Google, other big companies to pay to use San Francisco bus stops

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thebriang wrote:

Why dont the rich people just ride the normal bus like everyone else.
Oh, thats right, they dont want to sit next to those poor people.

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rustic36 wrote:

You will have to excuse me- -I don’t get it? Isn’t it the ”plan’ of the liberals that mass transportation is what is needed in this country? And aren’t ”bus” systems set up to do that- – IE take people from point A to point B so they don’t use their cars and HURT the earth? And now the City of SFO wants to penalize the potential riders because ”they” – - studied, did well in school, got JOB with a good company, are paying taxes to support those who do NOT work, and want to use- – ”PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION” SO THEY DON’T hurt THE PLANET- – and the LIBERALS are upset? ? ? ? ? REALLY? ? ? One more time – - this is about CLASS WARFARE? ? ? ARE ”LIBERALS” – - – EVER HAPPY? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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TheSleevePSU wrote:

I think you might be missing the point entirely. The buses described in this article are not public transportation. They are a private shuttle service provided by tech companies like Apple and Google as an incentive for hiring and retaining top talent. However, these buses are using public bus stops. The problem, therefore, is that they are effectively making use of public infrastructure for their private services. The proposed solution is having them pay a permit fee for having access to the public bus stops. The permits would then go to subsidize the city’s existing public transportation.

I personally think that the protests against these buses are misplaced. The companies should be able to provide a private shuttle to their employees if they wish to do so, and of course they should pay the city for using its public infrastructure.

In other words, this has nothing to do with liberals, public transportation, class warfare, or any of the other things you’re blathering about.

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