NJ lawmakers given documents sought in Christie traffic probe

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xyz2055 wrote:

A Democratic Assemblyman making such a statement (no evidence of any wrong doing on Christie’s part) about an embattled Republican Governor..imagine that…eh Bighammerman? And everyone else blaming the Democrats for attacking Christie. Totally ignoring Republicans like Rand Paul and David Wildstein who are doing their best to discredit Christie.

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lucasisely wrote:

The damage has already been done.

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azig wrote:

It’s a dumb statement to start with because the documents haven’t all been released. Another media twist to a headline for those folks that don’t bother to read the story. He’s turning out to look like a Gangster clown and he’s the only hope the Republicans have for 2016.I hate bullies and politicians of all parties any more because most of them aren’t there to govern they are there to get richer.

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harleysmith wrote:

No, no, the Democrats can’t back out of this one. By calling for Christie’s “impeachment,” the Democrat Party/progressive-left media (including NBCNews, the Newark Star-Ledger etc) has firmly established the fact that any politician who abuses government power, even for an action as minor as closing a traffic lane, must be removed from office.

The Left’s well-orchestrated attack on Christie is the first step in Barack Obama’s removal from office. When the GOP gets majority control of Senate & House in November, it will possess, thanks to the Left, the justification it needs to impeach Obama on a host of criminal activities .including NSA spying on citizens, using the IRS and FBI to terrorize political opponents, lying about Obamacare, the Benghazi murders (which will take down Hillary Clinton as well.)

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NatalieSue wrote:

I guess we will have to see all the evidence before they decide on Christie’s guilt or innocence.

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harleysmith wrote:

Excellent story.

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morbas wrote:

From a viewer perspective,
Morning Joe proposed Christie reality of GWB was a denial of and a distancing from knowledge political retribution(s), of a physical impossibility that he was not aware of traffic problems has little weight as a consequence of his prepared misinformed denial claim (white lie?). The picture Christi purports has glaring contradictions, a view supportable by character assassination strategy his defense team seems to be expounding. Perhaps all clouds should be dispersed by merits of the investigation, any judgment deferred as a mandate for justice.
IMHO, morbas(i)

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SalesDuJour wrote:

Why doesn’t this article receive the same priority you (Reuters) gave the accusatory articles? Does this not deserve the same “front-page” prominence?

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SalesDuJour wrote:

Why doesn’t this article receive the same priority you (Reuters) gave the accusatory articles? Does this not deserve the same “front-page” prominence?

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Overcast451 wrote:

I wonder how much longer the USA can weather these corrupt politicians? I must admit, it’s ability to hold out in spite of the numerous lying and treasonous vermin in office is surprising.

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COindependent wrote:

If this was not in New York, it would not be news. Few outside NY/NJ even care.

Just wait to deBlasio gets up to speed. He will drive NY back to where it was before Guiliana took over in a two years. Now that will be news!

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bluescat1 wrote:


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JeffHB wrote:

Smart move to prolong Christie’s agony. Democrats would love to see this in the headlines for years. It is great political theatre, and common sense suggests that it ends with resignation and a plea deal. yes, it is possible that Christie knew nothing of the lane closures while they happened. But that would require an explanation why he was completely out of touch with his entire staff, all news media, and pretty much every other person in the State of New Jersey for four consecutive business days while this idiocy was playing out as a top story in the headlines, mainstream media, and the internet. That is an explanation he may want to take to his grave. Otherwise, he would have spilled the beans by now.

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laurel1 wrote:

Nice to see that the leader of the free world and Hillary’s campaign team at work trying to knock down a good governor. It is transparent that the DNC now runs the media flow! WHAT A JOKE!

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