Broncos to face Seahawks in 48th Super Bowl

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I’m just putting it out there that the Seahawks did not win legitimately. Thanks to some very biased calls made by the referees, the Seahawks won. For example, the man who ran into Andy Lee (punter) after he kicked the ball, ON THE PLANTED FOOT. THE REFEREES CALLED IT A “RUNNING INTO THE KICKER” flag. That has a 5 yard penalty. The correct penalty would have been ROUGHING THE KICKER FLAG. That has a 15 yard penalty, and it would have been a San Francisco 1st down. That was a huge mistake. Another one was THE CALL WHEN NOVARRO BOWMAN RECOVERED A FUMBLE MADE BY THE SEAHAWKS. THE REPLAYS SHOWED THAT BOWMAN HAD RECOVERD THE BALL AND HAD FULL CONTROL OF IT. YET, THE REFEREES SIMPLY DENIED THAT THE PLAY COULD NOT BE REVIEWED AND THE RULING ON THE FIELD THAT SEAHAWKS RECOVERED IT STOOD. These biased referees cost the 49ers the game, and there was nothing they could do about it. The San Francisco 49ers deserved to win.

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jabberwolf wrote:

And paid off refs gave blatantly obvious calls … in favor of Seahawks… they will be enjoying their payoffs on off shore accounts. They should find jobs as garbage men… not refs.

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puzzled wrote:

NFL should take a heavy hand against the blatant and flagrant false calls by the refs. Bad spots on the ball, terrible an wrong penalty calls throughout the game and worst call that cost the game was the Bowman fumble recovery where he had possession of a ball for several seconds and was down before anyone else touched the ball. Seahawks and especially Sherman are a bunch of thugs and hoodrats. Fans are pathetic, throwing skittles at Bowman when being taken out on a stretcher – classless organization and fan base.

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