House Speaker Boehner calls for new aid to Iraq

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PoliticsUgh wrote:

Really, Mr Boehner? We annihilated Iraq. We used the bulk of the American tax payer money to pay off government contractors, letting our troops on the ground go without the necessities needed to continue on. Not only that but, we lost about $9 billion dollars in Iraq. Not one word where that money went, disappeared into thin air! I think we’ve done enough in Iraq. I think enough blood and tears have been shed in Iraq. I think Iraq needs to step up and take control of their own country. We’ve already overspent with lives and money over there. You won’t even help your own fellow country man with food stamps and unemployment benefits. What makes you think the American people will stand for more money being thrown away in Iraq? Please, Mr Boehner, just go away, you make me sick.

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Whipsplash wrote:

“Boehner, responding to a question at a weekly press conference about growing violence in Iraq, said that a new U.S. troop presence was “not called for at this time.”"

It wasn’t called for when the bush administration manufactured a war in Iraq. Just how long do we plan to dump money into this pos country.

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urkiddingme wrote:

no extended unemployment, yet, more aid for iraq? what a freakin’ idiot.

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tatman wrote:

@politicsugh: you took the words right out of my mouth.

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Speaker2 wrote:

So no money for unemployment or Food Stamps in the US, but plenty of money for Iraq?

Twisted sense of priorities Mr. Speaker,

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WhyMeLord wrote:

Boehner should do us all a favor and volunteer to go to Iraq and straighten things out over there. It might give him a first-hand look at how it feels to live in a country invaded by and destroyed by the neo-cons he’s such a part of. He’s a pathetic joke at best.

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Jaay wrote:

Where Boehner been for last 10 years.

The Republican Iraq War has bankrupted the
U.S. Treasury.

If he wants more spending in Iraq, then how
will Republicans pay for it.

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chekovmerlin wrote:

Billions for war but not one penny for the poor in America. That’s the GOP House priority list. Where do we get the money, Mr. Boehner? From the poor, from the old, from the young, from the disabled? Lots of money for war but none for the American public. Gotcha.’

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chekovmerlin wrote:

@Jaay: How will the Republicans pay for it? Easy, cut food stamps even more, no unemployment insurance, cut taxes on the rich, borrow money from Social Security and print money. That’s how. Probably borrow money from the big banks on Wall Street.

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TheInsomniac wrote:

No aid for the unemployed, but you want to send more money to Iraq after we’ve spent a trillion dollars on wars in the last decade? Really?

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I don’t see anything about what is going to be cut to pay for these added measures. A little two faced here.

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SoutherRican wrote:

How stupid can one get, If Iraq wanted anything from the U.S., they would have not let our troop leave. This is just a political attempt at another boondoggle, probably to pay back some of his campaign contributors. But Obama is also not too bright, when he sent Hellfire missiles to Iraq, who may in turn give them to our enemies. If used against the U.S. you know who to blame.

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Senseless wrote:

This is ridiculous. These guys need to have their heads examined. Just bring our troops home to defend our borders. We can no longer afford to buy the world peace.

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Justitia wrote:

How about enacting a “War Tax”, were as those who supported and profited from the Bush/Cheney policy of “Preemptive Warfare”, should
lose all business exemptions and have a 90% tax rate imposed. Until
all war costs and war debt is retired. Any shortfall should come from
the Pentagon budget, I bet the missing money will magically resurface. And if that’s still not enough, withhold pay and expense of Senator’s,Congressmen and Military leaders. I believe that will solve the problem.

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RonTx wrote:

NO!!! Send no one, give nothing!! Sell them arms and weapons. They want to be rid of us, then let them learn to survive on their own. No more entitlements!

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Trichiurus wrote:

No! We’ve given quite enough with only spite given in return.

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