Boy, 12, faces battery charge in New Mexico school shooting

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ClemJ wrote:

Lets put the blame for this incident firmly in the lap of this child’s parents(guardians), he not only had open access to a deadly weapon, he had time enough to make massive modifications to the weapon, so that he could sneak it into his school and attempt to kill people.

So, during this time, where were his parents; evidently not watching him, thus they were not doing their jobs.

As all responsible gun owners know (especially when children are around), you LOCK UP the weapons AND ammo so that your children cannot do things like this.

So, this child’s parents should both share in his punishment.

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bear87 wrote:

Sorry, but if the child has the capacity to modify a weapon then he has the capacity to understand right from wrong and that he should be charged as an adult.

And if other kids knew about the attack and failed to contact the school, teachers or the police they should be arrested as well and charged as accessories and kicked out of school. Their parents should be charged as well. Because when students find out that other students knew and did nothing, they won’t have many friends left anyway.

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Naksuthin wrote:


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Naksuthin wrote:


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Mylena wrote:

The Law must be changed, in those cases we must book parents too like accesories of the crime. He’s not a foster care. 51% of marriges end afters years in divorce that means 51 % of childrens are coming from hearthbroken homes. That’s not an excuse to become a criminal, not excuse.

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BlueOkie wrote:

Get the parents and hold them responsible! No amount of gun laws would have prevented this. Until we start locking up the parents this will continue! In most states, the owner is responsible for keeping the gun away from minors. Increased registeration will do nothing

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Crash866 wrote:

How about just a 12 year old…boy is so…dramatic…

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Crash866 wrote:

Yeah…no to everything you said…

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DMD123 wrote:

What I find fascinating is all of the comments directed towards the NRA.

What part of this being the parents fault do people not understand. If you have medications in your house, do you leave them where your child can get to them? What if they get to them and pass them out to their friends and they all have adverse reactions and die or end up in the hospital? It’s the same thing.

I’m a sensible firearm enthusiast. I’m far from being a redneck which is the often used stereotype for firearm owners. With that being said, I stand firmly in the belief that if your child is able to access your firearms and commit a crime such as this, YOU should be held responsible. It is YOUR failure to secure the firearms from the child. It’s YOUR responsibility to make sure that your child is a morally sound person.

So who am I blaming for this? THE PARENTS. I’m a parent, and my children know the difference between right and wrong. They also have been taught over and over again that firearms are not toys, or to be used until they are of legal age and sound mind.

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ESpack wrote:

bear87 All the kid did to “Modify” the shotgun was to saw off the stock of the shotgun.
As for the other kids, I think that they did not take his “warnings” seriously, or that they just froze up in the moment, so I don’t think they should be punished; rather the whole student body should be educated on this type of situation and how to react.

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SoutherRican wrote:

Common people, it was not the parents, or the child. It was the weapon itself, it modified itself when it was alone, ran to the child and said take me take me. Correct if a child is able to modify a weapon, (IF it wasn’t modified for him), he should be tried as an adult. For when he gets a little older, he may think the penalty for killing a few people is not that much. Bad news, the size of the parents wallet will determine if they get charged. New laws on parenting are needed, they where the ones whom are at faulty.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

The parents should be facing criminal and civil lawsuits. It is illegal for a 12 year old to buy a gun so all of you anti-liberty, police state, government solves everything nuts can stop with this case. No gun laws could have stopped this except for collection of every firearm in the US, something most of you say you are not for. Even in that case, the boy could have resorted to an easier and more effective way of dealing mass casualties, a b-o-m-b.

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Trichiurus wrote:

Aggravated battery? This was a premeditated attempted murder. His preparatory actions and shooting individuals clearly demonstrate this. Blame? It starts at home. This is not a gun issue, this is an issue of how conflict resolution is portrayed in movies, TV, media hype, and parental examples. Violence is glamorized around the world…but it’s really not nice to do to others in real life. Mixed messages to children, impressionable youth, and nut jobs simply fuels the penchant to resolve an issue or gain attention violently. Then end justifies the means is the clarion societal signal.

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themarchhare wrote:

Wow. Look at all of the anti-gunners coming out of the woodwork to blame the NRA for a 20 gauge shotgun. You guys are really getting desperate.

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ccharles wrote:

They need to find out where he got the gun and ammo from and that person should be held responsible for what his weapon and ammo did. Yes the boy is responsible for his action, and should be held accountable. But the gunowner should face charges that carry the severity of the this crime. Make not securing the weapons and ammo a crime. I bet it already is and they just dont enforce it.

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nairbv wrote:

Those of you who are commenting about “massive” modifications to this weapon should understand that “modified” a shotgun generally means he sawed the barrel off so it would fit in his bag. Any simple hack-saw would do this. We’re not talking about complicated engineering here.

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kreeningsons wrote:

@ClemJ: This, except the children are citizens of US, and the parents are the government.

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