Western, Arab states pledge $2.4 billion in Syria aid

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JackHerer wrote:

And the aid from Russia; the foremost country making a profit from this catastrophe, with huge arm sales to Assad so that he can butcher his own people and destroy his own country?

Russia’s contribution is plenty propping up Assad to continue the misery, but effectively non-existent in actually helping the poor Syrian people in their plight.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Putin: $50 billion on a weird Stalin-eqsue showpiece Olympics, but the cupboard is bare for compassion for his fellow human beings who’s suffering he very much helped bring about.

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AndroidPro wrote:

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It is worth more than sending billion dollars to Syria so they can rape and torture and murder people.

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chris876541 wrote:

This is strictly an issue between Muslim sects, tribes, families, people, imams, Islamists, etc. Western nations need to STAY OUT and let those people work it out for themselves. Guard borders and eventually they may be able to live peacefully among themselves (or never), but it’s not worth throwing more money, time, and lives from civilized nations into those who choose to live in the 6th century.

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karimnn wrote:

@chris876541 If we had STAYED out in the first place…

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kracked1 wrote:

Who brought this to the Syrian People? Come on and tell me who is responsible for this? I have an idea of who is behind it.
We are, the West. Anybody says anything different and they should be hung. Bottom line is we have tried to destroy that country with terrorism, the same terrorism that WE ARE apparently at war with.
Now we need to save them from a humanitarian crisis!!! Holy cow what kind of glue do our leaders sniff? And remember – we supported the terrorists over there. So by default – it makes us criminals too, the people who support our governments. Booo to the idiocy that governs us sheep. Booo to the masters of war and death. It’s a shame.

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kracked1 wrote:

@jack- Do you think Assad really wants to destroy his own people and country. Do you think most people believe that? Do you think that Russia started this?
Only one country benefits in the ME from all of this. Who is Syria’s number 1 enemy in the region.

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Zeken wrote:

Yo Jack, newsflash — the pro-Assad side has taken the majority of casualties.

It’s funny how the Sunni sectarian fanatics, including Al-Qaeda, never seem to bother the Israelis.

USrael wanted Iraq wrecked, they got it.

USrael wants Syria wrecked, they’re getting it.

Can’t wait to see who’s next.

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chaemeleo wrote:

No, it’s not funny how the Arabs ‘never seem to bother’ Israel. They remember their history well and they remember the Israelis handing them sound defeats in every war they’ve had since 1948.

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JackHerer wrote:

@kracked1 – Assad will do anything to cling to power. It’s what cruel dictators do.

Do you think Hitler wanted to destroy Germany? Funny, because that’s exactly what he did.

Crazy loon ball tyrants only care about complete power. It’s why Assad has been happily butchering the Syrian population. He doesn’t give a hoot about their suffering, only being in charge.

Russia didn’t start this, but it has done its utmost to keep things going by propping up Assad, regardless of every shocking atrocity uncovered.

Crazy conspiracy theories about the West or Israel being to blame are clearly for the tin foil nut jobs, in the face of Assad’s clear and unequivocal brutality.

Don’t tell me; the Twin Towers were brought down by energy beams, right?

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JackHerer wrote:

@chris876541 – the Syrians don’t want to live in the 6th century. They are educated, and decent, and secular, and just wanted freedom from a brutal tyrant.

But rather than leave power – or even run free and fair elections – this tyrant waged war on his own people.

And the world stood back and did nothing. Countries such as Russia and Iran even helped that tyrant with whatever they could. North Korea even sent helicopter pilots.

And extremism rose to fill the void left by the decent men of the West doing nothing. And now the decent majority in Syria have to fight the extremists as well as Assad.

But we should leave this decent majority of Syrians to suffer for your ignorant, blanket prejudices against them?

My, what a cruel and inhuman world we live in, to turn the other way in the face of such suffering of our fellow human beings.

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kracked1 wrote:

Hey Jack. Russia didn’t start this, but it has done its utmost to keep things going by propping up Assad, regardless of every shocking atrocity uncovered.

Are you talking about the rebels eating the hearts of Syrian soldiers? Or was it the Sarin gas used by the rebels on the civilians in the August chemical attack?
I know, it’s when the rebels threw the postal workers off the post office last year? Maybe it was the beheading of the Italian preist? Or the beheading of just about everyone else not on side of the Rebels?
Or was it the atrocity of the 16 year old coffee vendor in Aleppo last year, when he didn’t give one of the rebels a free coffee and they executed him in front of his family?

Did Assad do anything remotely close to those crimes? I haven’t seen a video of Assad’s armies committing those crimes. But Youtube has a ton of the rebels committing BARBARIC ACTS.

Let me guess one thing, You bring up Hitler and the twin towers…You live and/or are Israeli? The one country that benefits from the wars in Iraq and Syria…Come on man. Not all the gentiles are that stupid. lol

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kracked1 wrote:

@Jack – Crazy loon ball tyrants only care about complete power – Are you talking about your boy Ben?

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kenradke11 wrote:

Okay…enough is enough!! This war needs to end today! Not January 22nd 2014 when Geneva 2 talks peace. Screw Russia and China with their abuse of Veto power and I say (ABUSE). Madman Assad will meet his fate and I cannot wait for that day. People are starving, children and women being exploited and The Government is not allowing aid into places that need it most. This is totally insane.

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kracked1 wrote:

@kenradke11 -your comment- “People are starving, children and women being exploited and The Government is not allowing aid into places that need it most.”

And now the other truth.
PA labour minister, Ahmed Majdalani, said on Tuesday that an aid convoy heading to Yarmouk was targeted on Monday “some 100 meters away from the agreed meeting point,” on the edges of the Palestinian refugee camp.
Majdalani, who was visiting Damascus to negotiate aid access to the camp, said the fire came from areas known to be controlled by Takfiri militant groups, including the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham.

Google it.

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