Human Rights Watch says Obama not gone far enough on NSA reforms

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Verpoly wrote:

Obama’s NSA announcement is far from being described as a reform, I would say it’s a minor change but to the worse. Sorry, he’s simply not a reformist-minded president.

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jrpardinas wrote:

Obama is (and always was) a near-perfect facade for the worst excesses of the American political system.

He’s Black, so he automatically gets a pass from many.

But the reality of Obama is drones, endless intrusive surveillance, coddling of the plutocrats, and brutal repression of anyone who dares to protest about any of it (e.g. Occupy Wall Street).

An empty suit masquerading as a progressive. It always amazes me he’s not more popular among extreme right-wing Republicans.

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4825 wrote:

@jrpardinas- obama could not be further away from what you call extreme right wing Republican views. It always amazes me how little most people know regarding exactly what the Tea Party Republicans believe in. Most folks have an MSNBC tunnel vision view of the Tea Party Republican which is like a legend at best. Most TP Republicans I know would not want big brother spying on US citizens. I do agree with you that Obama is just a facade, a puppet so to speak.

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morbas wrote:

Correct you are 4825. Living witness in North Carolina
In North Carolina 2013 the T’GOP enacted fragrant governmental power and liberty infringement over reach. All 2013 T’GOP NC legislation must be completely removed from the books to preserve inalienable rights of all citizens.
More than Twenty laws were enacted the benefits the Oligarch rich and further burdened the lower 4/5th: S-402 State Budget furloughs 4,000 teachers, H-82 Earned Income Tax Credit regressive tax rate, H-998 Major Tax Changes burdening the poor, S-4 denied Medicare for the Poor, H-4 cut federal unemployment aid, S-489 raise loan rates, H-589voter disenfranchisement see below (now in court), H-269subsidies to private schools, H-250 Charter schools standards reduction, H-937 guns allowed in schools, S-306 Repeal Racial Justice Act, H652 Judicial Discipline restrictions, H-522 Foreign Fears enhancing anti-Muslim discrimination, H-392 Worker Benefit drug testing, S-353 Shutting down women health clinics, S-132 Mandatory Abortion Indoctrination, H-74 Undo Sensible regulations increasing anti-environmental actions, S-151 Impacts Coastal Protection, S-515 Water Cleanup delayed three years, and S-76 enhancing fracturing and offshore oil production.
In Legislative recess from July 26 2013 through May 14 2014 on full salary and health care benefits, they would not even stand to be challenged by Raleigh Moral Monday citizens and NAACP clergy.

morbas(i) Independent registration is close to 1/3rd !

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chrisp114 wrote:

The biggest threat to our privacy is from Google, not the NSA. So if you care about your privacy, then don’t use that sketchy company. Instead, I recommend checking out DuckDuckGo, Ravetree, and HushMail as privacy-based alternatives.

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It doesn’t really matter what reforms Obama does or doesn’t do; those rules are subject to change according to the whims of individual presidents. Even if his reforms are “perfect”, the next president can come in and undo everything just as quickly and easily. He knows that, and anyone with a high school education in US Government knows that. All Obama is trying to do is make us feel all warm and fuzzy about the NSA.

If you want REAL reform, the law HAS to be changed. That’s the bottom line. Until the Patriot Act is repealed, the framework for domestic spying will remain in place. Congress created this mess back in 2003. The onus is on them to fix it. Period.

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SaveRMiddle wrote:

The Deceiver in Chief seeks applause and trust as he uses carefully chosen words to assure the world…..on a topic which surfaced five years into his term only due to the revelations of a dissident.

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z0rr0 wrote:

“In none of this has there been a recognition that non-Americans outside the United States have a right to the privacy of their communications”

To be a bit more even-handed, there also has been no recognition of Americans, inside the USA having a right to privacy.

The NSA’s Utah super cloud is staying on schedule…

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