Michigan governor urges 50,000 visas for skilled Detroit immigrants

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COindependent wrote:

Much like you cannot legislate and plan the economy, granting visas with specific geographic limitations is absurd. Michigan and Detroit have to adopt a massive suite of reforms relative to starting businesses and taxation to make it more attractive. They’re best bet, after adopting these changes, would be to attract businesses from Illinois.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

If the jobs were there people would go there. The jobs must be available, and domestic unemployment should be around 3%-4% before you bring in foreign workers. The GOP is willing to sell out the US worker to make industry/corporations happy.

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actnow wrote:

Mass immigration impacts ALL U.S. citizens; we don’t live in a vacuum What might be good for Detroit might also be bad for other cities. With 20 million unemployed and underemployed citizens (including many engineers), such a selfish geographic centric approach is absurd. Each city or state can’t just create its own immigration policies.

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NEWAGER wrote:

Why not have another 50,000 immagrants to take US jobs? Might as well. Obama is all for rewarding illegals. Millions of them in Texas and California strain the education and healthcare budgets in those states.

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Mott wrote:

Translation: Looking for some cheaper work force than locals or at least, believing so.

The problem is – it’s not really cheaper. These so called high skilled workers are mostly comprised of 2 of 10 that are well qualified while the rest unqualified. The latter, fake their way through, but all get an average of about $100k/yr salary with project managers getting over $400k/yr.

You can hire local qualified for far less than the above on permanent basis including cost of benefits, but businesses think that they save on benefits with contractors, while the benefits are actually built well into the billing cost.

The real culprit in these jobs are not the foreigners taking up the jobs but the project managers that have little clue on optimal utilization of these highly paid people where, projects run over multiple years with no significant value added to the business and wasting millions and billions on these contract work-force.

Hiring qualified locals in permanent positions is cheaper and better but few seem to take this route given the cost-saving hype as above.

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SaveRMiddle wrote:

Sounds more like a hunt for slave labor. These jobs belong to Americans. Period.

Jan 23, 2014 5:31pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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