Obama unveils manufacturing hub on North Carolina trip

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actnow wrote:

If President Obama is trying to get the 22 million Americans who are unemployed or underemployed working again, how about he stop pushing the Senates S744 anything goes immigration bill that gives mass amnesty and increases immigration by providing an extra 30 million folks in the next ten years. This is an obvious solution to helping American workers, but it doen’t result in his real goal, more votes for himself and his party.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

Cut defense (war department) by $200B and spend $200M on technology development.

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unionwv wrote:

Ideologues never learn.

Solyndra. Fisker.

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Trichiurus wrote:

Hubs are not the nation. They may help the local economy, but this pretty much it. This administration has and is still developing give-away programs that cannot be sustained by the middle class for much longer. ObamaCare, for example, will become an economic nightmare because you cannot place the economic burden of paying for it on current and future generations of young folks (adding some 9 to 11 million illegals practically overnight will brake the bank) and then expect them to pay-down the national debt that this administration irresponsibly doubled when it first came to office. This administration has severely cut science, space, and the military to pay for this crud and is still making cuts in the name of buying votes and favor with entitlement-minded groups.

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sjfella wrote:

There he stood in the open. Another opportunity lost.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Bring the tariffs back. Our historic tariffs have been 20%. China charges us 20%. We now charge them 1%.

Good for international business conglomerates. Bad for America. We have the richest market in the world. We should go back to charging for access to it.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Not funny, and very dangerous to even joke about.

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@sjfella, you are one sick puppy, I hope the Secret Service pays you a nice long visit. Typical of the right nowadays, sad.

@Unionwv, you are very good at finding all the negatives, but that is very easy when your only goal is to find ways to prove your ideology of ‘Obama is bad’. Those of us that are more concerned with the big picture realize that the program that provided those bad loans you speak of was actaully very successful. If you are willing to educate yourself (doubtful, but I gave everyone the benefit of doubt) here is a good link for you. And it not like Forbes is some ‘liberal rag’. http://www.forbes.com/sites/energysource/2011/09/02/solyndras-failure-is-no-reason-to-abandon-federal-energy-innovation-policy/

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sylvan wrote:

The healthcare rollout doesn’t just belong to the President. It belongs to our pitiful Congress who rarely shows up, and when they do they waste our money on $24 billion temper tantrums. Grow up Reuters.

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AlTheCentrist wrote:

God bless my President.

Since Barack Obama took office:
• The Dow Jones is breaking record-highs almost daily
• The stock market is up more than 16,000 points
• The GDP in Q4 grew 4.1%
• The national unemployment rate is less than 7%
• The budget deficit has been cut in half
• The housing market has recovered more than 70 percent
• All TARP loans have been repaid

My 401K has doubled, I bought my 5th investment property.

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Harry079 wrote:

“Obama pushes manufacturing in North Carolina”

It’s a little too late now. Those clothing manufacturing jobs have been gone for 2 decades and they are not coming back.

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Harry079 wrote:
“It’s a little too late now. Those clothing manufacturing jobs have been gone for 2 decades and they are not coming back.”

You can type, so I know you’re not illiterate – you should try READING the article before spouting off. The relevant info was right there in the third paragraph, not hard to find:

“Backed by $70 million in federal funding, the hub would connect manufacturers with emerging research on energy-efficient chips that would help make electronic devices smaller and faster. Companies involved include ABB, APEI, Avogy, Cree, Delphi, Delta Products, DfR Solutions, Gridbridge, and Hesse Mechantronics, among others.”

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4825 wrote:

Wonder why they held this in a smaller facility on the NC State campus instead of a larger one? Could it be due to lack of luster that that the potus has in the great state of North Carolina. I am sure Kay Hagan cringed every time he mentioned her name today.

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Roy4USA wrote:

How about acting like he understands simple math and balance the budget?

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Harry079 wrote:


Back in the 70′s the chemical company I worked for used to sell $70 million a month to carpet and clothing manufactures in N&S Carolina as a fire and stain retardent. No Federal funding required due to 1.7 million worker in those 2 states working 68 hours a week making stuff for Americans that don’t fall apart after one washing.

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4825 wrote:

@Harry079- You are using a foreign word that some folks may not understand. That word is “worked”. You might have to explain the meaning to them.

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Handbook wrote:

Hey! We tried this back in the 80′s. I believe it was called Sematech. It spent a lot of money and developed nothing except more bureaucratic positions.

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TeaPublican wrote:

Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has an excellent idea for job creation! He suggested restricting access to abortion because it will ultimately benefit the economy if women have more children! Goodlatte said that carrying pregnancies to term “very much promotes job creation.” He is RIGHT…more babies means more workers! We Republicans need to pass a “jobs through procreation” bill! We Republicans also want to pass the “women know their place” bill! We Republicans want to take our America back to the days when women were real wives and mothers first, stayed home and the husband was the only breadwinner and decision maker! Don’t you realize that would open up lots of new jobs! Women need to “know their place” which is married and at home! Look at all the millions of job openings that we would have instead of worrying about extended unemployment benefits! If women are true American Patriots and are willing to step up and help save our America, then they need to find someone to marry and start having babies! So don’t let anybody tell you we Republicans don’t have a Jobs Plan! We Republicans will take back our America in 2014 n 2016. And we will take you back to the time when women were women and men were men! “P n P” in 2016….Perry n Palin! It IS going to happen!

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MitchS wrote:

The tyrant doing what he does best … campaigning and making promises he cannot uphold, but this time, as he says, he has his pen, he can be the sole lawmaker. No need for Congress any more. What a mess. Wake up America, look what’s been wrought on us.

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MitchS wrote:

The tyrant doing what he does best … campaigning and making promises he cannot uphold, but this time, as he says, he has his pen, he can be the sole lawmaker. No need for Congress any more. What a mess. Wake up America, look what’s been wrought on us.

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Bighammerman wrote:

The job of government is to provide an environment where business can flourish and Obama has worked hard to NOT do that. When business is strong and the environment is consistent businesses hire people. Hiring is not happening because of Obama and his policies. Unemployment figures out of Washington are deliberately inaccurate to make the job situation appear better than it is. I wonder who could be doing that, Obama? Obama has purposely created a disaster where there is huge unprecedented debt with a huge reduction in revenue. Those circumstances coupled with inconsistent business policies are going to cause an unprecedented meltdown of the country. Entitlements will not be paid due to lack of funding resulting in riots where Obama will declare Martial Law, take weapons away from citizens, shut down the grid to paralyze the country and then he will attempt to take the country over declaring it his kingdom. At that point Obama’s agenda will almost be complete. How can anyone in their right mind support this? Liberals have lost all sense of reality and are stupid giving their freedom and the freedom of the rest of the citizens away. Wait and see, the last election may have been the LAST Election!

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Bighammerman wrote:

The best way to develop business environments that will promote hiring and lower unemployment is to have Congress remove Obama and Biden from office.

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RickH. wrote:

We sould cut Military at least in half.It is doing things like leaving 1 million dollar plus military vehicles in Iraq,Afghanastan and now Syria.They are not saying what the real cost of these wars are.And we have enity’s of the military that not only do us any good,but refuse ti answer ti even the Presidenf such as the CIA.Why would American Citizens want to continue to pay that kind of crazy money to these people.I have no IDEA what the CIA costs or what their agents make because they feel they have the right to keep that secret from the people who pay them.I am sure it is at least double what the average American makes for less than half of the work.Who gets a job and writes their own pay checks never even telling their employer how much that is? That’s plain CRAZY!Also up the import dutys.China Charges us up to 25% import tax while we charge them for inferior products only 2.5%.This makes no sense.No wonder our manufactures are sinking.It is only simple LOGIC that that is not only UNFAIR but it is not sustainable either.

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