyer Rockefeller, etc.)

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Dron wrote:

RD137, I know about that. Its just lately they are not even being subtle, thats 3 Jewish Fed Chairmen in a row!

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Tiu wrote:

Dron, the best thing to do is boycott businesses who do business with Zionist businesses. I know this will be hard/impossible re-the Fed, however if others in their circle are peacefully boycotted they may get the message.

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With 93 million people out of work, Obamacare and new taxes imposed on the working class, free lunch and medical for all illegals, Germany wants its gold and we do not have it to give back, unemployment checks spread out over 3 years is another form of welfare for fools who think these are forever checks, no we are going down and this is what every democrat wants for America. When a president takes vacations that total 600 million dollars and wants equality for all…no this is pure evil in a 6,000.00 suit.

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