Snowden says 'significant threats' to his life

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Art16 wrote:

It would not surprise me if there was some truth to Snowden’s accusations that his life is threatened by people in the Junior High Obama administration. No where do we see the answers to how such people gained access to classified information in the first place when clearly Snowden did not have a need to know the information. The NSA is not a better mousetrap and probably harbors more improperly cleared people than they even know. NSA could be a risk to National Security themselves. That would not be a surprise in the least.

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libertadormg wrote:

The NSA and Snowden are the very essence of the definition of the word CONUNDRUM. This Gordian knot Snowden has exposed stretches the imagination in assigning right and wrong.

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pbgd wrote:

It must be clear to Snowden that his actions made him a hunted person for the rest of his days. It goes without saying that he is no safer in Russia than in any other country. Neither in jail nor in freedom can he ever again have a single day without fear of his life.

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jrpardinas wrote:

What a immoral swamp the USA has become!

A police state run by greedy plutocrats via their minions in Congress and the Supreme Court. Presidents engaged in torture and/or assassination.

If this is humanity’s “shining city on a hill” then humanity is in very big trouble.

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Loomypop wrote:

This is a very serious allegation. I would expect & hope that the Authorities take such things very seriously and need to make assurances that they will investigate this claim.Surely , at the very least, they would want to show Americans that they have a duty of care to take action on this in some way, shape or form…

Given the fact that multiple media sources across the world are reporting and repeating these claims, it is in the best interests to show everyone that the U.S Government takes such accusations very seriously.

Or, do they make no response, take no action and show one and all that what’s important to them is determined by them , is selective to their interests only and in no way considers how its own citizens might expect some action, if only to reassure and provide confidence that they are acting in the best interests of those who expect them to think beyond their private and secretive , non inclusive agenda.

Its the little things that show the true nature of an individual, organisation or Govt..

Its by how they react to things and whether they show behaviors that go beyond their own self Interested spheres , especially if they are given a mandate to do so and by that must think of who they serve and not what they can serve to each other..

Everyone in The World are being told U.S Officials made death threats…

What are U.S Officials going to do about it?

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zungar wrote:

Mr. Snowden is trying to play both sides. He needs to admit that he now is a traitor and a spy. I lived through the USSR era, had family who suffered in the hands of Communists and also served in its army. I would buy the Golden gate Bridge before believe Snowden had not given give important information to the Russians and Chinese and compromised our security. We all get angry at our Government but we don’t steal valuable security and run to a Communist countries and say he is protecting democracy. In my opinion our people should have compromised him in Hong Kong, China and send a message.

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MKM23 wrote:

I am honestly tired of hearing about Snowden. He did what he did and he realized that there are consequences for our actions. He honestly cannot be surprised by any of this. Too bad.

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mgunn wrote:

We are the KING of industrial espionage and to think otherwise or that the NSA wouldn’t participate is a total joke. From overthrowing the gov’t in Iran for oil to Halliburton bribes in Nigeria, to intercepting communications of Indonesia choosing NTT over AT&T and threatening and now with the our internet hackers in the 21st century, to accuse other countries on this is complete nonsense.

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Ronald_T_West wrote:

If you use google search:

“U.S. Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms”

there is a Bloomberg article noting:

“Thousands of technology, finance and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies, providing sensitive information and in return receiving benefits that include access to classified intelligence, four people familiar with the process said. These programs, whose participants are known as trusted partners, extend far beyond what was revealed by Edward Snowden”

What this says to me is, with known killers CHEVRON (Condoleezza Rice) and Halliburton (Dick Cheney) having access to classified intelligence, one not be concerned with the USA hunting Snowden near as much as private contractors (remember Blackwater?) taking on the task, if only because who has the most to lose here? It’s the American multinationals, plain & simple

-Ronald Thomas West

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Publius23 wrote:

I wonder if it occurs to many working in the NSA now, who hate Snowden so much, that a very large number of US citizens feel the same way toward the NSA as they do toward Snowden?

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Violated wrote:

I fear that Edward Snowden’s days are numbered. I hope I’m wrong. He should be hailed as a hero of our time.
Those of us who value personal freedom should petition our leaders to drop all charges against him and help to secure his safety.
The people should have a say about the kind of access their government has to their personal information.

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