No resistance as crowds occupy Thai capital in festive protest

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Pterosaur wrote:

This is ridiculous! Complete anarchy!

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SirPercy100 wrote:

The lawless protestors are shooting themselves on the feet. Tourists are disgusted with their nonsense and are not coming from China during the big Chinese New Year season, neither are the Americans or Europeans. The shameless scoundrels make you question the future of Thailand in all aspects.

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4nahtuey wrote:

This is a corruption as it best!!!: Abhisit listened to his fortune teller who said that his luck would be at best in 6 to 8 months. Therefore, for now, his job is to postpone an election until that time, but other 30 parties leaders did not agree with that proposal, and the constitution (his government worte) states that an election must take place not more than 60 days after the People’s Hose was desolved. So, Abhisit’s party boycott the election on February 2, 2014. Then the new corruption begins:

Most candidates in 28 districts from the south and some candidates from other parts of the country could not file their applications because the mobs disrupted the process. The Election Committee, (EC), instead of moving the election offices or making better plans to provide effective registration process, they told the candidates to file with the police to inform the police they had gone to file their papers but could not complete the process because of those mobs. Those candidates were told that the the EC would take care of them later. In facts, later, the EC told those candidates have to go to the Constitution Court (the Kangaroo Court-the court who believe that they are all in one power-can write the law/constitution, be a jury, and be a judge). This Kangaroo Court then told the candidates that they would not approve the name of those candidates, and after these candidates have jumped through those hoops, the Election Committee told those candidates that it was too late The EC could not accept them either. The Election Committee then asked Ms Yingluck to postpone the election date for 180 days even though this is not allowed by the constitution. This will be in the range with the time that Abhisit will have the best luck. We call this: “The greatest corruption System at all time”.

If they can not win by Trick, they will use their Magic. If they can win by Pray they will use their Spell. When all else fail, they will use their Corruption Force to get their ways.

For those who think that they can complete the real reform in Thailand in one year are not speaking the truth. I marched in 1973 for Thai democracy with a goal to have a New constitution (New Constitution promulgated in 1978). Thailand has gone through coups about 18 times end up with military took over, and current conflicts facing us are confusing to many, and the constitution be rewritten many times. We all know now more than ever, we need to modify the constitution to bring all inputs or agreements from all sectors of the populations. Bringing these many groups to accept the same ideas is not easy. There will be those who have to give something, will receive something.

All of these conflicts are not new, and it’s so common to every country in the world: “ It a matter of how to distribute the country wealth”. The elite riches want to hold on to their wealth and power to rule and control their interest, create classes. They believe that if you give freedom to the poor, the poor will rise up and they can not keep the control.

In Thailand, corruption and different classes society are not new things. Many years ago, for the middle class to get a house phone, it took more than 8-10 years after they filed and made a 10,000 bath deposit: for the rich, let’s see “ it may be next week to get your phone”. Then we got these new tech. Guy, not only you get the house phone quickly, you can have your mobile as well. The children were given access to learn computer and can afford to buy one for themselves. When you need services such as hospital, you stand in lines for hour or days, for the riches, they put their money in the envelopes for a doctor and the nurses, and a first class hospital room is available to them right away-never mind cutting any one queue or any one may die. The poor study hard to get to a good school or a good university, the riches would find who you know, who should you give the money to buy a seat in those places for your children. After the middle class and the poor graduated and look for a job, the chance is so slim. But the riches class see if you can find some one important “who you know” to place your children some good jobs. They live good lives: buy expensive or import products showing of their wealth. When it time to retire, they get their retirement pensions as well as keeping receiving a salary from their retired work places-claiming they work as consultant one day a week-specially the big short and military generals. “The system of “You scratch my back I scratch yours in return”. Who want to give all of these up. It’s a good live. They don’t even want to raise a minimum wage they pay to the poor to $10 per day when they all can exploit these cheap labors and enjoy more benefits, pay less money for goods made from these sweat labors. For $10/ per day income these poor hardly can feed their families. We need to change these systems, to eradicate corruptions at the same time, improve human lives to be able to live fairly together? If an official have to report his or her wealth before during and after their services, should the judges, business men, top military generals do the same thing. This may slow down some corruptions. I bet they all so called these “good men” will object to these requirements when they have to follow them. At least the following matters need to be changed.

1. Political processes need to be changed. The House of people should all be elected and represent the people who elect them.
2.The Judicial System need to be change; to prevent a judge to act as a legislator, jury, and a judge. Each Court have their own specific duties and power within their limits.
3.Military should understand that they have duties to protect the country from any harms, Their duties do not include injecting themselves in the country’s political administration.
4.The Economic group, so called private, should follow same rule of law as other citizen.
5.The education systems need to educate, include for all student to study the political systems and their civic duties within the rules of law. The professor’s duties has to include teaching ethic, not to brain wash their students.
6.We need to have the effective evaluation systems and the effective enforcement systems.

I am glad that many Thai people still believe in democracy and constitution, willing to work through conflicts by using processes under the law. Therefore, I think we can find the best ways to move forward for all citizens instead of stepping back to use dictatorship system again. I consider having Freedom and Democracy is important to all of us.

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Palangpon wrote:

Well, the country including Bangkok is still safe for tourists as usual. The uprising protest against the corrupted government is peaceful and this should be a good example for other countries. It’d take some time but people are learning about the democracy is not just simply an election but with good governance.

As a local, we still go shopping in those areas and many shops are still offer the New Year sale.

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