N.J. Governor Christie says misled by staff in bridge scandal

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Timbuk3 wrote:

Last minute “traffic study”? Lol, that is hilarious. Political payback at its worst. I guess no party is immune to henchmen operatives pulling out all the stops.

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4825 wrote:

So. This is not news.

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willich6 wrote:

Typical political BS…

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SaveRMiddle wrote:

What a dirty world politicians live in. Guess those who make it “to the top” haven’t a shred of integrity left from The Climb.

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auger wrote:

His administration must not have much constructive to do with their time – or they figure to be changing positions anyway when he leaves to politic elsewhere and just don’t care

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@4825, Of course this is news, imagine if there was indications that Obama did something like this, you and the other right/Obama haters would probably be having coronaries.

You really live in a different reality then the rest of us I guess.

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ronryegadfly wrote:

He should go to jail for disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and whatever else they can charge him and his staff with. He betrayed the public trust and broke the law. Anybody else would go to jail for this. He shouldn’t get away with a simple impeachment because he’s a powerful politician.

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wesleynemes wrote:

If proven, can this be grounds for recall?

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flashrooster wrote:

USAPragmatist2: Nonsense. You must learn. If a Republican does something untoward, it’s not news. Just Democrats trying to make political hay out of nothing. But if it’s OBAMA!!! or a Democrat, then it’s big news, and in the case of OBAMA!!! it’s an impeachable offense and he should be tried. In fact, he should be impeached over this. Obviously this incident has Obama’s falsified fingerprints all over it. That Obama. Just doesn’t know when to quit. He’s so…black.

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“Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.”
-John Acton.

This is a typical power play by someone in power. Nothing new under the sun. Just happened to be Chris Christie.

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flashrooster wrote:

So let’s see…Christie will hold up traffic on one of the busiest bridges in the country for political retribution, then lie about it, and…what else…oh yeah, he used to work as a lobbyist for Bernie Madoff’s firm and was a top fund raiser for George W. Bush. His wife is a big wig in an “alternative” investment company. Yeah, run Chris Christie in the next election, if you want more of the same ol’ corrupt politics we’re sick and tired of. That will be fun. I’m sure Americans would want a former Madoff lobbyist as their President…LOL.

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julri wrote:

No political party is immune to these types of issues. That you party hacks would point fingers and call the other party names shows your naivete. That it comes to light tells of the sloppiness of which it was carried out, trust me this happens more often than not. Next time Christie, if you are going to play with the big dogs , get some better dogs. Bunch of Amateurs!

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AlkalineState wrote:

A ‘traffic study’ on one of the busiest bridges in the world….. a day after the mayor there refused to endorse Christie.

And then a private email from Christie’s office saying “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Now I’m all for hardball. But don’t play like you ain’t playin’ :)

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Whys333 wrote:

After losing all that weight, the man just exploded. At least now he can eat what he likes.

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OliverClosov wrote:

Wow this really bad. I mean, much worse than having one of your appointed officials responsible for getting an Ambassador killed, or a Border Patrol Agent murdered through a botched ATF sting operation and then covering them up, right?

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daple56 wrote:

I thought he was a straightforward guy, but this new revelation paints a different picture. He’s really just a small-time governor of a relatively minor state, and certainly not qualified for the presidency.

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gitmojo wrote:

The Christie lynch mob has a man tried and condemned for traffic backups but in the same breath will defend Hilary and obama after causing the murderous death of four Americans in Benghazi.

“What difference does it make!”

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4825 wrote:

So Obama can do extreme political targeting (illegal suppression) using the IRS against political opposition and it is cool to old flash and USA. The NJ DOT closes some traffic lanes and it should be national news because of speculation of political revenge. Yeah lane closure, that is news alright.

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SKJFSF wrote:

“not-untypical”? Wouldn’t “typical” suffice?

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flashrooster wrote:

4825: If you have evidence that Obama or his staff used the IRS illegally, then he should be charged. However, it hasn’t even been proven that there was any wrongdoing that took place, much less Obama’s involvement.

The IRS redflags organizations that appear to have political motivations. Their job, in this case, was to determine what organization qualified for tax exempt status. They did it with both liberal and conservative groups. That’s their job. It’s nothing like what Christie did.

So now that there’s a smoking gun, Christie is changing his story and letting his staff take the fall for this scandal. A real standup guy. No one working for Chris Christie would pull a stunt like that w/o a directive from their boss. Makes no sense. Someone will take the fall for Christie, some brainless Republican operative. Christie is a typical crooked politician who will stop at nothing for power.

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flashrooster wrote:

OliverClosov and gitmojo: If there’s evidence that Christie ordered the road closing, then he should be charged accordingly. If there’s evidence that Obama or Hillary Clinton intentionally caused the embassy attack in Benghazi, then they, too, should be charged accordingly. But if 4 State Dept employees are killed and you want to blame Obama and Hillary Clinton because they were in charge, then what should we do with Bush and Colin Powell and Condi Rice, since we lost 4,500 Americans thanks to their decisions while THEY were in charge?

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AlkalineState wrote:

Yeah, it’s sleazy but….. I don’t see the point of getting too self-righteous about it. This could have just as easily been a Rahm Emanuel thing, and it would not have surprised me. Staffers are a liability, and all you can do is clean house when they schidt the bed.

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DMac2 wrote:

Christie is just another petty minded manipulative “bully-gets-his-way” GOP party member. No surprises here.

Too bad (not really), as many American’s were just beginning to see Christie as a positive
candidate for GOP 2016 nomination. He’s from New Jersy and has toooooo much of a petty
“I’ll get back at you – mobster mentality” to ever become presidential material

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flashrooster wrote:

OliverClosov and gitmojo: Perhaps that number should be closer to 6,500 since nearly 2,000 Americans were killed on 9/11, and actually Benghazi has more in common with 9/11 than the actual invasion of Iraq, except that the 9/11 attacks were on American soil and was much worse. Benghazi is in Libya and only 4 were killed.

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yourbuddyearl wrote:

Nice try 4825, but until we see emails indicating Obama had anything to do with the “extreme political targeting using the IRS,” you’re just blowing hot air. Of course, you’d still be blowing hot air if we ever did see such emails.
I’m afraid anyone with an IQ of above room temperature would “speculate” after reading those emails. What do you think they were referring to in those emails? I’d be willing to bet “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” isn’t referring to human or drug trafficing.
Time is extremely precious to many of us. Mine is worth much more than money and sitting in a traffic jam that was intentionally created by anyone would tick me off beyond belief!
If you feel as though this doesn’t qualify as a news story, perhaps you should go back to the Fox News site. Now that’s real news, huh? Stupid people congregate there daily, so you really should set that as your homepage and never stray. It’s perfect for you!

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SKrob wrote:

What a coward. He’s going to owe a lot of people a lot of favors for falling on the sword for him.

He’ll never win the GOP primary and he’ll absolutely never win any run for the White House.

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ALSTEIN wrote:

Those trying to downplay this genuine scandal are Trolls–plain as day. This was NOT mere business-as-usual, no matter how hard these Trolls may try to peddle their spin. This was spectacularly nasty, slimy, vindictive, contemptible, reckless, corrupt,cynical, misguided, stupid and irreverant demonstration by Christie’s gang of narcissistic delinquents. Punishing taxpaying commuters who were just trying to get to work? Shamelessly snickering about the notion that “children of Buono voters” were suffering from their idiotic stunt? Disgraceful. These emails not only blow the lid off this brazen violation of the public trust, they trace this whole thing right back to Christie’s doorstep.

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flashrooster wrote:

Folks like 4825 don’t care about facts or reality. They’ve sold their souls to conservative ideology. That in itself wouldn’t necessarily be so bad if the Republicans and our ruling Plutocrats didn’t take full advantage of that condition and lead people like them around like docile sheep.

If, for example, the Plutocrats want their taxes lowered, all they have to do is tell the Republican leadership, and their Republican operatives go to work programing folks like 4825 to believe that taxes should be lowered on the rich. Anything the ruling plutocrats want, the 4825s of this country will want too. Lower taxes on the rich; deregulate all industries; make the government powerless; ignore the development of alternative fuels and drill, baby, drill; leave US healthcare to the mercy of market forces; continue spending ten times more than everyone else combined on defense; and pump as many guns into the hands of the public as possible. So much of what is ailing America is a result of this unfortunate dynamic.

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SKrob wrote:

This was NOT a Rahm Emmanuel thing and it was not an Obama thing. These attempts to deflect every story away from it’s focus and on to a Democrat, any Democrat, is a reflection of everything that has gone horribly wrong with the modern-day GOP and it’s base.

“I know I am, but what are you?”

Really? Get a grip, people. If you don’t take issue with what Christie’s crew did here, you are morally and ethically bankrupt. Period.

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@4825, as more facts have come out about the IRS ‘scandal’ it has been shown that not only conservative groups but liberal groups where also examined for 501C status.If there was proof that Obama, or any other POTUS for that matter, used the IRS to intimidate opponents, then I and many others would be calling for impeachment.

Is causing a traffic jam to punish a political opponent impeachable, probably not, but it sure is news. And it is something I would want to know about before choosing who I voted for.

@gitmojo and OliverClosov, please explain your logic that Obama and or Clinton are responsible for groups attacking our consulate? this would be like saying 9/11 was an inside job. At best you can make the case that they minimized it as a spontaneous event when it was a planned terrorist attack, but more recent investigations have shown that even this is a pretty big stretch.

You rightie/Obama haters really live in a different reality then the rest of the world. Sad.

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Whipsplash wrote:

So much for the great white whale of a hope in 2016….next!

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flashrooster wrote:

Personally, I wouldn’t want a former lobbyist as our President no matter what else he or she has done. Lobbyists are the problem, not the solution. And being a lobbyist for Bernie Madoff’s old firm doesn’t help matters any.

But it doesn’t matter. Conservatives won’t allow another northeastern moderate to win the nomination again anyway. All Christie’s opponents will have to do is show footage of Christie working with Obama. Case closed.

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gitmojo wrote:

Obama’s “I didn’t know anything ’bout dat” standard answer is the same as Christie’s excuse. The difference is no one got killed on the bridge and two people resigned. Obama reassigns some nameless person and kisses Hilary.

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Timbuk3 wrote:


re: ” ….. a day after the mayor there refused to endorse Christie.”

It wasn’t “the Day after” it was planned for weeks to coincide with the first day of school.

Ambulances and police vehicles were delayed from responding to emergencies. Kids were late for school and then their parents were late for work while his cronies laughed about it via text message.

The executive the head of the “port authority” who ordered the code red was just a high school buddy of the governor, appointed after the election.

Seriously, if this were Obama, the GOP would absolutely impeach him, at the least.

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4825 wrote:

If you don’t believe that Obama was up to his eyeballs in the IRS targeting then you are gullible. We all know how bad obama lies. Just think obamacare, benghazi, and the countless other things he has lied about since he has been in the public eye. It is a disgrace.
Maybe Christy has been hanging around obama and hillary too much and it has rubbed off?

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Neslihan wrote:

Oh… Is this what they call a game of bridge? I thought it was for responsible adults. Anyway, they’ll soon go elsewhere for a snowball fight.

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Wow… just imagine the outrage from the right if Obama had done this… In fact, ‘outrage’ doesn’t even begin to describe the insanity that would ensue.

Instead, they’re trying to sweep it under the rug as if it’s no big deal and trying to divert attention to “Oh yeah well Obama did [insert any number of accusations for which they have zero proof of]!!!!”


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AlkalineState wrote:

Makes me wonder about most of the ‘road construction’ that I get caught in. When the only people working are the ones putting up cones and barriers to nowhere. So now we confirm that a good number of these ‘projects’ are just big orange pissing matches between political rivals.

“Time for some traffic problems here….. and this House district over here…… clogged sewer pipes and road kill on their lawns. Hit send.”

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carlo151 wrote:

This is the worst deliberate abuse, I truly cannot believe somebody would do this. I can remember rushing to my daughters school to get her to a doctor when she was sick. And rushing to get her a meal when her blood sugar started to get dangerously low. I relied on the highway too get caught in a deliberate traffic jam.

Somebody needs to see the inside of a jail cell. Christie, turn these employees over to the law.

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BillinCanada wrote:

Mr. Christie sounds awfully like one of our Ontario mayors!

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PeachBottom wrote:

GOP-Tea Party using the same get rid of Herman Caine technique on Christie, to make room for Rand Paul.

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proEconomist wrote:

He’s basically a Democrat. He should switch now as he’d feel more comfortable as a Dem. No self-respecting republican would vote for him. RINO.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Payback politics in New Jersey? Really? Hey, at least those who opposed Christie didn’t end up wearing concrete boots at the bottom of the Hudson. This is progress.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Don’t let the hypocrisy show so much. Hillary would be very happy if this was her only scandal. If it ends up being Hillary versus Christie you will gleefully vote for Hillary and completely ignore ever single one of her scandals.

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rvm3 wrote:

The emails tell a lot more than that. The emails confess to the crimes- it is not simply “critics say” as Reuters claims. Reuters is treating Christie with kid gloves since he is Corporate America’s candidate.

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