Syria talks end first round, government not committed to return

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Verpoly wrote:

The opposition merely wants a “peaceful exit of rule by Assad” in Syria while the regime won’t least consider it. Not optimstic as both sides don’t even have a common agenda.

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Fromkin wrote:

The opposition but really the US says it wants to apply Geneva 1 communique but in reality is pursuing an agenda that has nothing to do with Geneva 1.

It says Geneva 1 decided the creation of a transitional government which is true. But then it says that that transitionnal government IMPLIES that Assad must transfer power to the some governing body which gives the US veto power in terms of its creation and day to day activities.

This is where the US is wrong. Geneva 1 communique does not even mention Assad’s name. It does not abolish Syrian constitution. In Syria there is a prime minister who leads the government and a president who is a separate entity and the army chief commander.

The communique talks about the government but not the presidency or army which depends on the president. So according to US’ warped interpretation of geneva 1 communique, if Assad is removed today, who will then be the commander in chief of the Syrian armed forces?

The US is just trying to mislead people in order to please Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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kenradke11 wrote:

The only thing Assad cares about is himself obviously. He has only released 5% of the Chemical stockpile which is pathetic. Just go in there and bomb the bejeebers out of Assad and all his interests!

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buddyholly2 wrote:

The missing ingredient – IRAN. Too bad Banki Moon is sorely lacking in courage.

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RobertFrost wrote:

The State Department, through its Mr. Vasquez presents itself now as the champion of the Syrian people:

“The people of Syria are watching and will determine who truly has their best interests at heart. The Syrian people – who have suffered so much – deserve constructive engagement now and in the next round,”

just as it did in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, of late, and across Latin America going back as far as Korea and Vietnam.

Yet, the State Department has no qualms about the provision of funds, training and arms to the groups who are doing exactly what it accuses the Syrian government in doing, at times through Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and others directly, as President Obama resumes the shipment of arms to what one presumes are those who are offering “relief” to to the Syrian people, according to this statement.

It was clear from the failure of the “opposition” as cherry-picked by the US to present a coherent negotiating body, unable to present any meaningful intent to negotiate, in between their refrain “Assad must go.”

This may be taken as an attempt to dynamite the conference, and the rumors that the Syrian government will not participate in more meetings confirms the US plan to move away from settling the Syrian crisis by peaceful means.

This is not new, and the recent hallucinations about Syria’s biological weapons, which do not actually exist, but “may exist in the future,” as stated by the new Director of Intelligence, is another confirmation of the plans of the US government.

All what it takes is for State Secretary Kerry to bring his slides, and a few empty vials, rush to the Security Council, and do another General Powell presentation, for the B52s and Stealth bombers to bulldoze yet another country – next door to Iraq.

As the old English proverb says: “If you have no shame, you can do what you like.”

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Fromkin wrote:

These negotiations are fake. The US is only interested in the Syrian government transfering power at some hotel away from Syria to a group of people that it has selected. This is a coup or regime change not negociation for peace.

The Syrian officials should not return in 10 days but at a date that suits them. Why 10 days? Because Obama will be meeting puppet king Abdullah of Jordan during negotiations.

The US knows that the nogotiations will fail and it will use the meeting with Abdullah as a tool to pressure the Syrian delegation.

Oboma will order puppet Abdullah to let Jihadists attack Damascus from Jordan. We should expect military and media escalation after the second meeting(which will fail) and the meeting between puppet Abdullah and Obama. Israel has already received order to attack Hezbollah and has promised to kill way more civilians than the 1500 it did in 2006.

Syria and its allies must be ready. Something evil against them is brewing. People will see it between end of february and beginning of March.

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f00 wrote:

Greater Israel, i.e., the jew-run West, will brook no opposition to its plan to remake the world in its image. Modernism, sexual degeneracy, racial mixing, spending yourself into debt slavery — all that good stuff that solid peoples like the Chinese and Japanese will have no part of.

It’s called Tikkun Olam. “Repairing,” or more accurately, wrecking, the world. What the jews want, they get.

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Lovetwo wrote:

The Truth is that psychopath’s sheik to “ruin” every man, woman and child, as well as God’s creation. It’s the nature of the beast.

Long Devil do you read. Of course you do; You read everyone in your quest to “ruin” All that is of good nature.

Your Time is done. Disband, now.

Peace be with you All.


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