U.S. profits could bounce in 2014 if economy gains steam

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Tiu wrote:

Yeah, but if the media has lost all credibility these kind of stories aren’t going to jump start anything.

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RD137 wrote:

Amazing how many people can’t figure it out.

The majority of Americans are still BROKE and have very little disposable income. Most people are just getting by and are barely afloat. The people who still have jobs are having to work harder for the same wages they’ve been making for about the last 7 years. Sure, housing prices have gone up, and the stock market has been going up, but again…unless you sell…those are unrealized gains, and they do absolutely NOTHING to increase the disposable income of most people. And since more than two-thirds of our economy is driven by consumer spending, our economy can not effectively grow then until consumers have more real disposable income to spend and not going more into debt. It’s impossible to debt our way into a healthy and robust economy.

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themutedtwo wrote:

We need degrowth, not growth, if we hope to deal with climate disruption, pollution, overpopulation/overconsumption, resource depletion, and loss of biodiversity. Also, we have some workers being squeezed by working lots of overtime and having their pay cut, while other workers go unemployed.

This is a recovery for stocks and profits, not for the population in general. We are still 7.9 million jobs short of a full recovery. Go to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) website and look for “Six Years from Its Beginning, the Great Recession’s Shadow Looms Over the Labor Market”

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