Wall Street flat on earnings; IBM pressures Dow

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bertanderson wrote:

The Nasdaq is still far away from its year 2000 peak of 5000. It can probably go to 6000. Many Nasdaq companies don’t need low P/E ratios or even need to be making money. Look at Blackberry over the last month. They’ve lost billions and the stock has doubled. I would put my money in the Nasdaq companies (preferably the ones that you can’t evaluate very easily). The Nasdaq is staying buoyed and reaching new highs while all the Bricks and Mortar DOW companies are struggling to show better earnings and higher revenue as the economy slows down a bit or the market decides to come into line with their earnings and revenue. It’s risky in the Nasdaq, but if you have the stomach for it, you can get some short term excellent returns.

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bertanderson wrote:

It’s good to hear that China and not only the US and Japan are printing money to help the economy. This should really help the Hang Seng.

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bertanderson wrote:

Most of the really big tech companies on the Nasdaq…Apple, Google, Facebook etc. have some much money in the bank that they can keep the stock market buoyed for as long as they like. The Feds don’t hold a candle to the money these companies have. They can have share buy backs going into 2015 to keep the market up. It will be interesting to see how things shape up.

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jrj906202 wrote:

As long as central banks,can create fiat currency,faster than the stock market,can create more stock,then prices should rise.Only,if inflation or currencies collapse,forcing central banks,to raise interest rates,would I worry about stocks.

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