Afghan election campaign stirs both violence and hope

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FRPSR wrote:

Forgive a little excessive extrapolation , please , thank you .
From Pashtuns to our own Industrial societies , a similar fantastic contention has yet to be dismissed . In the fabled islands of representative fantasy found in an increasingly despotic , or a My way or the highway , and a Do as I say and not as I do , irrational West .
Cabals may come , and Cabals may go , but the faithfuls acceptance , ergo tolerance , of a manic conflation in any of a number of phony soft sell images crediting the consolidation of fabulous wealth as an understanding or equal of divine character .
Imagining , whatever mad schemes unbridled wealth can float , a typical legend of a vengeful rising phoenix of “divine rights” re-imagining the ancient horrors once granted by the depth their trust funds . The born again regeneration of the narrowly based , but growing insanity Noblesse oblige adherents confer upon their patrons , and other two cent ideas . This is guaranteed to once again lead to the incest of money and power , and all the colourful torments in store for those who are selected as sacrifices for the pleasures , and wisdoms , found amongst the raving lunatics of the noble Aristocracy of Cash .
The persistence that our wealthy , professional tax dodging classes , who unblushing , play the political games of “It’s my ball we play by my rules” elites , are only becoming wealthier by the minute .
Amongst the idle entitled are powerful individuals seeking excitement and purpose within the old estabished frameworks of royalist ascendancies in the latest and greatest , yawn , rotten to the core “Gilded age” . Just turn the pages from industrial revolution , to feudal tyrants , wide eyed time traveler .
From the depraved histories of mad Kings , to mad military autocrats , the few hundred people who possess more than eighty percent of the entire planets resources , today (!) , are feeling that mingling amongst the unwashed as mighty trust fund babies , mob bosses , blood diamond~child soldier/military experts , just isn’t as wise an investment as their flatterers stroke a profitable narcissism , and who can stop a feeling ?
The movement to unbridal restrictions on the accumulations of unchecked wealth running riot through deregulated landscapes , less like any nuclear age philosophers , than masters of the marauding barbarians hordes whose every wish was someones command .
The possessors of the individual piles of monstrous , and growing wealth are acting as if they are feeling just a little entitled . Divinely asserting the rhetoric of stop me if you can , while inexorably seeking to insert whole worlds of capital given to those whose divine rights are established with guns , speech , as proofs , and that milliony billiony cross denominational currencies of “goodness” , equals votes , a certain sort of wisdom , and the ontological and epistemological certainty of knowing who , why , and where , to be born .

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ZAfgh wrote:

Pashtuns are the majority. The last official census was 55-60%. That being said, over 5 million refugees are in neighboring Pakistan.

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