Blogger gets same speech protections as traditional press: U.S. court

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CrystalCox wrote:

Crystal Cox, Port Townsend, WA ~ Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox DOES NOT have a “history of making similar allegations and seeking payoffs in exchange for retraction”’. It is unethical, unlawful and unconstitutional for Judges to use court opinions to slander, defame and attempt to discredit Anti-Corruption Blogger Crystal Cox and other investigative bloggers, whistleblowers, and citizen journalists.

It is unethical, unlawful and unconstitutional for Judges to use a New York Times article as FACT and legal findings to somehow prove that Crystal Cox has a history of such actions. Especially in a legal opinion that gives Equality to bloggers such as Crystal Cox that are EQUAL to New York Times Journalist David Carr.

David Carr and the New York Times no longer have a “special right” that is superior to Crystal Cox as a blogger, yet Judges take David Carr’s words of Crystal Cox’s “alleged” history as FACT. Even though there is no fact, no due process, no investigation and no documented proof, or legal finding as to this allegation.

David Carr and the New York Times CLEARLY defamed Crystal Cox and with actual malice. David Carr interviewed Crystal Cox and he knew that she had no investigation, no trial, no due process what so ever for the allegations by the Plaintiff that they were “Extorted” or somehow Blackmailed.

Crystal Cox has NEVER had a criminal nor other complaint regarding blackmail or extortion. Crystal Cox has never been under investigation for blackmail or extortion. Crystal Cox has NEVER “made allegations of corruption and fraud and than sought a payment for retraction”

Crystal Cox has over a thousand Anti-Corruption Blogs and online media. Crystal has been exposing corruption for over a decade and has NEVER sought payment to stop seeking JUSTICE for the victims of such corruption.

Crystal Cox has no criminal history, no history of seeking payoffs for a RETRACTION of ANYTHING. Crystal Cox has NEVER receive payment to retract any blog post or other online comments, reporting, news, articles or “mediums of communication”.

Investigative Anti-Blogger Crystal Cox remains dedicated to giving a voice to victims of corrupt courts, judges, lawyers, law firms, commissioners, corporations and more.

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