Help wanted: Obama calls on CEOs to take on long-term jobless

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actnow wrote:

The President and his party have the biggest opportunity to decrease unemployment by resending S744…..the Senate’s mass immigration bill that would increase legal employment by about 30 million people per year. Yes….many American citizens at the lower end of the economic scale would take many of these jobs ( I was one of the thirty years ago). Unemployment among younger African Americans, and many college age citizens is pandemic. It is pure hypocrisy for this President and his party to push mass amnesty and immigration while calling for increased employment. Citizen of both parties must get loud NOW on this issue or both parties will sell them out for their own interests. NumbersUSA dot com is a great site to understand this issue better and get involved. The time to act is now, since the Republicans are starting to look like they will begin to cave on this issue too. They must hear the million of American voices to remind them who they serve. Even if you aren’t in the lower end of the economic scale, please show compassion on your fellow citizens that are….unemployment hurts families. Don’t get mad….take action; it’s easy and powerful.

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HarryO12345 wrote:

BS and I mean BS… these are the CEO’s of the same companies that are sobbing and crying for ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty. So if you’re a long term unemployed and don’t mind pushing a broom for 2 bucks an hour you’re all set. Barry is such a lying hypocrite, such a lying hypocrite.

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HarryO12345 wrote:
“BS and I mean BS… these are the CEO’s of the same companies that are sobbing and crying for ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty. So if you’re a long term unemployed and don’t mind pushing a broom for 2 bucks an hour you’re all set. Barry is such a lying hypocrite, such a lying hypocrite.”

You do realize that minimum wage, nationally, is $7.25/hour, and even higher in some states, don’t you? So I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say “pushing a broom for 2 bucks an hour”… Mexico maybe?

And care to explain how “Barry” is a lying hypocrite for encouraging companies to give long-term unemployed workers a fair chance? You sound very upset; are you just venting about immigration?

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

The CEOs have worked with the GOP to defeat Obama. While I am not suggesting they follow Obama, they have done nothing but obstruct and obfuscate for the purposes of promoting the GOP agenda because the GOP believe in corporate welfare. We live in a conservative industrial socialist nanny state. Opposite to what the GOP says, they are the true socialists.

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There is nothing a president can do to fix the job situation; republican or democrat. Businesses have to step up and follow the rules and regulations already in place and stop using illegal background and credit checks; millions of Americans ruined their credit during the great recession and some resorted to petty theft to feed themselves i.e. a man in my town was arrested for stealing food from meijer which is a class A misdemeanor in my state. So with millions of Americans with bad credit and millions with minor arrest records, we’ve segregated a huge portion of the population through private company supplied background and credit checks. In my state companies can only go back 5 years but since they buy the information from a private company they get all your history since you turned 18, which is illegal in my state, Indiana. So until businesses start to follow the law they’ll be more and more long-term unemployed because you can’t restore your credit or buy food without a job so the cycle feeds on itself till only the perfect who never made a mistake get gainful employment. Could you imagine once they’ve segregated the poor from employment they’ll turn to something else to nit pick about. They’d use our college transcripts to decide who can bag groceries at wal-mart if it were public record and they didn’t have to pay for them.

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grassroot wrote:

Hell, he knows very well that his policies are the biggest
deterrent for jobs and job creators. Just repeal Obumer
care and watch what happens. But, this wont happen as
this power grab was crafted for this very reason.
As Vlad. Lenin said back when he and the commies were founding their
Soviet Communist state. ” Socialised medicine is THE keystone to
the arch of the Socialist state.” As they knew back then
that when you control people’s access to health care and
medical treatment, you control their lives. And votes too.
And all by intimidation.

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President Obama is paying a terrible reputational price and leaving the economy mired in a serious economic malaise because he appointed and reappointed elderly Treasury Secretaries and Federal Reserve governors oriented towards the policies the great economists Hayek and Keynes suggested for the UK eighty years ago instead of those this era’s great American economists Stigler and Lindauer suggested for the US. At this point, he is stuck with them – unless the Senate refuses to confirm his latest three appointees and lets him put in US-oriented modern experts.

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lotuslandjoe wrote:

How about a complete rethink of the current consumer driven economy from “throw away” to “repair and recover”
The repair and recover sector would add millions of recession proof jobs.

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Hey grassroot, guess what the PPACA is not socialized (it spelled with z not s) medicine. I love how you imply that Obama is the same as Lenin, yet you do not even know what Socialism is, much less how to spell it. Typical rightie/Obama hater whose views are driven by hate for someone, is it because he is black? Cant have a black guy in a position of power after all right?

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euro-yank wrote:

@USAPragmastist2 – Don’t be so pedantic… socialized is spelled socialised in the non-US English speaking world. However, I don’t disagree with the rest of your sentiment.

As to the subject at hand…. and ignoring all the politically charged commentary…..
As long as there is no incentive to hire long-term unemployed, hiring managers will continue to disregard those labeled as ‘long-term unemployed’ assuming there must be some reason that nobody else has hired them yet.

Given how Congress loves to give benefits to the “job creators” what about a tax break for hiring someone who has been unemployed for longer than X months?

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rawbitz wrote:

lotuslandjoe: Thank you for offering a potential solution. These sites are generally full of baseless criticism followed by bickering. It’s good to see and actual idea.

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willich6 wrote:

First, most new jobs in the country are created by ‘small business’ not large corporations; this is another in a long string of ‘campaign stunts’ – typical of obama to endlessly use the public stage for media smoke and mirrors…
Second, most CEOs after 5 years of having been villified by our prez, will pay him ‘lip service’ on his new ‘initiative’ – They won’t invest and create significant new jobs without meaningful tax and regulatory reform – something they will never get from obama..

Third, If obama really wants to create jobs, then he will ‘send a message’ to business and allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built – creating 1000′s of new jobs… we all know what’s going to happen on that..
So what you have is obama ‘flapping his gums for the camera’ – once again… nobody buys his BS anymore – even Senate Dems are abandoning him…

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Dear willich6,

First, small businesses don’t usually have the time to go to these gatherings but they would have to blind, deaf and dumb to not have heard the President’s request.

Second, how do you know what they will or won’t do, in fact? Do you have some pipeline into their thinking? Perhaps you could specifically cite when Obama “vilified” them?

Third, only a dinosaur would argue that 1,000 jobs trumps the water supply for thousands of acres of farm and ranchland, and I don’t know how many humans who rely on the Ogallala Aquifer.

This is the 21st Century after all. We can’t keep doing things like we did in the last century. There are too many of us now.

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malcat wrote:

My only concern here (at least for now) is that these employers and the feds will start giving excessive preference to long-term unemployed people. YES, I want them to find good jobs; I was unemployed for most of a year. But it is unfair to give someone in that group an unfair advantage over those who have only been unemployed for a short time or even those looking for opportunities to advance.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but federal programs tend to morph from original intent.

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actnow wrote:

The Presidents support for a “comprehensive immigration” bill (S744) that finalizes 30 million new folks (about half of them here illegally now) in ten years is the elephant in the room. Unemployment for high school age, college age and younger African American males in urban areas is near pandemic…largely due to mass illegal immigration. Time to get real.

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indymind wrote:

Not the best qualified but those out of work the longest. Sounds like another snappy idea from the Wizard of OZ-bama. I can already hear the the up-tick in employment now. Wait, this won’t increase employment one bit. I take it back…just another idiotic thing for him to smile about. Or, perhaps it simply gas he is passing.

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NEWAGER wrote:

USAPRAG-Anyone who does not agree with your views is an Obama hater. You put that in just about every post you write. It is getting old. I suppose you were not a Bush hater though. Yeah, right.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

If you have two candidates, one is more qualified and has been searching for a job for two weeks. The other is not qualified and has been out of work for two years. Obama wants you to hire the not qualified candidate.

This follows the MO of Obama. Good intentions followed by ill advised ideas and execution.

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Bakhtin wrote:


How on earth do you reach that conclusion?

He is suggesting that CEOs consider long-term unemployed, not unqualified unemployed. Stick to reality, not something you invented yourself and then pretend Obama said.

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cbmfj wrote:

The idea that fairness can be achieved by giving someone with a disadvantage an advantage without any repercussions to those without a disadvantage is akin to Animal Farm equality. That is to say that some are more equal than others.

The answer is not in providing one group or another special treatment but in providing the framework where the number of jobs available outpaces the number of people looking for them.

So, how about the 57 year old single person who just got laid off? Should the size of family be taken into consideration?
How will a fresh college grad ever get experience?
If each situation above requires some sort of special treatment in pursuit of the ILLUSION of fairness than what situation ISN’T special

It is the small minded who see a pie and attempt to slice it in ever decreasing slices so that everyone can have a taste and share being miserable when the only possible way to alleviate the issue is to MAKE MORE PIES.

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