Iran has $100 billion abroad, can draw $4.2 billion: U.S. official

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Dhirajkunar wrote:

These phoney US officials cannot do a thing if the Russia deal goes through. In fact Russia is really required in today’s world affairs to counterbalance America’s bulling habits, just as what happened in the Syria case. America was ready to strike Assad’s palace when Putin issues a veiled warning and all these phoney officials and his President fell on their nose. The Iran Russia deal will go ahead and these dubious officials will again fall down.

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These countries know we are nothing but a paper tiger. A cartoon i saw not too long ago showed Syria’s leader and Oboingo, Oboingo drew a line in the sand, said do not cross, another like that said i mean it, do not cross, another line… now your really making me angry, you get the idea..Assad marches across every single line Oboingo drew, chem weapon in his hands.

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nose2066 wrote:

So the West is holding Iran’s money hostage?

Libya had over $200 billion in deposits in various Western banks from the time that Muammar Gaddafi was the leader of that country. Was that money ever given back? Or has the money just disappered into the Western banking system? Maybe the banks charged Libya hundreds of billions in service charges?

Maybe China should worry about where it keeps its money???

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TruthFair wrote:

Sooner or later overambitious Persian islamofacist mullahs will on their knees. Or be bombed in stone age

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nose2066 wrote:

The first step before dropping bombs all over a country, is to be sure that you put a label on that country as being “bad guys”. And to punish “bad guys”, you need to kill-off their people.

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boreal wrote:

“Sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies…” should be read:

“Sanctions ordered by Israel and imposed by the United States and its allies….”

Wasn’t there a similar boycott on Germany prior to WWII that was imposed by the Jewish Wold Congress in 1933? Although that boycott was voluntary, while this later one is one better. This one uses the economic and military might of the US, and in scope it’s worldwide.

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This hardly seems like a free world — preventing business from growing in Iran which is home to among the world’s largest light oil reserves, and which has a Persian Shiite Muslim majority that is much less volatile than the Arab Sunni Muslim majorities in oil rich Gulf nations which are under a constant media unreported threat of uprising by their population as well as the Islamic temporary workers who outnumber locals, but where the royal and extremist rulers are militarily protected by America and Nato. Long sentence that says the USA and Europe fear democracy in the region where Iran is the most democratic — allowing elections and women to vote — than any other Muslim nation.

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Mustosheer wrote:

Well I am trying to find a word to justify the western world actions toward other countries, semi or fully advanced. In USA we have IRS, you don’t pay your dues all of the sudden through their own established court system that they call it democratic your bank accounts and all of your assets will be frozen indefinitely. In Global situation, IRS changes the name to P5+1 and all of sudden if a country don’t pay or do not follow their rules, all of the hard earned and needed assets will be frozen until you become their puppets or some sort of guinea pig. They start a war or make you go to a war. They topple you or you get toppled. You die or all of the sudden you get lost. You have a lot of money and all of sudden money is gone.

The western world should know that era of bulling is over and if they don’t put their actions together toward humanity and mutual respect to everybody on earth, they will be the one who should get toppled or get lost. The world in not x dimensional, or even X and Y dimensional anymore. The world now is three dimensional with the introduction of Iran(Z) as power in the whole Middle-East. This is not a joke, this is a fact that world power should know and that’s why they are trying to come to some sort of compromise with Iran.

To all, it is not Iran who needs P5+1 anymore, it is the P5+1 who needs Iran so badly in the Middle-East and beyond. They P5+1 should release 100 billion+ of Iranian money immediately, otherwise having these type of actions of controlling people’s life in the world will make us all in western world become their puppets under third world country category in a matter of a few years. The people of the world can not and will NOT accept any more bulling.

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