Thai court ruling adds to mounting pressure on PM Yingluck

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BkkDan wrote:

Some Intnl press prefer to portray this through a ‘simplified’ prism of a western style ‘democracy’ which is fine. However, the Intnl press also willfully or negligibly fail to report what the Thai Govt has done with the power that democracy bestowed upon them, which provoked the protests in the first place…

Thai Govt actions which were decidedly un-democratic – such as attempting to pass an amnesty bill (in the most underhanded manner) which was altered after the fact to free the return of the PM’s convicted brother/ ramming through a borrowing bill for a RECORD 2.2 trillion baht (and adding a ‘NO Parliamentary/public’ scrutiny clause) / running sham village meetings to get a 350 billion baht flood scheme ‘windfall’ rammed through (only because a court ordered them to) then bringing in paid ‘yes’ voters and using police to keep thousands of dissenting villagers out / continuing a rice scheme which is bleeding red and has cost Thailand its former top ranking (and allegedly mostly enriches connected cronies & middlemen) / rejecting the Constitution Court ruling, indicating they would continue to act ‘above the law’ and with complete impunity / attempting to change the constitution to prevent complaints being presented to the Court, instead through the Govt appointed Attorney General, who would then decide IF a public complaint against the Govt can proceed to the Court. And the list just goes on and on…

If the above was taking place in their home countries, the Intnl press (and concerned citizens) would be rightfully outraged and condemn such ‘autocratic’ actions as subversion and abuse of ‘democracy’ (but apparently it’s ok in Thailand, as the Govt states and the intnl press repeat: “We came from election/We are democracy”…)

End result? Mostly peaceful protests demanding an end to what is better termed a “Crookocracy” with absolutely needed reforms FIRST, then elections.

For a more balanced view please see:

No, Thailand’s protesters don’t want ‘less democracy’:

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