U.S. says China's fishing curbs 'provocative and potentially dangerous'

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Wgward wrote:

The next wars will be over natural resources: here we go….

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Wgward wrote:

The next wars will be over natural resources: here we go….

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thelaowai wrote:

Its amazing how the Chinese military, propaganda bureau and the “president” are like a three headed dragon. they are constantly biting themselves in the ass. To bad the majority of citizens are constant such constant consumers of their BS that they believe it, no matter how ridiculous their “media’s” claims are.

So sure you drew a crappy map of some of the South China Sea during the Tang Dynasty. That does not make it yours. You forget that there were already civilizations living in or near all of your disputed islands?

In that case we should consider Portugal’s claim to Taiwan, since they were the first to map and trade there.

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Mao88 wrote:

the Dragon continues awakening on its long journey to exact revenge on past imperialist wrongs and on elevating the middle kingdom to its purported status as the dominant superpower.

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TomMariner wrote:

80 years ago there was a power in the region that claimed the South Pacific as their inland lake. When they decided that included Hawaii the US got involved. When joined with similar aggression in Europe, the conflict killed 60,000,000, mostly civilians.

Just as the Islamic militants taking over in the Mideast, a direct result of the US dramatic withdrawal from any international leadership role. But don’t blame the leadership of Al Qaeda, China, India, Afghanistan or even the President — his first international action was a tour apologizing for any actions we took outside of our borders, including our help in winning WWII. Blame us the voters — they may not have known in 2008 how damaging his policies would be to the world, but by 2012 we could see evidence of the disaster.

But do me a favor, if we are not going to do anything, stop making stupid statements like “provocative and dangerous” — its embarrassing. And voters — stop electing amateurs.

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Mao88 wrote:


While I cant disagree we have foreign policy amateurs in leadership, the blitzkreig the Third Reich performed in Eastern Europe in 1939 was far more serious than announcing fishing restrictions. The Roosevelt Administration only winced in response at this and other attacks in Europe, including the bombing of London. We didnt do anything when the Chinese got involved in Korea or Vietnam Wars, so why would we do more than chastise the PRC for “provocative and dangerous” new fishing rules?

You know, the Pentagon knows, and the whole world knows that direct conflict with another nuclear power is a red line that cannot be crossed. So, while we all don’t like these unilateral actions by China involving the South China Sea, unless we are prepared to cross that red line, our only real choice is to isolate and embarrass the Chinese into more friendly behavior among its SE Asia neighbors.
These neighbors know this, the Obama Administration should know this, and for certain, Xi Jinping and the CPC knows this and, the world be damned, it knows its growing military capabilty to execute.

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